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Weruva Cats in the Kitchen, Chicken Frick 'A Zee with Chicken Au Jus Cat Food, 3.2oz Can (Pack of 24)
Flavor Name: Chicken Frick 'A Zee|Size: 3.2-Ounce Can (Pack of 24)|Change
Price:$35.86+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on December 15, 2016
Cat has a severe skin allergy and has been on Purina his whole life. He recently got dry food taken away for good but was still on his Purina chicken and turkey. On the hunt I went for a top product. Bought Wellness brand, FAIL! Returned $50 worth of that crap. In fact, my cat flipped me off when I tried the Wellness, and when I tried to outsmart him and mix Wellness with the Purina dry, he outsmarted me right back and ate the Purina and left the Wellness vittles in the bowl. Onward! I found Weruva. I gasped at the price, quite sure I'll need a second job. But nothing is too good for the King fuzzpants. Ordered the following: 1) Love Me Tender chicken and duck; 2) Funk in the Trunk chicken and pumpkin; 3) Chicken Frick a Zee; 4) Fowl Ball turkey and chicken. 5) Chicken and Chicken Liver.

A week in, here are the results. The skin allergy is not completely gone. Time to explore other avenues. Prince Chan's fur coat is gloriously shiny and soft, to the extent one wants to be sure to have super clean hands before touching such luxury. His personality has become that of a school kid on the playground, and he wants to constantly play, chatter, and seek attention.

ORDERED STRAIGHT FISH FLAVORS: The skin allergy was 100% cured by DAY 3 on straight fish.


*Weruva Mideast Feast has NO BONES so far. **TWO TO TANGO** ALSO CONTAINS BONES.

Photos shown were taken in March 2017. Order was from Amazon. Weruva claims Amazon is same exact product as buying anywhere else.
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on February 25, 2017
FAIL! HOLY FISH BONES! I ordered this stuff locally in New York, and it was perfect. Moist, smelled good, and looked perfectly safe. Omg. I finally opened these packages and started to use my spoon to pick through the food can after I noticed my fuzz head was not eating enough. THERE ARE TONS AND TONS OF FISH BONES! I FOUND A FREAKING BACKBONE THAT LOOKED LIKE A SPINE! Poking my spoon into the mixture and dragging it through it, all you can feel is rough sharp things, like it's full of unknown matter. I cannot believe I didn't notice this the first can! The second one I assumed was a fluke, same with the third! Amazon, WHAT ARE YOU ALLOWING TO BE PUT INTO WERUVA CANS?! THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN IN THE FRESH CANS FROM MY LOCAL STORE! Now I am forced to pay $2/can so I know my cat isn't getting a mouth and stomach full of BONES AND STUFF THAT LOOKS LIKE GROUND UP GARBAGE! Chunks of fish even look disgusting and not fresh, and hard to push a fork thru! Like it's old or the cheap, tough kind of fish. I will never buy Weruva fish off Amazon again! It is now February 2017. I'll see what Weruva says and come back to post. 😠
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on April 15, 2016
I have picky cats. In an ideal world, both would be on a wet food diet, but I'll settle for getting them to eat anything at all.

Last year, when I only had Mr. Picky, the vet tech handed me a can of this particular flavor of Cats in the Kitchen by Weruva. She said that she personally uses this one when cats won't eat anything, so she thought Mr. Picky might enjoy it.

He still doesn't care for wet food at all, but I adopted a second cat more recently who does. She is, however, just as picky as he is. I bought can after can after pouch after can of wet food and thought I had found The One. However, she started waffling in her enthusiasm for eating that food/flavor, so I finally cracked open the can from the vet's office.

Miss Picky LOVES IT. She's pretty partial to really wet foods (her other favorite is Soulistic in gelée) and doesn't like the solid pieces. Anything with extremely discernible shreds or cubes was a "no," as was most pate. This Weruva food has some discernible shreds of chicken that she leaves behind, but the texture overall is soft and wet enough that she will eat most of it. I usually add a couple of spoonfuls of water to the food as well, just to make it more appealing to her.

