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on February 28, 2018
Bags never leak, don't often tear, sometimes separate on corners of items, usually stretch & hold. They don't underperform or disappoint in any way.

The only issues are that the liners seem overpriced, quality considered, and the company does their best to avoid enabling you to buy 3rd party liners (liters instead of gallons, not listing dimensions, giving inexact capacity, etc)

Downside is that people with non-simplehuman trash cans & waste baskets refrain from buying better-fitting simplehuman liners. I've included measurements for A, R, D, E, G and H liners in the pics (height/length & width) plus a soda can for scale
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on February 25, 2016
There is a part of me that feels slightly embarrassed for buying expensive trash bags, as they seem like a silly luxury. In fact, in 20+ years I had never paid for bathroom trash bags at all, because I simply used leftover plastic grocery bags with a plastic bin that was designed specifically to use that type of bag. But when they outlawed plastic grocery bags where I live, I was forced to abandon that system, and I sprung for a simplehuman trash can. It came with some samples of these liners, and by the time I finished the sample package, I was hooked. With the old grocery bag system, my husband and I would passive aggressively avoid changing the bag, each hoping the other would break down and finally do it. That was because there would always be spillage due to the bags not fitting exactly right, the tendency to get tears and holes that would leave trash behind in the bin, and the fact that there was no way to tie them completely shut. The simplehuman liners have none of these issues. They fit perfectly, and when you pull them out of the bin, the drawstring closes them up tight so there's no spillage. It's taken all the "gross" factor out of changing the bag, so we actually do it instead of letting a disgusting mound of used tissues pile up. Trust me, I am a CHEAP person, and I still think it's worth every penny.
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on August 20, 2015
More expensive than brands that you find in grocery stores, but well worth it if you have a Simplehuman trash can. It fits snugly over the can, has drawstrings, and won't tear like other cheaper ones. I'd rather pay ~$0.15 more per bag for those features.
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on August 21, 2014
Even though I have a limited budget and these bags cost more than the grocery store brand I used to use, they are worth it. Very durable construction and they fit the garbage can perfectly - I don't have to worry about leaks, bag splits or the bag falling down into the can. They cost about 0.25/bag - when you think about it, its a small price to pay to ensure you never have to deal with a disgusting mess. When I opened the free sample pack of bags that came with my garbage can I rolled my eyes at the thought of purchasing these pricey bags ... but after using the samples I was convinced - in fact, I ordered this 100 pack of bags before I even ran out of the samples!
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on April 29, 2016
I almost purchased this and then checked with Simple Human website and discovered I could get 90 bags for $15 instead of buying 30 for $10 here.
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on March 18, 2015
We've had two simplehuman trash cans that use J type bags for almost five years now. They are the same trash can, one for regular trash and one for recycling.

Having the plastic trash can liners fitted with the J-type bag has been a floor saver more times than we can count. Our family has a "trash compressing" approach to dealing with garbage, and by the time a bag goes out full it is REALLY full. These bags are about as tough as they come for kitchen trash bags, and even thought they attache snugly in the liner they almost always have slack room at the top to assist with tie off.

If you invest in the trash cans, you really want to use the custom fit bags if you can. The 100-count box is the way we have decided to go because it does work out cheaper per bag and the trash cans look as if they are going another five years with no problems. There are plenty of things in life to keep track of day to day, and whether you need to go buy trash bags shouldn't be one of them.
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on November 2, 2014
Kitchen garbage bags are one of my pet peeves in life, believe it or not. I simply can't believe what crap they are. They tear easy, and if they don't tear easy they don't tie closed all the way, and if not that then they leak and drip garbage juice across the floor. I have bought the toughest heavy duty bags from every home center on the planet. They are all crap. I always had to double bag to get satisfaction, using twice the amount of bags necessary. And they're not cheap!

These bags, however, are a dream come true. They came with my new can, and they are perfect. They don't leak, tear, the ties don't break and stretch out and they tie closed. I can finally put this issue to rest. I ordered a huge supply.
Garbage bads AREN'T ROCKET SCIENCE. Glad to have found a company that makes a decent bag and doesn't rip off it's customers by selling them a below par item.

Very very very satisfied. I will order again.
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on February 1, 2018
Everyone knows these bags are more expensive than your run of the mill non fitted garbage bags, lets just get that out of the way. For me, personally, they are worth it. I have never had a bag tear and I load my garbage can up to the max, pushing things down as I fill it up. I've had liquid in the bags and never once have had a leak. The bags fit perfectly in my Simple Human garbage can, never slip, never get caught on anything, never get rips or holes. While this is an extreme first world problem, I hate when garbage bags are either too short that they slip into the bin or too long and wide that they hang outside of the can. These bags solve all of these problems. The packaging is also convenient. The box contains three 20 packs that are easily accessible with the cutout on the back of the box. You can either remove the packages or use the box as a dispenser. Overall, I'm willing to spend a little more to have strong, perfectly fitting bags that won't rip when I'm being lazy and slightly overpacking my garbage can.

Strong bags, have never had a rip, tear or leak and I'm kind of a scumbag so I overfill it sometimes. Never had a problem.
Easy to access packaging.
Bags fit perfectly in my garbage can.
Bags tie up strong.

Cost more per bag than your run of the mill grocery store bag.

As long as they keep these bags around this price point and keep producing them, I will continue to buy them. The extra cost makes my life easier.
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on December 9, 2014
Price could be better, but these bags fit the can perfectly and allow you to stuff a lot more garbage into that $teel cylinder of a trash can. And isn't that why we got that fancy can.

Simply put here is your friendly product manager's (its what I do for a living) view on why these bags work:
The Seams! The seams on the bag help to maintain strength and form as the bag expands into the tall cylinder shape of the matching trash can. When you pull the bag out, it will maintain shape meaning it pulls out easier and wont split on you.
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on September 17, 2017
I bought these custom liners for the Simple Human Under-Counter Pull Out Recycler, 35 Liters / 9 Gallons. These bags were suppose to go in the main compartment and are great. The only exception is that these liners are a bit too narrow at opening, so they're hard to fold down around top of garbage can, especially for my elderly parents in their 80s. Simple Human needs to make them a tad larger at the top. These work well in the recycle bin portion and we're still trying to find a bag that works in the bigger "trash" container. Someone with strong hands doesn't really have to worry.
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