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on March 12, 2018
My father crossed over with the 4th Division to Utah Beach, and he said this film captures the best portrayal of D-Day than any other film. Although he survived this horrific event, he later stepped on a landmine, losing his right leg below the knee, in the Huertgen Forest. He spent two years in Walter Reed Hospital; yet, he considered the Army years to be among the best years of his life. Can you imagine that? He died in 2008 at age 92. When he saw this film, it brought tears to his eyes, and when I saw the film, I wondered how anyone could have survived the onslaught. Saving Private Ryan is truly one of the best World War II films!
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on May 11, 2018
I have mixed feelings about this purchase. I recently bought the sapphire edition bluray of this film and loved it, it has great picture quality (despite the intended grittiness) and a brilliant 5.1 surround mix. But having hopped on the Dolby Atmos/DTS:X/4K/HDR train fairly early, i saw this pre-order and instantly bought it.

After watching this on my 50" Samsung KU6500, with 5.2.4 surround (Denon AVR-X4300H) i was definitely impressed. The grittiness is still present and i understand its artistic intention, but when the grittiness is gone.......WOW. Fine detail is phenomenal on close ups of faces, uniforms, and helmets. You cant LITERALLY see every pore on their faces (on closeups), textures of fabric, and the small imperfections on the helmets. While my TV doesn't have all the hardware to take advantage of the HDR10/Dolby Vision encode (only 8-bit panel without WCG) it does afford a small improvement over SDR, and i definitely noticed. The palette is very neutral, but the greens of fields and hills really popped as well as blue sky. I would say the video is a fine improvement over the bluray.

The Dolby Atmos was also amazing, but was it leaps and bounds better than the 5.1? I dont think so. I have my bedroom home theater setup as close to dolby specifications as i can, and while my speakers arent KEF or Klipshe (base speakers and subs are onkyo from a mid-range HTiB and heights are Micca COVO-S) ive been very happy with their performance. The original 5.1 mix was mindblowing (expecially the D-day scene) with Dolby Surround upmixing. The bass was so realistic and chest shaking and the sound stage was so expansive. The Atmos mix is a good improvement. The D-day scene was indeed impressive, but i wasn't hearing super precise object placement of bullets and such. The height channels indeed add a level of atmosphere throughout the entire film, but I wasn't blown away by discrete effects. (surprisingly planes flying over sounded more convincing with the upmixed 5.1 than the atmos).

Overall, the 4K transfer is dazzling when the camera stops to focus on the characters, and the Atmos mix is the best SPR has ever sounded. But if youre not outfitted with 4K yet (and wont be for a while) and are only looking forward to the Atmos track, Id stick with the bluray copy.
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on May 9, 2017
This movie hits the spot with action, drama and emotions. The set pieces are on point and so are the stunts! Even though this movie might be hated by some for being too gory, I think it did the movie well and this also helped people realize the pain and stress these soldiers had to go through. Aside form the action we also get to see that these men were not completely fearless showing them even crying at some points. This helps ease down the movie from being just action and no heart so I give this movie 5 stars!
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on May 8, 2018
I use an OPPO 203 with a Sony A8F tv and the 4K release is extraordinarily better than the regular Blu-ray release. Even the extra “noise” that Spielberg added the picture is phenomenal. One of the best 4K upgrades I have acquired for my collection.
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on May 16, 2018
Update May 18th, after a week I put the 4k movie in my Xbox again and it NOW works. I ended up clearing my persistent storage, not sure if it did it or what. And the movie was amazing in 4k with Atmos surround. So good!

This review isn't specifically for the movie, because I love this movie. But its for this particular 4k version. As of todays date 16 MAY 2018, this movie will NOT play on any Xbox One Device, the S or the X.

At first I thought I had a defective disc and so I returned it and got a new one, and the same error occurs "This Disc can't be played on this device, please try another"

So I don't know if it is something Xbox can patch, but currently it doesn't work. If anyone finds out anything different or your Xbox DOES work, please let me know, because then maybe there is something else wrong. but my other 4k movies still work fine.

