on June 7, 2015
It goes without question that the books are better, but these movies have been about the closest thing to perfection that a movie has been to a book, I've seen very few movies that ever live up to the book, let alone can keep it going for so many films. I too had issues with how they portrayed harry's battle scene with voldy, but as a hole and after stepping back and taking a deep breath, I totally enjoyed the movies. The only other thing they could have done was make the movie 4 hours long. That would have made me happy by of course that was not something they can do. I adore the casting, everyone plays their roles exquisitely. Daniel is brilliant as Harry.
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on January 24, 2016
I am an old coot and I thought the book well-written and the characters beautiffully developed. What I like best about the book is that its characters develop and encounter the heartbreaks and trials of life without sugarcoating anything. Kids who began reading the series at 9 or 10 can grow along with Harry, Ron, Hermione and the others and learn that life contains tragedies as we as triumphs. In addition to these important lessons, it has the ability o be enjoyed as a story or to be anaylzed at various levels.
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on August 14, 2015
Great flick! Well worth watching, as are all the Harry Potter movies. I am a 57 year old grandmother that is a huge Harry Potter fan. I'm sad that there were only 7 books and 8 movies and that it's over. I have seen this one at least 35-40 times. That ought to tell you how great I think it is. It wraps everything up, with a few surprises. The very last scene takes place 19 years later. I highly recommend this movie. If you have never seen any of the Harry Potter movies, here's an idea: You ought to rent them in order and get some good junk food and drink and have yourself a Potter marathon! A great weekend activity! Or, if you do not have a lot of time, you could stretch it out over 2 weekends.
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on April 6, 2013
Part 2 was incredible! This is where the whole story comes together. This is where many unanswered questions are finally answered. It is also rather traumatic, because you lose many of your well-loved characters. JK did the appropriate Shakespearean thing and killed off nearly all her characters.

Voldemort has the elder wand. Harry Potter is still hunting Hocruxes, but he doesn't realize just how big of a sacrifice he will have to make in order to destroy Voldemort. Also plaguing him are doubts about Dumbledore as he learns he may not have known the man as well as he thought he did. This is where we learn the true loyalties of Severus Snape, and we see a better side of the Malfoy family.

Voldemort was rather pathetic, and I didn't know how I felt about that. In a way, it was nice because it showed how bullies are often what they are because they are frightened people. Yet, you don't always like your villains being pathetic. The ending where you see the future is one of my favorites--and it makes up for the trauma of losing nearly everybody you liked. It gives you the feeling that life did go on.
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on September 20, 2016
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on September 29, 2013
This final movie in the Harry Potter series is the darkest of all. It is the necessary and faithful conclusion to the wonderful writings of J.K. Rowling. There is little for me to criticize here except for one thing: something about the ending felt somehow very disengaged and somewhat unsatisfying. I am not quite smart enough to put my finger on exactly what that missing thing was, but I felt it. The ending seemed almost trite and devoid of the energy of the rest of the movies. I know it was authentic to the way that books ended, but as a movie, it seemed to need something else to bring it all to a satisfying conclusion. Yes, I know, it all concluded the way that the book did and the outcomes were the same. It was just the manner in which things were presented ON FILM that left me somewhat let down. Still, given that as my only criticism, the final movie in this franchise, was yet another piece of amazing film-making. Again, the actors were all superb. The set pieces were absolutely done with love and care and authenticity and lavish devotion to the Rowling books.

I've mentioned in a previous review of Part 1 that the 3D version of Hallows was way too dark to be enjoyable and that the 2D version was much better. The same holds true for Part 2 as well. For some reason, both 3D versions that I purchased from Amazon were way too dark and were not nearly as enjoyable of their 2D Blueray versions. I have not taken a star away from the movie for this reason, however, but rather for the somewhat disappointing way which the final film was concluded; it just didn't seem quite right. And yet I am at a loss to suggest a better way to handle the ending.

I highly recommend The Deathly Hallows Part 2 and it is, in the end, a superb finish to a superb movie franchise.
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on November 20, 2011
Part of me thinks that this should have been the seventh movie . . . feeling like the studio milked the last book. They should have cut Part One down to about 30~45 minutes, and merged that remainder into the beginning of Part Two, then released the whole as a 2:30 or perhaps 3:00 hour movie and be done. Part One dragged on so badly I almost lost interest. Part Two is exciting, has great visuals and plot, and moves along at a pace that keeps me interested. The actual movie length is just at 2 hours. Add in about 10 minutes of credits and you get the 130 minute length as advertised.