Let me tell you, after weeks of her turning up her nose at everything but baby food, then watching her enjoy her Soulistic and NOT enjoy her Soulistic, it's nice to know that there's another option when her Picky-o-meter is cranked up to 11 and she's tired of the food she had been enjoying up until that moment. I will probably try to get her some of the other flavors and see how those go.
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on March 10, 2017
My cats are incredibly picky eaters when it comes to cat food in a can, but they have also become quite vocal about getting dinner as well. So, to that end I have experimented over the years and found one of my cats will only eat fish, rabbit, or quail. I've tried a variety of brands, flavor combinations and presentation styles, to which most of them he has thrown his nose up and tried to bury. Being the ever dutiful pet parent that is ruled by the furry feline I have endeavored to find a wet food that is healthy for them and they will eat, even the picky one. This brings me to Weruva's Cats in the Kitchen brand canned cat food. After much trial and error it appears that my kiddos seem to prefer the La Isla Bonita and the Two Tu Tango consistently I almost hesitate in posting this for fear that they will decide it is no longer to their taste. What I like is that you can see actual chunks of the various fish. And they use only products that are of the same as you and I would eat, not tainted. The second thing I like about these is that while they are a mix of chunks of fish and pate, there is just the right amount of moisture. The food isn't swimming in gravy nor is it dry as cracker.

FEEDING FISH: Yes, keep in mind people, both of these are fish based, and should not be their ONLY source of vitamins and minerals. While all fish based "complete" cat food has added nutrition, so that it may carry the name, it may not be enough for your kiddos. That being said you should, if your like me, feed only fish based canned cat food, supplement it with dry food. By supplementing it with a dried variety that is not just fish based they can get healthy doses of vitamin K and Thiamine.
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on June 17, 2016
I've purchased many brands of canned cat and dog food on Amazon before, every once in a while I'll receive a few dented cans in a 12 or 24 case, that's understandable. When I received my package of "Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Chicken Frick 'A Zee Cat Food (6 oz (24 can case))", every single can was significantly dented on more than one side. 3 of the cans had actually been broken open and had spilled out all over the box. If I receive a product that's is significantly damaged, it becomes obvious that the people or company involved either never even looked or attempted to control the quality, or they just don't care at all. Both of those are unacceptable in the United States of America, and anywhere else as far as I'm concerned. If you wish to sell your goods here, at least take some pride in the product that you're producing. Lack of quality control this bad shows a blatant lack of care for customers. It's really disappointing because I chose to purchase Weruva based on the the information and positive reviews that I found online.

Unfortunately, I have no idea of the quality of the product because I refuse to feed my cat's food from severely dented cans. Botulism is a deadly bacterial illness caused by the anaerobic bacterium Clostridium Botulinum and is a very real concern with dented and damaged cans, especially when the product contains non acidic foods like meats. Most people know that Botulinum can affect humans but it can also affect animals, like cats and dogs.

Botulism spores are resistant to heat, most chemicals, acids and dehydration. They are relatively hard to kill and can lie dormant for years. The spores are commonly found in soil and water all over the world, they are relatively harmless in these situations because they are exposed to high levels of oxygen and sunlight. The real issue occurs when Botulism spores are exposed to low levels of oxygen (anaerobic conditions), the right temperature, and a PH higher than 4.6 ( anything less acidic than an orange, cranberries, coffee tomatoes, are conducive to germination.) There are many types of pathogenic Botulinum but the types that normally affect humans and animals are types A, B and E. Types A and B can grow in temperatures between 50°F and roughly 150°F, but thrive in temperatures between 86°F and 104°F. Type E on the other hand, can grow in a much wider range, from 38°F to roughly 150°F.

When spores are exposed to those conditions sporulation occurs and the bacteria produce the extremely powerful and often deadly Botulinum Toxin. Botulinum doesn't actually infect a person the way bacteria like Salmonella or Listeria do, the deadly illness is actually caused by exposure to the powerful toxin the bacteria produce.

It's important to mention that there are not usually obvious signs that the food has been contaminated with Botulinum. Most foods contaminated with C. Botulinum do not look, smell or taste any different from food that are not contaminated. Unfortunately many people assume that obvious signs like a bulging can, foul appearance, smell or taste would be seen in foods contaminated with Cl. Botulinum but that's not usually the case.

Normal cooking (158°F for at least 2 min) will kill Cl.botulinum bacteria but not its spores. A sterilization process equivalent to temperatures of 250°F for 3 min is required to kill the spores of C. botulinum a . The Botulinum toxin the bacteria produces is inactivated (denatured) rapidly at temperatures above 176°F.

