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on August 20, 2016
After having successfully taken on one of the most popular genres of crime novels, the hunt for a serial killer in his first book, "Eyes of the Predator," Glenn Trust returns to rural Georgia in a second novel, "Sanctioned Murder." And, he's not just content to go over the same territory again; instead, he takes on an equally popular genre, the conspiracy thriller, and the results are just about as good.

This time, the action takes place all over the state of Georgia in addition to fictional Pickham County, located in the southeastern part of the state, not far from Jacksonville. There, a reporter for a local newspaper is run over while jogging, a professional hit made to look like a hit-and-run accident. At nearly the same time, a respected Atlanta judge is murdered in a staged carjacking, and a retired state senator in north Georgia is shot while sitting on his porch by what might appear to be a careless hunter. Law enforcement agencies around the state begin to work on the killings, unaware at first that they are all part of the work of the same conspiracy.

Many of the characters in "Sanctioned Murder" also appeared in Trust's first book, including George Mackey, the sharp Pickham County deputy sheriff who successfully brought down the serial killer earlier. He's a fairly simple, decent guy with a knack for crime solving, and, when some of his contacts from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation let him know that the reporter's murder is tied in with the other killings, he puts his talents on display again. But he's actually more of a secondary character in this book, as it's more of a true procedural, with a number of sharp cops on the case. In fact, it's GBI agent Sharon Price (another holdover from the first book), who first figures out the connection among the killings.

Although the conspiracy in "Sanctioned Murder" is suitably complex and wildly over-the-top (like most books of this type, it requires a healthy suspension of disbelief), what really makes the book entertaining is the look inside the various characters. "Sanctioned Murder" has nearly 90 chapters, and almost all of them are told from the point of view of one of the characters. Author Trust alternates between looking at things through the eyes of the various killers, the various cops, and, in some cases, the victims-to-be. He's far more ambitious here than he was in "Predator," but, for the most part, he's successful. The action is very easy to follow, on both sides of the law. There are two types of villains in the book, the high-level conspirators, who are among the state's rich and powerful, and the various hitmen who carry out the killings, who are resourceful jacks-of-all-trade, whose trade just happens to include pulling off carefully staged murders..

If anything, Trust is a bit too ambitious in "Sanctioned Murder." I won't reveal the nature of the conspiracy involved (although Trust drops a big clue in the subtitle of the novel), but I did think that things fell into place for the police a bit too conveniently at time to enable them to figure out the conspiracy. Plus, the fate of the high level conspirators seemed to me to be a case of highly wishful thinking rather than anything that would take place in the real world. Also, by the end of the book, the thought processes of the various hitmen seem a bit too much of the same thing. Although “Sanctioned Murder” isn’t a short book, it probably would have taken a considerably longer work to fully flesh out that many characters.

None of those quibbles take away from the fact that “Sanctioned Murders” is quite an entertaining read and a real page turner. The finale winds up being a good old fashioned shootout in the woods that’s quite suspenseful, as, in books of this nature with several characters in whom the readers become invested, they are never quite sure who is going to emerge unscathed. In addition, I really enjoyed the wealth of local detail Trust provides, I’ve spent most of my life in Georgia (like Trust, who is a Georgia native), and his description of the various locales is quite authentic. Most of all, I applaud Glenn Trust for staking out some new territory in this book. Too many authors have a well-received first book and then try to rewrite it over and over again. Glenn Trust has gone in a different direction and the readers will definitely be the beneficiaries of his second journey to the Pickham backwoods.
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on July 22, 2015
I believe authors are told to "write what they know". And Glenn Trust knows small-town Georgia.... right down to "the wave" in which everyone waves at everyone else because even if you don't know them, you are sure to know someone who does know them and you don't want to be thought of as unfriendly.

But not only does Glenn Trust know small-town Georgia, he also knows how to create characters that the reader comes to respect, cheer for, and really care about (or not). The reader cannot take comfort in thinking that the good guys will always be okay - they aren't. Throughout the book, worry and suspense are delicately balanced with a wry humor. Characters from the first book are old friends, new characters quickly either become new friends or new villains....the fun is in seeing which is which.

I suspect the author also has great knowledge of today's politicians. We all know the quote, "power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Any questions?

Knowing that there is a new book in the series is a great relief. Starting #3 today, then I'll read #4, and just maybe by the time I get to the new #5, there will be a #6?
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on November 12, 2013
Good, solid well written book.

This one starts out with a murder. The murder of Judge Clayton Marswell. Marswell is very well respected and did much to gain civil rights for African Americans. He resides in Atlanta.