Rating Part Two at five stars for the movie. I never rated Part One, but it would have been three stars at best because so little was accomplished during the time they took. Like I said, the studio really milked the last book for all they could -- knowing it was the end of a very successful series.

Noticing that hundreds of people have hopped onto this product review page to give it one star for the UltraViolet streaming digital copy included in the Multi-format package. While I personally could not care less for the digital copies of any movie, I certainly understand the anger about this issue.

1) It's a streaming form instead of a digital copy.
2) It does not match what was delivered with Part One, or any of the previous movies in the series. That means that anyone with a digital library of the movies that wants to watch the series offline . . . cannot. It breaks the collection.
3) It's STILL a digital copy that punishes legal customers but does zero to punish actual pirates. This last statement is unfortunately true of previous digital copy methods that use online registration based DRM.

When will the studios learn that to succeed at digital delivery they need to make it seamless and flawless for their paying customers?

Having said that, I still feel like 5 stars for this edition is deserved. I'm rating the quality of the movie, the Bluray disks and the packaging here. If I were to rate the digital copy, I would rate ALL digital copies a one because of their DRM. Not just UltraViolet . . . I don't and won't register online with my email address with every studio on the planet to activate any digital copy. Not now, not ever.

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on January 31, 2018
How many versions/cuts are there of the Harry Potter series. I have seen at least 3 different ones. The one shown on ABC was so different. The disc I have is different yet. Makes me wonder how many takes it took for all the different versions. There various parts of the different ones that would make a very long, but very interesting film. The ending, part 7, is quite different from the others. Leaving out many scenes, but filling in with more action between V and H. Just interesting.
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on February 12, 2013
If this is indeed the last of the Harry Potter films and there will be no more sequels and no prequels, the franchise could not have gone out on a better note. This is a magnificent piece of cinema - Academy Award caliber - and I will be surprised if it does not garner multiple awards recognition. No other film this year (2011) has been so universally acclaimed by the professional critics. If this is truly the end, it is a bittersweet moment. Watching Harry and his two closest friends and the actors who play them grow and mature has been almost like watching my children come of age. In this final episode,Harry, Hermione, and Ron continue their search for the Horcruxes upon which Voldemort depends for life. All of us knew from the author, J. K. Rowling, that one of the protagonists would die in this final episode...but if you haven't read the book and you haven't seen this film, I won't spoil it for you...the ending may very well surprise you. Radcliffe, Watson and Grint deliver their finest performances in this final film; and they are supported by a perfectly cast ensemble, most of whom we've seen before...but there are a couple of new faces - Ciaran Hinds, as Dumbledore's brother, Alberforth; and Kelly McDonald as the ghost of Helena Ravenclaw. The special effects are stunning and David Yates work behind the camera is masterful. This is, bottom line, a brilliant work of art.
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The journey that began with an innocent young boy discovering the world he belonged to comes to an end in an explosive and emotional finale in `The Deathly Hallows Part 2'.

It is just so amazing to see how far these actors who were practically no names changed into incredible young men and women that managed to give such great performances for the final time. What started as an incredible drama ends in a fast paced battle between good and evil in the hallowed halls of Hogwarts. Still, in all the explosions and special effects the film is filled with emotion in two ways. The final film ties together the whole story, including some major revelations in Harrys' world and certain characters. Of course the main event in this film is the final showdown between himself and the one who wanted him dead ever since he was a child.

Personally I felt that there was just a little bit missing from this film, but as a whole especially seeing it along with `The Deathly Hallows Part 1' it does a great job giving the fans the ending they have been expecting to see. As a whole I am happy to say that while these films may not have been as great as the books themselves, they were by no means horrible films. I am so excited to finally have my complete collection of Harry Potter films and I intend to enjoy them again and again.

If you have read all my reviews of all 8 Harry Potter Films...thank you. Please check me out my Harry Potter film documentary on YouTube at smdelta4.
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