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on March 4, 2015
I am VERY happy with this laminator! I was debating between the AmazonBasics one and the Scotch Thermal TL901. I figured if I got the Amazon laminator & it didn't work properly, I'd just return it and buy the Scotch one. The main reason I chose the AmazonBasics one is it was $10 cheaper AND I liked the clean/sleek appearance of it. That may sound like a dumb reason to choose something, but the Scotch one is slightly larger and cheap looking.

I have been using the laminator on projects and lessons for my toddler. She loves to do puzzles and color and we were wasting a ton of paper. One of my biggest concerns or questions was if I could laminate a whole piece of computer paper and then cut it up without the layers separating. You can, in fact, do this and it works wonderfully! I DO send each sheet through the laminator twice if I know I'll be cutting it up, but it works!!! You can see the attached photo for puzzles I have made her.

I also uploaded a photo so you can see how sleek and small the laminator is. It sets on the edge of my desk when I'm using it and doesn't take up much room at all. Very happy with this purchase and with Amazon (:
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on March 23, 2017
 This thermal laminator is amazing. I really liked it. When I first got it, I was a little sad because after the 10th page, the scanner began to crumble the pages. However, after I turned it off for like a few minutes and started it up again, it was working fine and I was able to do over 25 pages in a row. Whenever I put the laminating pocket wrong, I just push the jam handle and it releases the pocket. I am able to straighten the sheet and it comes out good. I have been using it on an off for a few months and it has not given me any major problems.

How long does it take to laminate a sheet? Well, it takes about a minute per sheet. It can laminated card stock paper as well.
I have included pictures and a video of the machine so that you can see it in action and see the quality of the sheets.

I also included pictures of some crumbled pages.
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on August 19, 2016
I am torn 2 ways on this review. I ordered one of these last year, needed to have it for the occasional cards/documents I want to laminate. I really only used it a handful of times, and then months later, it broke. Just plain stopped working. I couldn't believe it. I thought for sure, I should surely get more than a year out of it, especially with only rare usage. But no, it didn't even last a year. I would pretty angry. It actually stopped working right in the middle of me laminating my new CPR card, it almost destroyed the card because the laminating sleeve was only half-melted onto it. I promptly sent a message to Amazon customer service and to my great surprise, they offered to immediately ship me a new one, at no cost! I was surprised, I know they have had great service in the past, but this actually FAR exceeded my expectations.

Within 2 days, I had my new laminator at my doorstep and it is working as flawlessly as the first one did on the first day. I was also able to print a return label at no cost to send the defective unit back, and I did so, gladly. So far so good. The new unit is still working. I just hope that it keeps it up, and that I can get a few years out of it, since I really don't use it all that much. I have yet to see any problems with using either 3ml or 5ml pouches, as I do have both. I also have not had any problem with the un-jam feature. So, only time will tell if this holds up. But nonetheless, I am definitely 100% pleased with Amazon's amazing customer service, even if I am still a little weary over this product. If this one breaks also, I will certainly be looking to invest in a new brand.
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on March 29, 2017
I bought this machine because I read an excellent review from someone who use it for foils projects. I just try my first foil card and the result is amazing. Not yet perfect but for the first time trying is super fine!.
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on October 8, 2013
Edit April 2014: After 6 months of use and hundreds of sheets laminated, it still works perfectly.

Pretty straight forward laminator that works as you expect.
I use a pro grade one at my office, heavy duty, heats fast and the rollers run quickly to laminate a lot of sheets fast. Bought this one for the home office.

I'm using 5mil sheets with it, the results are perfect, no complaints. Unlike a pro grade heat laminator, you do not use a protective sheet/ pouch with this one. I tried it and the lamination did not melt together sufficiently. Re-read the instructions (RTFM!!) and it did not mention using one, so I re-ran the sheet without it and it came out perfect- sealed, glossy, flat, firm.

Here's what you give up with this fantastic price- it is really slow. The feed rollers turn very slowly. If you are occasionally laminating a few sheets for home or school use, or occasional office use, get it, it'll work great. If you have to have dozens of sheets laminated for work tomorrow or use it regularly, get a pro laminator because you'll be up all night waiting for this thing to process all of those sheets. Considering that we paid a few hundred for the one at the office, that this one gives the same finished results for less than 1/10 the cost is incredible. Add to that that 3mil and 5mil sheets in hundred packs here at Amazon are dirt cheap, you have a winning combo.

