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on January 28, 2018
I am writing this to let everyone know that the amplifier that comes with this antenna could hinder you from getting all the channels that you possibly could get. I connected the antenna directly to the back of my tv (without amplifier) to make sure that where I placed my antenna in the attic would get me the most coverage and it pulled 52 channels. I then made my own quad shield cables to make sure I had the very least amount of interference possible, connected everything back up and used the amplifier and it only pulled 12 channels... I thought I messed the cables up that I made myself so I was just going to go back to the store and buy pre-made cables to use and decided to just remove the amplifier and test it... when I did it pulled 52 channels again.

The reason being is that amp that comes with the antenna may be (in my case, WAS) interfering with the amp that is already built into your current tv. Run the channel setup with and without the included amp to see which works best for you. A lot of the negative comments may be because of this issue. FYI
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on July 23, 2016
I live in a small town where it's hard to get Internet and cable. We were paying 178.00 a month for basic, no HD channels, cable. Ridiculous. I looked online for a solution and found the Mohu company. I decided to go with this one because we aren't near any large towns so I wanted the best chance to at least get one channel (for news and weather). We placed this in our bonus room above the garage and we get, wait for it, 13 channels. It was so easy to install and I couldn't be happier with this purchase!
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My first piece of advice to anyone who lives 35+ miles away from the broadcast towers, and especially those closer to 50 miles: do NOT waste your time with those paper-thin wall-mounted antennas. They do a very poor job of capturing and amplifying signals. I purchased a "50 Mile" version from Amazon and tried several positions high on a wall near an outside wall (no brick etc) and though it "picked up" about 25 channels within 40 miles, all of them were blocky (picture looked like what you see with DirecTV when there is a storm overhead). Channels closer to 50 miles were not picked up at all. Zippo.

Then I purchased this gem and mounted it in my attic. This one actually WILL pick up channels in the 50 mile range, and when combined with the USB-powered amplifier cable widget, worked flawlessly. Compared to the other "50 channel" antenna, this one picked up over twice as many channels, and ALL of them come in clearly and smoothly with no dropped frames or "Minecraft Blocks". National networks actually look BETTER than they do via Cable or Satellite because there is no signal compression / decompression going on.

Installation was super-easy, even on A-frame roofs... just pop two nails into each side of the A and literally hang it there (if you don't have any true horizontal or vertical 2x4s to fasten the mounting plate to. Be warned though: you can't use your old satellite dish's cable splitter box. Just use a $5 splitter from Home Depot and it will work fine, as long as the cable coming out of the wall by the TV uses the amplifer cable. This package only comes with one cable so you'll have to order the Mohu "Jolt" amplifier cable for a second TV. Note the USB cable length on that one is much shorter but should still work.
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on February 24, 2013
What can I say, other than I am very pleased with the outcome. My review is as follows:

Super packaging. Clear directions and very nice labeling / numbering of the parts. I also liked the fact that Mohu is indicating from pictures, you can run your whole house through the single Sky antenna. The picture of the 'HOUSE' on the box was a nice touch.

My situation is:
I've been looking to cut the cord, Time Warner Cable, for quite some time and was quite sick of the horrible customer service, bad compressed HD signal's, and the ridiculous monthly payment for TV that we simply didn't watch all that much. Literally I started to take notice of my Wife and I, when the kids were down and in bed,TV watching habits. Unless it was a movie that we rented from Amazon Prime instant video or Netflix, we were channel surfing literally every night. During the day, no TV and weekends -- well TV watching was non-existent as well.

I've known about Mohu and their leaf antenna's for a while and have heard great things about them, but I was looking for something stronger, something to control a whole house through 1 antenna. --- After many emails with the Mohu team and waiting for this antenna to hit the market, this was hopefully my savior!

My setup:
GE Smart Panel in closet. 6 TV's in house + 1 projector in the movie room.
1) Play room - Rarely used
2) Living room - used often
3) Porch - 50/50 use
4) Spare bedroom's - Used when guests stay over
5) Master bedroom - used often
6) Office - Used daily
7) Movie room - Mainly used for movies / football (Summer time, use will be very low)

I originally hooked up the antenna in the closet, hooked directly into the panel for testing purposes. This closet is literally in the middle of my house so I figured I wouldn't get much of a signal, but I wasn't looking for that... I was simply making sure I could get that signal out to the rest of the house.
Well to my surprise, the signal was amazing! All TV's, I was able to grab around 31-32 channels with the Antenna in the closet.

Next step was to now get working on the install of the antenna, outside. Thankfully I already had a Dish Network Sat. that was outside, coax cable already run, and this Dish was not in use.
I simply removed the old dish and mount -- replaced with the new mount / antenna from Mohu.

