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on April 16, 2017
Popular opinion seems to be that the Sharif-Christie version is the standard; but, for me this version is much more complex and interesting. It is more than a love story; but, is also a story of the Russian Revolution. Lara is new Russia: and drawn to capitalism, communism love and hate. The doctor is the hope of the enlightenment and his wife is old Russia ,well-meaning, good, but lost and disappointed.. The people in the background are essentially just hoping to survive. "The revolutionary" is filled with theories ; but , as dumb and as hard as a rock. The nation rejects him and is relieved when he gets on the Party death list. "The capitalist " is untouched throughout the whole revolution. He's too smart for these relatively normal people. At last the Party comes for Russia itself and Lara goes without resistance; but the Party can't kill the all people. Lara's child with Zhivago escapes the secret police.. In the end Russia is too great to be destroyed by insane theories.
Who can ever forget the scene of Zhivago struggling against a bad heart to escape the tavern as he runs after Lara and the boy?
Can anyone forget Lara's arrest as her little son watches? She tells him to run.
I'm struggling with the names; but I would recommend this version to anyone. If it's a lower-cost version; that makes it even better. The revolution was not some sort of romantic fantasy.
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on October 25, 2016
This is an excellent retelling of Dr. Zhivago. I understand that this version is more faithful to the book than the 1965 classic film directed by David Lean. This mini series does not achieve the sweeping rush of events surrounding Russia that we saw in the 1965 version and its musical score cannot hold a candle to the majestic Lara's Song of that 1965 version.

However, this 2002 version is more intimate and shows these people more as Pasternak probably intended. For example, Keira Knightley is 17 years old when she made this movie which is the age that Lara is when we first meet her. This is very helpful because Knightley carries off the virginal Lara being defiled by Komarovsky much better than the more worldly Julie Christy played Lara in 1965. Sam Neill's Komarovsky feels much more menacing and reprehensible as he manipulates Lara into an inappropriate sexual relationship. Another point I like about this 2002 version is that Hans Matheson looks like he could be Russian. Omar Sharif who played Dr. Zhivago in the 1965 version is a much superior actor to Matheson but he physically looks too dark for the role. I keep thinking of his magnificent performance in Lawrence of Arabia whenever I see Sharif playing Zhivago. Lastly, I thought the actor who plays Pasha/Strelnikov in the 2002 version much superior to the corresponding performance in 1965. Similarly, I thought the actress who played Dr. Zhivago's wife in the 2002 version is superior to Geraldine Chaplin's performance in 1965.

Also, there are numerous details to the story that are different. For example, Yuri Zhivago loses his father to suicide at the beginning of the 2002 version, instead of losing his mother to an unexplained cause of death in the 1965 movie. I found these numerous details fascinating and it causes me to want to read the book.

On balance, the cinematography and Alex Guiness' performance make the 1965 version of Dr. Zhivago one of the best movies ever made. I think this 2002 mini-series just fills some of the gaps that we do not learn in the 1965 version, but it is still very enjoyable and I highly recommend it.

On balance, the 1965 version is much better because of its cinematography
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on October 15, 2013
I know this may be horrible to say but this movie did exactly what I would have done to the book...take out half of the long nonsense that seemed to (and did!) drag on for pages and make the beautiful story that Pasternak wrote. I liked the book honestly but there were times it was hard to pick up because I knew I was in a part that was non-eventful. I get the importance of the book and views of Yuri but DANG! I get it already, you're a tortured soul! Anyways, I'm interested in the 1963 version and went back and forth between this one and the older version. I'm a Keira Knightley fan so ultimately went with this one and was not disappointed. If you loved or remotely liked the book I highly recommend watching the movie/mini-series. It actually helped me like and understand the book more.
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on April 1, 2017
Great remake of the original movie I saw as a teenager. I love the way they use real news footage of Russia's turmoil days to make
the movie seem like its actually happening.
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on July 9, 2018
Ridiculous, this movie has many discrepancies, in the original, 1964 version NO ONE see's Lara getting married to or living with Pasha, only that Pasha goes war crazy and forgets about Lara, he does NOT send photos or letters to her, and after Lara and Zhivago finish letting all the men who are healed go home, they meet one day in Yuriaten at a library, where is the rest of this film? Not nearly as good as the 1964 version,
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on August 14, 2015
Very good acting, but with the cast involved I knew it would be. Watching certain scenes tho I couldnt help but compare to the original, like the icy winter house they were held up in ... the originals "visual" was way better. ... I have to say tho, even as my heart is with the original I loved how this version wrote in that Lara had had Dr Zhivagos child (a son) ... Oh the scene where Dr Z sees him for the first time, and realizes who he is ... is a real tear jerker. I would say that anyone who loved the original ... I think you will appreciate the new version as well, as long as you keep an open mind to it.
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on February 21, 2004
Very impressive remake. Bravo Mr. Campiotti and production crew! I was more than skeptical about his new version of Doctor Zhivago, a remake of David Lean's Classic? But then why not! And thank goodness! Hans Matheson and Keira Knightly add new demensions to the characters of Zhivago and Lara. I liked Lara much better this time around than in Lean's film and have a much better understanding of her motivation, who she is, and why Zhivago would venture into a love affair with her. Poor Tonya! In many ways I prefer this small screen version to Lean's great epic. My only complaint...and not much of the score's musical cues...which remind this is a tv production. I had to keep reminding myself this version was written and shot for the tv screen as opposed to a theater. But there are some lovely musical themes. The interviews in special features with the director, writer, producer, and actors is well worth viewing. I am going to make a concentrated effort as result to read the book. What is extraodinary about this story is Zhivago's ability to find beauty in life, and love, in a particualry ugly time in history,a time of great suffering. To have awareness you are alive in your own liftetime, that life is both remarkable and wonderful! Zhivago's sensitivity comes across but was always aloof in David Lean's version. Sam Neill is a great Kamarvosky. What a delicious role! The sex scenes are filmed with taste and are in no way sensationalized. I give this version 5 stars. It was a difficult task bringing this concept to reality having Lean's version hanging over the production.
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on June 11, 2017
A really nice remake of the classic tale, and worth watching. I still prefer the Julie Christie/Omar Sharif version, but this one is definitely worth the watch. I like almost anything Keira Knightly is in!
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on March 16, 2018
NO English subtitles; Blue-ray picture quality is also NOT markedly improved over regular DVD picture quality; overall a very impressive film; followes the novel more closely than the Omar Sharif version, but not as closely as the Russian miniseries DVD
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on July 27, 2017
Item arrived on time and in excellent condition. I am thoroughly enjoying the movie and would recommend any fan of the original to make it a point to see this movie.
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