Overall, I like it and the price can not be beat. Compact, does the job, etc. Fits in a drawer until I need it. We'll see if it lasts.

Everything that I've bought with the Amazon Basics label has worked well.
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on July 23, 2017
Update: After my 3rd use, the green ready light no longer works. This weekend, I left my laminator in my classroom, and I needed to laminate something prior to Monday, so I purchased the Scotch laminator from another store. That one is a lot faster than the Amazon brand, and a lot easier to insert what needs to be laminated, as there is a guiding tray. This eliminates the issue that I've had with the AmazonBasics brand, where I don't insert the paper exactly right, and it crumples for a second. The scotch one also doesn't have the issue of the ready light going on and off. I did not expect to start having issues so soon. I will be keeping the scotch and returning Amazon's.

As I compose this review, I am currently preparing for the upcoming school year. I have a lot that needs laminating. In previous years, I've gone to Office Depot to get my pages laminated, but considering that I have over 50 pages that need laminating this year, I realize that it would cost way too much money to have it done at Office Depot at about $2 a page. I had to make the choice between this one, and the Scotch branded one. I chose this one because it was over $10 cheaper, and I am a huge fan of Amazon, so I figured why not give their brand a try? I've only ever used AmazonBasics for my iPhone USB, but that's worked well, so I figured that this would be worth a shot. I did not read the directions, as I had already read reviews and even watched a YouTube video prior to ordering the laminator. It was super easy to use. I laminated about 30 sheets back to back, and each one came out perfect, except for one (and I believe that that one was due to user error). I was a bit troubled when I saw that after every page, the "ready" light would go off for a couple of seconds - this was a big hold up to the laminating process. It made the process extremely slow, as it took me about 50 minutes to complete those 30 pages. I read another review that said that she ignores when the light goes off, and continues to feed the pages through and it doesn't affect the quality of the lamination. That makes sense, as the ready light is only off for about 10 seconds, and then it comes back on. There were a couple of times that the light cut off, mid-lamination, and it still came out fine, so I will probably ignore when the light goes off too going forward, in order to make the process more time efficient. Of course, I am not referring to the initial "ready" light, which comes on about 3 minutes after turning the laminator on. There is a burning smell, but it isn't overwhelming. I'd also like to add that I cut all of the sheets that I laminated, and the lamination did not unravel. I would definitely consider this product a $17 well spent.
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on March 7, 2017
I was looking for an affordable and reliable laminator since I was going to be using it quite often to add squares and pages to my son's PECS binder. I attached some pictures of it before I cut the sheet up and after.

The things I was most concerned about was if the laminate would stick to the paper if I cut it all up..and IT DID! I did feed it through the laminator twice for my peace of mind. It was probably unnecessary.
There was a burning smell the first couple of times I used it but it eventually went away. My sister thought I burned the pizza I had in the oven, lol.
It doesn't take the machine too long to recharge after feeding something through and was very easy.
As far as problems with the paper and pouch being crooked and crinkling when feeding it through? Set some books on either side, problem solved!
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on January 16, 2016
Easy to open, setup, and start using. From the moment it was delivered, it took me about 3 minutes to open, setup, and read the directions. (I didn't really need to do this, but having never used a laminator before, it seemed like a good idea.)
I turned it on and it warmed up in a couple minutes. I ran each sheet through once, and they looked great.

This was all I needed to complete my Pinterest project of "sending kisses". Each piece was small and I cut them out after. No issues and the plastic sealed well around the edges, even after I cut them.

I had seen other reviews that said the page could pull one way or the other and become crooked. I ran several sheets through, and didn't experience this at all.

Easy to use. Good quality. Small footprint. Highly recommend.
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Overall this laminator is fine, but not great. It works well for most of what I have used it for so far. I have noticed on smaller items like luggage tags/business cards they well stop feeding near the end and they'll have to be pulled out from the back side (and they're still hot). The other day I actually had one get jammed inside that required disassembling it to remove the item from the rollers (fairly easy though). It certainly looks cheaply made, but for the money it works fine.
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on April 13, 2017
I was really excited to receive this bc I work in a preschool room and I always need a laminator, but our industrial one at work is always broken out out of thermal laminating paper. This is a really great product for small quick jobs but I used it for probably about 10 sheets of laminated material since I purchased this and now one side of the laminating sheets is not coming out sealed. I am very disappointed bc I loved this at first and Amazon is great, but it just didn't last!!!! I had to flip the sheet over and run the prodcuct through the machine again to get my sheets to seal. Pic attached :/
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