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Colorado Deputy Sergeant David Wolf's life is suddenly interrupted with news that his brother, who has been living and working in northern Italy, has died. He is at a crucial point in his police career, being just days away from potentially being voted by the town council to replace the retiring Sheriff for the County, and he is faced with a serious conflict with his rival for that job, the son of one of the council members. Still, he has no choice and travels to Italy, quickly becoming suspicious as to the cause of his brothers death. The local police (carabinieri) have already ruled that the death was a suicide, but they reluctantly agree to cooperate with him for a short time as he looks into his brothers recent activities leading up to his death. Wolf soon finding a suspicious Romanian underworld in the small Italian town that he comes to believe had something to do with what he now considers to be his brothers murder.

The Italian aspect of the story adds an unusual atmosphere and flavor, and the attractive female carabinieri officer who is assigned to work with Wolf is also an interesting element to the story. I found this to be an easy and enjoyable read, not particularly sophisticated, but good enough to cause me to obtain further books in the series and see how Wolf's life will develop.

The one frustration with the story is the cliff-hanger ending, requiring the reader to pick up book 2 in the series in order to find out what happens next: The Silversmith. I did that, and am hoping that I will not be disappointed.
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on June 14, 2018
Sergeant David Wolf is a member of the Sluice County Sheriff 's Department. While out investigating a murder, he barely escapes becoming a murder victim himself. His ex-wife (and mother of his son), is released from rehab and he wonders if she will stay clean this time. And, Wolf is waiting to see if he will be appointed as the new Sheriff by county council members and the mayor...

Wolf receives news, via his mother, that his brother has committed suicide in Lecco, Italy. Since he does not believe that John really killed himself, Wolf travels to Northern Italy to try to prove John was murdered, without causing too much upset in the Italian Carabinieri (and without becoming another victim). Officer Lia Parente is assigned to assist him with his investigation of John's last night...

Finally! A mystery series that looks like it will be worth reading! I was immersed in this story from beginning to end. There was a great plot with an intriguing subplot and both were interesting. I must say, I never expected either conclusion. I felt like I travelled from Rocky Point, Colorado (USA) to Lecco, Italia and back with Sergeant Wolf. With him, I followed the clues through the twists and turns — and there were plenty of surprises to keep me entertained along the way. The ending made me want to read the next book now!
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on September 7, 2017
David Wolf has a dead teen on the bottom of a cliff with a suspicion of who did it when he is nearly thrown off the cliff by his competition for Sheriff. Before he can clean up his wounds he is on a plane to Italy being told his writer brother committed suicide. He discovers upon arriving there is more to the death and someone doesn't want him finding the information. On the home front the teen girl is playing the symphony vote saying her boyfriend fell and she called another boy friend to help her get home. Things are spinning out of control on both cases. David nearly gets killed trying to find out what his brother was involved with in Italy. Things aren't always what they seem. No spoilers but a chance encounter with his seat mate who had severe air sickness on the plane ride home was the "House" lightbulb moment when David figured out what happened with the Colorado case at home. He went straight to the town diner from the airport and got the what he needed to prove who the killer was. Facing the town council for the sheriff election before he buries his brother is his next obstacle. Will the town vote for him or not? He is the best choice, he is Burton's favorite, his father was sheriff before Burton. Read the book to find out!!!!!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon September 1, 2016
Sergeant David Wolf is a different type of character in this international thriller and mystery. He was an Army Ranger, and has returned to his home town in Colorado to work as a Sheriff 's Deputy; his goal is to become Sheriff like his Dad was. He is a strong Alpha male, handsome, and not quite as smart as he should be. He also rarely answers a question! I say he isn't quite as smart as he should be, because another Deputy blatantly tries to kill him and he doesn't say one word about it to anyone. This, of course, has ramifications. Meanwhile David's brother in Italy is said to have committed suicide; David flys over to collect his body and to try to prove his brother was murdered.