Anyway, I apologize for the unsolicited microbiology lesson but maybe someone who doesn't know will read this and it will save them a lot of trouble in the future. Long story short, if you receive dented or damaged cans, don't use them and risk severe illness or even death of your loved ones.

- C
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on December 9, 2017
I purchased a case of this (Chicken Frick A Zee) based on comments that it compares favorably to TikiCat's Puka Puka chicken. It doesn't. It has considerably less meat, 10% protein compared to 16% in Tiki, three different gums/thickeners compared to none in Tiki, an unspecified "fish" oil, and is higher in moisture content, 85% compared to 80% in Tiki. If the three thickening agents were added together I suspect gums would be the first or second ingredient, out weighing the chicken. While my animals will eat it they far prefer the plain chicken broth in Tiki brands over the gummy "gravy" in Weruva. It is also only rated for "adult maintenance", which is a red flag for me. Kittens don't eat different food than adults, just more of it. A food that cannot support growth is borderline in either protein, calories, vitamins, or minerals.
I'm not claiming it's a terrible cat food, but in my opinion it's only barely average at a premium price for a can of mostly water and thickeners.
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on May 18, 2017
My cat won't eat this, it's a weird gelotinis texture, maybe that's why, or he just doesn't like the taste? Expensive food, I'm going to start buying 1 or 2 cans of new food at Petco, THEN if he likes it I will order by the case. I also read online that WERUVA CAT FOOD was causing extream illnesses in cats, paralysing their back legs and in some cases causing death, so for that reason alone, I will not feed it to my cats!
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on March 14, 2017
Oh, a VERY satisfied Sphynx cat I have now. Weruva is most definitely more costly BUT sometimes it is what we need to spend for those we cherish. Yes, I love my crazy little feline and this is by far one of the most nutritious foods for them. High MEAT protein, high moisture and no veggies, cheese, eggs or other nonsense which cats do NOT eat in the wild ever. They are carnivores, period. Most cat illnesses, (not found in wild cats), are caused by feeding them a diet filled with food their bodies are not equipped to digest. If I had time, raw meat or home cooked would be best. YES, it is time consuming and not always easy to switch cats over. But seriously, even if your budget is inflexible, ANY wet food is better than dry food. The costly "special" food the veterinarian sells for your cats "problems" is not nutritious and THAT is a waste of money. Always look for high protein (not from eggs veggies or cheese), but MEAT and HIGH moisture. Right now, WERUVA is the closest I can get to feed my cat properly. I spent time educating myself. I only wish I had learned decades ago.
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on August 10, 2014
This is an excellent food and I loved serving it to Emma. However, I tried on 2 separate occasions to give it to her from 2 different cases and we got a bad skin reaction both times. I was puzzled to say the least because she enjoys several other flavors of Weruva without problems. I stopped giving her this and continued on with the other flavors she loves which were mostly chicken breast varieties. Then I tried the double dip flavor and we got the same reaction. I had to figure this out! I stopped giving her that one too and knew it couldn't be the beef because she loves the steak frites without any problems. I finally compared the label to the other chicken flavors and the mystery was solved. She seems to be allergic the the dark meat chicken in this food. Since I have stopped giving her this and the double dip, we haven't any skin reactions again. I still give it 5 stars because I know that most cats are not like my little hot house orchid. An excellent food from a company I trust.
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on January 26, 2016
After our previous cat died at age 16 from kidney failure (ate Purina Cat Chow and Meow Mix), we did some reading about cat health and now realize we didn't do our cat any favors by feeding her dry food. The current thinking is that cats should get most of their water needs from their diet. We got a new cat in 2012 and started over. We began with original Weruva products. We stay away from beef, lamb and fish since these are not natural prey for cats and sometimes trigger food allergies. (Cats' natural prey are birds and small rodents). We moved on to Cats in the Kitchen products because they are a bit cheaper. Sure, they don't have the free range chicken, but really, does a cat need it? Also, CITK products give you a half ounce more and seem less watery to us. CITK chicken and turkey products, like Weruva original and their new, even pricier, TruLuxe brand are not pate, but shredded meat which personally I find to have a lot less "ick" factor when I dish it out. We do supplement with a bit of dry food (Orijen) but the bulk of her diet is CITK. This food is made in Thailand. According to the owners, it is made to the same standards as human canned food since it is canned in a human food factory. Thailand doesn't worry us. We remember the 2007 scare where there were multiple pet
foods from Canada that poisoned and killed many cats and dogs......
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