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on September 7, 2017
After now ordering this energy drink for the fourth time, it's probably about time to tell other people how great it is.

I love my caffeine. As hard as I pretend to be an adult, I just can't stomach the idea of drinking a steaming hot cup of coffee on a 100 degree Texas day (and I get tired of always having to make cold brew). In college, I drank a ton of different energy drinks like Monster and Red Bull. Even the sugar free varieties of those are a bit too sweet for me now. I'm no health nut by any means, but I was getting tired of my coworkers always lecturing me about how bad all the guarine and other chemicals are for me whenever I would bring an energy drink to work.

Enter, RUNA! Not only does this stuff look healthier than other energy drinks, but the taste is so much more mild. The best thing to compare the taste to is probably flavored La Croix. My favorite flavor is definitely the blood orange, I tried the lime one time and it has kind of a funky aftertaste in my opinion. The caffeine in this affects me a bit differently than other energy drinks, I feel a lot less anxious than I would if I drank a Red Bull for example. But at 120 mg of caffeine in just a small 8.4 oz can, it sure packs a punch!

I'd definitely recommend this product to someone looking for a healthier alternative to other energy drinks, and I'm sure that I'll be making a fifth order sometime soon.

Hope this review was useful!
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on August 7, 2016
I drink these daily at work and greatly prefer them to Monster or Bang! type taurine/caffeine drinks. The new Lime Runa has a slightly smoother, milder taste than the old version, which has a slight bitter note. New Lime has 105mg caffeine vs 140mg in the old version. The new can has a different design also (on left in photo). I will seek out the old version though- I like the extra kick of caffeine actually.
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on October 3, 2016
I have been receiving two cases a month of the berry flavor for over a year through subscription.

This review is for people who want more out of just drinking a can of energy drink.
How about added nutrition and weight loss? Sound like a good choice now?

Here is me and my wife's secret to getting back in pre-baby shape without added workouts.

Every morning when we get up, I make a frozen smoothie using two cans of RUNA berry flavor Clean energy drink. Add one complete fresh lemon pealed. add two tables spoons cinnamon, (both amazing fat burners and blood cleaners)
Add half cup frozen blueberries
half cup frozen Mangos
half cup frozen pineapples
4-5 frozen strawberries
one frozen banana
quarter cup frozen chopped spinach
quarter cup frozen chopped kale
4 tbl spoons "spectrum" brand Warrior Vitality Blend (Chia, maca & cacao nibs) purple bag.
2 cups"Langers" juice- pick your flavorite (it doesn't have HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP)

blend all ingredients in that order in a blender until well mixed
No need to keep the RUNA in the fridge, but you will have to refrigerate the juice after opening.

Drink and enjoy!
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on May 12, 2017
Holy crap I am OBSESSED with Runa. I literally bought 75 the other day and my boyfriend thinks I'm crazy. These are just super caffeinated tea brewed really strong with lime added. My boyfriend said it took him a couple of cans to like the flavour, but I loved it from the start. SUCH a better alternative to sugary energy drinks.
A RED BULL THIS SIZE: 111mg caffeine, 37g of sugar
RUNA: 150mg caffeine, 0g sugar, 0g any kind of sweetener.

Enough said.
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on September 6, 2017
I'm really surprised by all the positive reviews the lime flavor has. Something I found very off-putting is that the first sip of this seems to have a weird, chemical like flavor. After that, the taste is rather mute. I wanted an unsweetened energy drink but I think I would need to drink 2-3 of these for an effect.

I also purchased the Runa iced tea which I like both in terms of taste and the energy effect. I would strongly reccomend that over this.
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on November 10, 2017
This has been my go-to caffeine drink for almost 2 years now, and I rave about it to everyone so I figured I should write a review! I love these Runa energy drinks, I think they’re the perfect size and perfect amount of caffeine without getting jittery. They have 0 calories and no artificial sweeteners, it’s literally just carbonated tea! And they’re amazing. The taste is not incredibly lime-y but it grows on you. The blood orange has a bit more flavor and is also delicious but I can only find it in the larger size. I’ve tried the berry flavor as well but the trade off there is that it has more calories. I feel like I’ve finally found an energy drink that is healthy and doesn’t make you feel like crap afterward, and buying it by the case on Amazon is the best price around!
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on May 3, 2017
I rely on caffeine to make me feel alive, and I prefer these energy drinks over other drinks/products I've tried. RockStar/Monster/other "dudebro" drinks have an immense amount of sugar per serving. When your typical can has 2 servings in it, that becomes a problem.

Coffee is not the kindest to my stomach, unfortunately, and caffeinated gum is easy to wreck yourself on (if you like going interstellar within 15 min, the gum is the way to go.

These Runas taste like prune-tea, but have a subtle amount of sweetness to them with no added sugar. It's in the sweet spot for caffeine content, and the only thing you have to worry about is the vague exotic leaf (or whatever they use) to brew the stuff. This is my 3rd case so far. It's good stuff
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on March 19, 2018
I expected to see reviews on both ends. Read the reviews and do not get this if you do not like what you read. This beverage is bitter. It is not sweet. It is a mature adult flavor. I like the other zero carb sweet beverages, but this one is really fun. Every other day I have one while working. It is nice to sip, like a good scotch. When your mouth is not expecting a sugar drink, you can realize how fine the taste is. If you were expecting it to be tart, you would then notice it is actually sweet. Sweet like a loquat fruit or a kumquat if you like to eat the rind with the fruit. If you have read this and you expect a tart beverage, it is great. It does not have any weird chemical taste. It is organic. Maybe pair with 95% cocoa chocolate.
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on May 4, 2018
I LOVE guayusa. I discovered it when someone gave me a Mati energy drink to try, and I drank Mati for years. For me, it's a great feeling clean, natural energy. The effect lasts longer than coffee and doesn't make me jittery or give me "fast brain" that I get when I drink too much coffee. I use it as a pre-workout too. Now that I found Runa I am not going back. Here's why:
Zero calories!
All natural ingredients
Smaller amount gives the same effect
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on August 27, 2015
It works. It keeps me awake and is my alternative to Mt. Dew. It tastes quite bad, but it's not Mt. Dew (which I love, but know is full of crap). I thought the taste would grow on me. It really hasn't. Just make sure it's REALLY Cold then it's ok. I'm sure it would make a good mixer, but I think energy drink + alcohol is not a positive social norm. Oh and it's not redeemable in NY. And quite expensive for the serving size. I should probably give it a 2, but since I haven't found another alternative to soda... It's a 4.
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