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on December 27, 2012
I particularly like the 80-20 rule allowing for the foods I enjoy without feeling guilty or feeling like I got off track.

Since no one in my household (myself included) feels like spending a lot of time after a long, busy day at work, I particularly appreciated the author's suggestion of differentiating labor-intensive recipes from the dishes I would throw together and saving the labor-intensive recipes for the weekend or special occasions. Including guidelines by focusing on the cooking methods helped to clarify which meals belonged in which category.

I also liked the idea of creating a kitchenware wish list for all those times when loved ones ask the question "What would you like for Christmas... or your birthday, etcetera?" And then she included some suggestions that if available in my kitchen would make cooking a more enjoyable experience.
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on January 2, 2013
I've been cooking for more than 40 years and yet I still learned new things from this wonderful book. There are a lot
of cookbooks out there with good recipes, but what makes this book stand out from the others, besides the excellent recipes, is the cooking
information, such as what equipment to have in your kitchen, what items to stock in your pantry, , how to read labels and how to take shortcuts.
I loved reading the narrative. How many cookbooks have you read that make you giggle. I would have paid $25.00 for this book if I had seen
it in a bookstore, and now I have it on my Kindle for 99 cents. Kudos to the author. A great book!
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on February 16, 2013
First, a word of caution: This book only works if you read it. You can skip ahead to any of the recipes, which really are what they claim to be - 50 healthy, quick meals you can put together in minutes. It just so happens that in this case, healthy and fast also includes gourmet quality delicious. I've become a big fan of the salmon with brie tapenade, which makes a big hit with dinner guests, only takes moments to prepare, and makes me look like I actually know how to cook. And wait till you try the feta-and-olive bruschetta, the chicken parmesan, or the apple, carrot, and ginger soup. Really good recipes here that taste great and look good on the table.

The Table of Contents includes a hyperlink to each recipe, so it's easy to find something fast and get cooking.
But it turns out this little gem of a book is also a bit of a cooking course with wonderful secrets you can use the rest of your cooking life. Many of the recipes begin with a paragraph called, "Here's a Tip," which not only helps you with the recipe at hand but is something you can use whenever you need to peel apples, say, choose potatoes, or prepare yams.

But if you take a few moments to read the opening chapters instead of skipping ahead to the most appealing recipes, you will find very useful guidance on how to stock your pantry for cooking in a hurry, inexpensive ways to acquire the best cooking utensils, and the most effective way to navigate a supermarket for the healthy items you'll need most.

A delightful surprise of a book from a writer who loves to cook - and these recipes prove it. I've already passed the word to several grad-student friends who think pumping quarters into a vending machine is the only way to stay fed while earning a degree. Highly recommended. Bon appetit!
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Top Contributor: Bakingon November 30, 2015
How to Cook Healthy in a Hurry: 50 Quick and Easy, Low Fat Recipes You Can Make In 30
Starts out with what to look for in a recipe and the cooking means as it will save you time.
Tools to have and things in the pantry that will help make a dish faster.
Recipes include ingredients and how to make the meal along with servings. No nutritional information and no pictures.
Lots of tips along the way. Turkey dishes appeal to me as they include new spice combinations for me and we have just finished Thanksgiving so we have lots of turkey.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
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on May 24, 2013
As a single dad with four hungry kids, I am always looking for ways to "Cook Healthy in a Hurry"! So the title caught my attention immediately. I have not tried all the recipes yet, but I have read them all and they not only sound delicious, but I can see from the instructions that they are very quick and easy to make (sometimes even more important than being delicious). I am excited to try these out on my kids because they are getting tired of my same old limited menu.
In the time it takes me to cook a hamburger helper, I could have a much healthier meal for my family.
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on March 14, 2013
Without a doubt, this cookbook is a pretty good and interesting source of tasty recipes for soups, meat, fish, salads, desserts and more... Besides interesting recipes that can help you to prepare tasty and healthy meals, you will also get useful advices about healthy cooking, recipes, kitchen and more...

You can tell that lot of time has been put into compiling this recipe book, and you will also need some time to try all the recipes but I'm pretty sure you will love these meals...

Thomas Miller
Author of Chicken And Pasta Recipe: Step-By-Step Photo Recipe
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on May 24, 2013
When I picked up this book I was looking for some ideas on healthier eating. However, this is a lot more than just a collection of recipes; it's a complete guide to healthy eating and integrating healthy yet tasty dishes into your lifestyle. It's also great to see a number of vegetarian recipes, although the author points out that there are many healthy choices for meat eaters as well.
All in all, a really good book with tasty ideas that you will enjoy while allowing you to do the best for your body's wellbeing.
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on May 22, 2013
I have been purchasing books for my daughter to learn to cook. She seems to do well with reading instructions - rather than me telling her how to do it. So far she has done well and I love getting these types of books when they are free. The recipes are simple and easy to follow and perfect for that beginner cook in the kitchen. If you have teens I do recommend this, it keeps them working at the dish and shows them that cooking isn't a difficult task.
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on May 21, 2013
Wow, this was more than I was expecting! It's not just a recipe book. I loved the tips and advice. My only negative comment would be that it would be nice if the headers for some sections/paragraphs were on the same page with the text they belonged with. I read it in Amazon Cloud Reader and won't hold formatting against the author for where the pages broke.

I'd love to have this in print so I could readily have it in the kitchen while I cook. Great little tidbits of advice included. Thank you!
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on February 23, 2013
I love everything about this book! The recipes I've tried have all been outstanding, loved by kids and adults and so quick and easy they're almost surprisingly delicious. We were heading toward the "same ten dinners" rut and I was happy that this book pointed that out to me. I try to get my kids excited about trying new foods and recipes and this book has helped with that because everything we've made, they've loved! The turkey apricot sliders are amazing and Helen is so right about the apricot barbecue sauce being crazy good! The beef and blue cheese quesadillas are so good and so, so simple. I loved all the amazing tips found throughout. We make a lot of quesadillas and I had never mixed egg in with the other filling before reading the chicken quesadilla recipe and it does make a difference. So happy eating, indeed! Great read, wonderful recipes that really are healthy in a hurry and I love that you've inspired my cooking.
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