This story has some well-done twists and turns, his family (ex-wife and 12 years old son) has some interesting dynamics, and the town, Rocky Points has a solid small town feel. Some parts of the story in Italy moved slowly and surprisingly to me, this main character is only moderately likable so far!
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on July 2, 2017
Loved this book. I have to admit that the beginning was a little slow. Sargent Wolf is investigating a suspicious death of a teenager in his hometown in Colorado when he is informed of the suicide death of his brother in Italy. His brother was an aspiring author/blogger & Wolf doesn't believe it was a suicide. He flies to Italy to retrieve his brother's body & when he looks at all evidence, begins to have many doubts. He encounters many obstacles: the local police department who determine the death was a suicide and considered it an open & shut case, the language barrier & that an American police officer is undermining their ability. He cuts a break when he is assigned a female officer who is fluent in English & he eventually convinces her his brother was murdered. Of course there is a twist at the end! Loved the story line, the characters & his descriptive writing. Excellent book. Will read more from this author.
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on December 24, 2016
First Novel - not bad.

I am not educated enough to detail the talents of this author, but I recognize a well written one from one that could use more work - or better editing.

Foreign Deceit is a good if sometimes awkward read. The plot is fully believable if at times not well fleshed out by the story line. Characters are well defined and fit with the story line and technically the novel accurate for a fictional work. However there are several places when reading that the dialog or the story line could have used revision.

Having said that, I did enjoy the book enough to purchase the 2nd in the series and hope to find a more experienced author - or perhaps editor - improving their craft.
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on May 5, 2017
I enjoyed the book. It was my first time to read anything written by Jeff Carson. What I did not like was being left hanging at the end of the book. To get the ending of the first book you have to read the second book. I had already purchased 3 titles anyway but for me a book should have an ending even if it is part of a series. My 3 star rating is for the ending.
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on June 24, 2018
Well written story about brothers, a continent and an ocean apart, one a police officer trying to stay alive on the side of a mountain in Colorado and the other dead by mysterious means in Italy. David Wolf is on a search and rescue mission when he is attacked by a fellow officer and rival for the sheriff's spot, soon to be vacated. John Wolf, David's older brother, is a long time blogger and writer, who's third novel just got picked up by a publisher with promising prospects. David defends himself against Derek Connell breaking Derek's nose in the process. Unfortunately, Derek's father is on the committee to appoint the next sheriff, so when David's mother calls to inform him that his brother is dead of an apparent suicide, David is understandingly doubtful. Not only does he not believe John committed suicide but this couldn't happen at a worse time for him. If he leaves to retrieve his brother's body, will it appear that he is hiding from Derek's accusation of David's attack or should he stay and fight for the position he deserves? Honor demands that he go to Italy to not only retrieve his brother's body but to get the truth from a highly dubious police department. Foreign Deceit is just that and David Wolf is the man to get to the bottom of the situation.
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on June 8, 2017
The author asks our hero, David Wolf, to deal with two deaths. The first involves a body of a teenage male found at the bottom of a cliff. The second is the mysterious death of his brother John in Italy. If that is not enough, the sheriff is going to retire and David is in the running for the position

David turns the case of the teenager over to his partner and heads to Italy to return his brother’s body. The Italian police told David that his brother committed suicide by hanging. David was positive that his brother would not do that and decided to find out how his brother met his end.

The local police assigned a beautiful young woman police officer, Lia, to help and you can guess where that went; the way most novels go now days. Lia and David had to deal with a Romanian mob as they search for the real answer to John’s death. While in Italy David finds that his service training comes in handy. David finds that he must extract himself from several skirmishes with the Romanian mob.

When David returned to Colorado he was not satisfied with the direction the case of the teenager was heading and he decided to take over.

It is up to the reader to read this novel to see what happened. I would recommend that you get copy of the book. find a comfortable place and read this Four Star novel.
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on July 31, 2017
A young man is found dead at the base of a cliff. His girlfriend who was thought to have disappeared turns up and an investigation into the case begins. There is a contentious rivalry between Sgt. Deputy David Wolf and her Deputy Derek Connell that takes on almost murderous results. But the plot thickens when David Wolf's brother is found dead in his apartment in Italy and it is deemed to have been suicide. David Wolf travels to Italy to bring his brother home. Wolf had doubts about the actual way his brother died and sets out to find out the true reason for his brother's death.. A real page Turner.
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