Before you know it we have second murder. Prentiss Somerhill a retired State Senator. Somerhill is a man who resigned as a State Senator because of issues he has with those in power. He is killed at his country home.

Murder number three is Timmy Farron. He's the assistant editor of the Everette Gazette and he runs the local radio station, reporting the news, and conducting interviews. He's also has a blog site, Term Limits. He was killed while jogging on the side of the road. He resides in Pickham County.

The folks committing the murders are a team lead by one Rodney Puckett. He's a very careful man. A man who has no problem killing and ordering killing if the price is right. His team is very, very good. They love money as well.

We have three people who condone the killings and others in DC who ordered these killings.

Of course Shaklee and Price with the GBI are called in and Andrew Barns an Atlanta Detective will be assisting the GBI.

George MacKey is on the job in Pickham County and the death of Timmy Farrin. He also has his pal Ronnie Kupman running interference with the idiot Sheriff. A sheriff who sees nothing but a hit and run.

So begins one great story.

This one is full of murder, two folks in DC who feel they are above the law, three men who have loads to gain, a team of stone cold killers and one dedicated group of cops.

MacKey also gets a surprise when he and Price team up again. One very pleasant surprise.

We also have the death of one very good man. A man MacKey will surely miss.

Just one super read and deserving of more than five stars.
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on September 17, 2014
The second book of the series, Mr. Trust brings back all the key players we already know and introduced us to many more. This is a conspiracy that I could easily believe...It's very timely and relevant. The action is fast paced, the dangers are intense. The book builds and builds in tension until you just can't help yourself except to read every second you can until you are writing a review, wishing you had savored it all a bit more, and thinking only of racing off to get the next book. To me, that is the masterful art of a great author. I want more..not because the author leaves me hanging and doesn't end the story (yes, there are details that will need ironed out in the next book but at least I know this author will resolve everything) but rather because I am committed to these characters. What a diverse and effective team of police officers! You will not be disappointed with the series, but be sure to read them in order!
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on August 29, 2017
Trust creates a 5 star work of fiction that resonates with the authenticity of today's headlines. With fully developed backgrounds on each character, the reader is pulled in the vortex of this fast breaking crime drama.
Murder, conspiracy, greed, lust for power and wealth all come into play in the intricately woven plot that comes to a dramatic conclusion that leaves the reader on the edge of their seat until the final confrontation.
I highly recommend this novel and award it 5 Stars!
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on August 20, 2015
Another winner from Glenn Trust.

This is a complex mystery with a lot of developed characters and an engaging plot. You have George, Sharon and others from book #1, but this story added multiple layers of characters as the conspiracy unfolded. It isn't often you can have multiple lead players in a story and not cause confusion, but Glenn Trust made it work. The death and funeral near the end actual brought me to tears, which was unexpected.

Great book, another winner!
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on October 28, 2013
Seldom do I leave reviews but I will have to for this novel. Mr Trust is very good writer and I must add that the book was well edited. A thriller from the beginning and to the very end, and a good ending it was. I am anxiously awaiting the 3rd novel in the Hunter series. Mr Trust stated that it would be out in the fall of 2013, so he had better hurry 'cause Winter is just around the corner. Keep up the good work !
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on August 4, 2015
Fast moving. Well plotted. Characters who are human and with whom I’d want to be a friend – well, friends with the good guys. And, the bad guys actually have more than one dimension! Wow! Authors take note at what can be done.

Mr. Trust starts with a simple question: Does the US need career politicians in government? (The answer for me is a resounding no.) And, then he goes on to show us the lengths people in power, and those who want it, will go to get and keep it.

The police work is solid. Relationships work and are not forced. The people are real and not defined by some small idiosyncrasy. There just isn’t enough praise I can give Mr. Trust, except to tell you to read it, or you will be missing something great.
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on July 21, 2015
Sanctioned Murder: The Term Limits Conspiracy is not only a well laid out mystery, but is also a damn good civics lesson. Power corrupts!

This story frustrated me as I was unable to stop reading and get on with my life.

The detail, character depth, realism and the possibility that this use of political influence & power could actually occur in any of our 50 states or at the federal level should give any reader much to think about.

This is my first Glenn Trust novel, but not my last!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 23, 2014
Another fabulous story from Glenn Trust!!! Wow! This is Book 2 of 'The Hunters' series. I think it is significant to read these books in order as they have the same characters......and it's just more enjoyable to learn about the characters in an ordered fashion. This complex tale about corrupt politicians and the term limits that keep them in office too long in some instances feels like it was 'ripped from the headlines'. Term limits is a hot topic in this decade. Now I have to download the 3rd book in the series so I can find out what happens with the romance started in Book 2. Good book!!!!
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