Back into the house to test. Results were not the best. The picture was slightly laggy (Choppy) and signal was dropping from good to bad, back to good and then back to bad. After moving the antenna around a bit and re-testing, the interference dropped a bit and the signal was a little more stable, but it still wasn't as it should be.
**NOTE** -- It was very windy that day and I am surrounded by big trees and two large homes, neighbors. I'm positive in that, if my mounting would have been higher I would have NO issues. I guess my own personal issue is, my roof has some pretty intense peaks that I was not about to climb!

Into the attic:
Once into the attic, I re-ran cabling from the attic to the crawl space and then back up into the back side of my panel. Hooked the cable into the panel and MAGIC! My mounting in the picture is temporary, I plan on mounting to one of the beams.

I was able to net 42 digital channels, to all TV's in house!!

All in all, I cannot say enough about how easy it was to get this setup and working. As for size, the unit is small and could literally be installed into almost any space / situation. Amazing signal strength and the picture is simply superb. Pure HD. Loving it.

See pics and please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.
I have MANY more pictures, it appears that Amazon will only allow up to 5?
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on January 25, 2018
Reception is always location/orientation specific!

For a quick install, I put it on the old DTV pole (on the ground) and used their cables, The reason I used the existing cable was because the house was already configured for it and their cables are better suited for the task. Plus they have a ground wire for the yet-to-happen lightning strike. I don't have the info on-hand, but I ended up getting one of those devices that pre-amplifies the signal at the antenna (another reason I used their cables). That required me to do some weather related upgrades to an outside outlet, but the results were spectacular...once I got the bloody thing aimed correctly. We do get like 8 channels though.

The Hardest thing about doing an external antenna appears to be aiming the thing. I went online and sorted out the compass bearings I needed to work with and that went well...until I got to the antenna. I tried using my phone and then a compass to attempt to get the bearings right, but I kept getting weird readings once I placed either device near the antenna or the metal pole on which it was mounted. It took a few colorful metaphors before it dawned on me that all that metal was scrambling the magnetic based bearings. I ended up standing back a couple meters and eyeballing it. I think when I move this to the roof (for much better reception) I'm going to do a mock setup with some small wooden beams first. :p
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on October 9, 2017
I revised this review AFTER removing the amplifier portion of my Sky antenna giving it a much better review. I get much better service and more than twice the channels though most of the extra ones are sales stations. But, some are not, and they are ones that pixallated or I simply did not receive as the tower is in a different direction. I live 17 miles from Philadelphia broadcast towers and 17 miles from South Jersey towers. I had the antenna installed in the attic above my 2-story wood-frame home. Before removing the amplifier, I got most channels and said I should but not all (no NJTV and FOX and ocassioally NBC pixellated). When I removed the amplifier, I received 60 stations, up from 30 when it was amplified, plus no pixelating Eagles games on FOX. With the amplification, the antenna was definitely not omnidirectional. Without the amplifier, it is. I had read that amplification could interfere if you were really close to the towers. I did not think 17 miles was that close. My only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is because the Mohu instruction manual was "bare bones," and their on-line support only told me to keep moving the direction of my antenna though I gave them my address. They never suggested removing the amplifier. The antenna also supports 2 TV's now, up from one before amplifier removal. Through all this I also learned your phone compass needs to be turned around a bit to recalibrate. Just move it in a figure 8 pattern a few times. Lots of trial and error, but the TV works very well now.
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on October 11, 2016
The Antenna is easy to install and looks great, but even with the amplification, the signal is just ok. While it claims to be omnidirectional, you do have to move it around and based on its position, you will get different channels. I replaced it with a GE 33692 Attic Mount HD Antenna and I was surprised that without any amplifier I got way better reception and a lot more channels. Its great in terms of looks but functionality is less than a simple attic antenna. And the price is quite high too.
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on November 14, 2016
Cheaply made. Better to save your money and invest in a better antenna.

Even living in the city (23 miles from the local station transmitters), I had to raise this antenna on a pole 10' above the roof and replace the included amplifier with a top of the line Channel Master. In other words, about 23' off of the ground. Still, the signal strength averaged 60 to 65% after aligning it in the direction of the transmitter towers. With the Channel Master amplifier, reception improved to an acceptable 80 to 85%.

I'm thinking that I could have saved money by purchasing one of the best Channel Master antennas and done without the amplifier.
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on January 30, 2017
I have towers at about 75 degrees and some at 290. Had trouble dialing this antenna in even though it says multi dirextional. I'm only 12-15 miles with clear LOS but antenna refused to grab my NBC station. Placed as high as i could but still couldn't satisfy my needs. Returned to Amazon and got an extreme signal HDB8X-NI in hopes it will do better. Side note i have a $20 indoor flat antenna and it performed as good as this mohu sky mounted outside on my roof.

Thankfully Amazon's return process is a breeze!
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on August 11, 2017
I wanted this antenna originally , but purchased another cheaper antenna $80 just to try it our before dishing out the extra dough for a Mohu. I used the cheaper antenna for a month receiving 44 channels in the Tampa Bay area. Finally... I ordered and received my mohu sky... Hooked it up only to find it received only 39 #underwhelmed #Disappointing
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