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on January 26, 2015
I started reading one of the Noble Intentions series books, discovering quickly that there must be prequels. Too many references to characters and events the one should be aware of. A couple of quick searches located the Jack Noble books in published sequence. I'm glad I did, and this book, Noble Beginnings, was the first.
This book firmly establishes who what Jack Noble is all about. It makes it clear early on, that Jack is the fearless protagonist.The book is well-written, and enjoyable from beginning to end. I only discovered this series some months ago, and was surprised when I found that Lee Ryan had been writing Jack Noble books for several years. A bit of the technology was already dated by then, but once the time-frame was established, it made that perfectly acceptable.
The end of this book made me want more of Jack Noble. The last few pages made it clear which they were, and where to find them.
Regarding the character himself, Jack Noble, it is evident early on that he has several James Bond-ish traits. Unafraid for the most part, and with a sense of humor, he charges ahead in the plot with a zeal for doing "what is right".
I'm hooked, and will read all the rest of the series.
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on January 4, 2018
Except for his best buddy, Jack just keeps getting blind sided by individuals he should be able to trust. The intrigue is very complex and surprises lurk around every corner. This is really a fast moving adventure and I felt like I was on one of those amusement park rides that slowly lifts you up and then suddenly drops you down. I could almost feel the wind rushing past my ears with all that was going on. Rather exciting, for certain.

I always enjoy reading a novel by author, Ryan. His characters are bigger than any life I know of. I see Tom Cruise all over this one.

Well done, Mr. Ryan.
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on March 21, 2017
L.T. Ryan is a new author, for me, and I like him very well, indeed.

As a lifelong reader, I don't know how I missed him before now - other than the schooling and the long work hours over the past 40 yrs, that limited my free time, for my favorite past-time - reading.

When my health finally led to an enforced retirement, and all this free time, I bought a Kindle, and through Amazon, have discovered some wonderful authors.

I especially like to read the interesting book reviews - by actual readers, not just critics!
Additionally, many Amazon books are priced low enough to entice me to try out these new (to me) authors. And when I like their books, I buy more of their books.

So Mr. L.T. Ryan, I'm off to read more about Jack Noble, Bear, Jessie, et al., in the next book in their series. Thanks for a great read in "Noble Beginnings".
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on May 25, 2018
Noble Beginnings: A Jack Noble Thriller (Jack Noble #1)
I am in the minority.
I most definitively can take it or leave it and I prefer the latter.
Mariani, Lee Child, Lustbader, Baldacci and plenty others that each have their various heroes and groups with ongoing stories do it better. They have been compared, in print, to the this author, there is NO COMPARISON.
When my children were small they had a bottom weighted toy that always stood up again when knocked over. That was what I remembered when I read this book and told in first person! A little, a lot, "over the top".
A convincing action hero cannot tell his or her own story. It has to be about them.
The authors name: LT. Ryan - army connotations.....huh....
I finished the book in one sitting only because it is a fast reader and I knew if I stopped in the middle I wouldn't return to finish. I won't be buying more of these.
I read the book in one sitting. I knew that if I stopped and put it on one side I wouldn't go back. I will NOT be continuing to buy these books. My wish list (private) is full of the above mentioned authors and their new books...
But having written the above I must admit that as I said I am in the minority. There are plenty of super positive reviews online. I agree with Melanie.
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on September 23, 2017
I really enjoyed the story and the depth of characters in Jack and Bear. The secondary characters were okay, but not all that great. I know this is the first book in the series, and I realize most series thrillers need a book or two to get in a good rhythm. The animosity between the military and the CIA has been well documented in so many books and movies, that there is no need to delve further into it in this series. Getting ready to start book 2 so we'll see how much the characters have increased on depth. I would definitely recommend this book to those who like military and thriller books. The Jack Noble 0.5 short story really helped understand the beginnings of our unlikely friends Jack and Bear.
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on November 28, 2016
A marine is assigned to a CIA team. At first everything is going smoothly, then the nightmare begins. People start dying. Noble and his partner are caught in the middle. Noble is taking the fall, a murderer, a traitor. Everyone he contacts is murdered. This is a high energy action thriller. A Colonel, a General, Is everyone on the take? Betrayal, deceit, the lure of money. I highly recommend. Can't wait to read the next book!
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on August 28, 2017
I love legal/political thrillers, so I was looking forward to this one. The story line involving an intelligence operation in Iraq grabbed me right away, the action was non stop. Like most political thrillers, the plot line was a like a ball of tangled Christmas lights. Attention and patience in equal measure are usually rewarded.
As the story line played out the character became less and less believable to me. And the ending while obviously a tease for the next book in the series, left me cold. Jack Noble has been compared to Jason Bourne. in my opinion, not even close.
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on May 1, 2016
An fully engaging action mystery: The lead character is caught up in a web of intrigue; following clues and tracking down witnesses while dodging bullets and assassins. The author provides well developed details that kept me reading. Jack Noble lives up to the name noble - as a good guy double crossed yet seeking the truth without revenge. I was particularly pleased that the author spins a well-told story without gratuitous vulgarity. Altogether a thoroughly enjoyable read. I intend to read more by L.T. Ryan.
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on May 14, 2018
An author has the first few chapters to grab my interest and I give them the entire first book of a series to establish characters I love one way or another be it their bad-assedness as in Jack and Bear, or their charm or any of many reasons there are to love a protagonist. The first book will cause one of three reactions from me; I may stop reading before I'm done, I may buy the second book to read a bit further then a third... till I have purchased them all one at a time, or I will just go ahead and buy the series because I've already become entrenched in the lives of the characters. Jack Noble is such an interesting character and I could tell that L. T. Ryan could construct such a well told story, that I bought the whole series at once. Amazon screwed up and triple charged me but I think we got it straightened out and I perhaps had to double buy one the last book or just pay once to get it in to my Kindle library - I was pretty confused at that point and didn't worry about a few bucks - these books are worth twice the price they are being sold for - and I would gladly have paid 10 bucks each for them. The fact that they were half that just adds to the overall appeal of these. I'll finish the Noble series then move on to the author's other books - L. T. Ryan is one of a very select group of authors for whom I will read every word they write. I'm so glad I found these - they are my favorite since Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan books.
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on March 28, 2018
This book compared to a finely crafted thriller is what e-mail is to a finely crafted letter. The action is choppy, nonsensical, the characters are superficial, yet then the author tries to infuse color in all the wrong places. This makes this book difficult to read, and completely incomprehensible. This reader loves to relax with a good thriller, but it should have some consistency. May-be this is just the first tome of the author and things will get better, but this reader is not willing to chance that.
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