Good luck...but if you have a stand alone player, this move is amazing, I hope I can play it soon because I have Atmos sound and I bet that will sound great too.

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on March 22, 2017
"Saving Private Ryan" is Spieberg and Hanks at their best. It is a story grounded in the Normandy Invasion, and loosely based on a factual multi-sibling situation. The opening scene places you in one of the landing craft with 2nd Battalion Army Rangers which hits Omaha Beach, and gives you a peek at the hell that war is. After the US soldiers take the beachhead, Capt. Miller (Hanks) is sent with a small contingent to find a member of the 101st Airborne, whereabouts unknown, because all his brothers have been killed. The realism is breathtaking, and is non-stop suspense as they seek to perform their mission. The ending is heartbreaking, and the camera work is superb. My Dad landed at Omaha on D+1, so it had a special significance for me; he said very little about Omaha, and now I know why. My son watched with me, and he said not a word. In fact, he shook his head slightly as the film ended.
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on June 1, 2018
The three disc 4k UltraHD/HDR + Blu-Ray HD Digital movie of Saving Private Ryan arrived on time and undamaged. Picture, sound and features playback is superb. Even better than before with the fim and extrtas on three discs with the same film being available on both the stunning 4K UltraHD/HDR disc and also on Blu-Ray HD + Digital disc, with a choice of glorious sound tracks in Dolby Atmos for the 4K disc and Dolby Digital 5.1 for the Blu-Ray disc. Very nice to this Oscar and Golden Globe winning war epic from Stephen Speilberg getting the disc makeover it deserves. Cannot wait to see Band of Brother and The Pacific get the same makeover for 4K UltraHD/HDR format soon. This purchase was worth waiting for and worth paying for. Ten out of Ten for this 4K UltraHD/HDR release on Blu-Ray. Also HDR for colour and picture playback makes all the difference.
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on September 2, 2016
Do not look away from those painful battlefield scenes. National Geographic, PBS and many other sources document the horror of those days in real time and presence. If we must turn away from the the slaughter, then we need to revisit viewing the Omaha beach landings again to really know what Captain Miller ( all combatants) meant when he tells Pvt. Ryan (all of us) to "Earn This." The horror of war was graphically presented and justifiably so. Unlike any other movie, the emphasis was always on the courage and sacrifice of the troops. No other WW ll movie will be so realistic and meaningful as this one.
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on May 18, 2018
This is my all time favorite movie. I have seen it countless times on original format, then BluRay.

Last summer I purchased a 4K tv and bluray player. Since it upscales, I was happy to leave my original BluRay discs and only purchase new movies in 4K.

This spring, I replaced my 13 year old receiver with a brand new model that decodes all the new sound formats. I had a 5.1 Klipsch speaker setup, so I also added two up firing speakers to my fronts.

I fired up the 4K Saving Private Ryan and selected ATMOS for the sound output.

My eldest son and I both agreed that we were hearing things we had never noticed before. Birds singing in the Normandy cemetery. The original D-Day landing scene filled out
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I’m not really going to review the movie itself, other than by saying that it is one of the finest, if not *the finest*, war movie ever made. It’s a film that everybody should see at least once; many people will want to watch it over and over again. The film looks spectacular in the 4K format. The washed-out look of the image has been preserved (apparently it generated a lot of complaints when the movie was released on home video from viewers who thought it was a technical fault — this was actually Spielberg and his DP’s deliberate choice) and the movie has never looked better outside of a cinema.

This set comes with the 4K Ultra disc of just the movie, a Blu-Ray version of the same, and a Blu-Ray disc containing a wide range of behind the scenes extras; this includes a host of the usual vignettes covering most aspects of production that add up to a good couple of hours’ worth viewing, and a 90-minute special featuring the work of combat cameramen that is fascinating. For just $20, this is a steal for owners of 4K Ultra players, and I cannot recommend either the film or this version of it highly enough.
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