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on March 5, 2017
I do not give five stars lightly but the KabelDirekt 25 foot cable certainly deserves it. I bought it for my wife to watch her laptop on the big screen TV across the room. Considering the low cost of the cable, I was concerned about its quality. I have been disappointed by other cable vendors as evidenced by the dozens of variations of the same type cables I kept hanging in the storage closet. I was surprised that the cable was more than adequate for the task, Both ends terminated in an HDMI fitting, not an almost-HDMI-but not-quite such as you find in some USB cables. I highly recommend KabelDirekt both for the quality of their product and also the speed of their service
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on June 16, 2017
This cable replaces an Aurum 35 foot 28 awg in-wall cable installed last year that gradually failed over time. Auto signal detect times on my projector gradually increased and it stopped working altogether. I was going to try an active signal booster, but first I wanted to make sure there was a signal to boost. I'm glad I did; continuity testing revealed two completely open (broken) connections. The cable was bad, and attempts to isolate the break were limited to a few feet of cable at either end of the in-wall installation. Beyond that, field termination and repair of HDMI cables is a nightmare, even for someone who has spent decades in the electronics industry and has a magnified soldering station and precision tip soldering irons. The Aurum cable's last noble service was to serve as a cable pulling fish tape for the new KabelDirekt 35 foot 26 awg cable.

Going from 28 even just to 26 gauge conductors means measurably less resistance and signal loss over a moderately long (35 feet in my case) run. The cable appears to be very well constructed. Signal acquisition by my home theater projector is now almost instantaneous; no hunting for an HDMI source like before. The slightly thicker gauge also has a better safety margin against burnout on the 5 v power loop. This was a far more attractive and cost effective solution than pulling bulk 24 awg HDMI cable (at ~$1.75 a foot unless you buy industrial size rolls of it) and field terminating it, a job comparable to doing precision repair work on surface mount PC (printed circuit) boards, OK only if you're a very skilled technician or really hard-core electronics hobbyist. For the price, this cable seems to be the real deal. In hindsight, I'd never accept a 28 awg cable for a 35 foot run, but that goes under the heading "learning curve."
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on November 27, 2017
I have a long run, ~36ft, from my Sony XBR75x900e 4K TV to my Denon x4400h receiver. Initially I purchased a 50ft cable and I was unable to get a consistent signal for a 4K HDR video coming from my Xbox One X. From what I have read, 50ft is pushing it for limits on 4K signals especially with 4:4:4 chroma at 60hz. I ruled out issues with my devices by using a 30ft cable I had which worked perfectly. After connecting the 40ft length cable, it does work perfectly as expected.
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on November 3, 2015
Unlike other brands, this one comes through with it's performance. Many out there claim 4K support but don't support 4K@60Hz with full 4:4:4 chroma support... If you have no idea what I'm talking about, just know this cable is excellent quality and delivers what it should! :)

Update: For those who need full 4:4:4 chroma in 4k@60Hz, also keep in mind, despite what any rating is claimed by the manufacturer, there is NO set industry standard for HDMI 2.0 for cables, only "high speed", for now, there is a new "premium" standard just now emerging. Even many HDMI 1.4 rated cables work, so ignore the rating and go with the shortest and thickest "high speed" cable as possible if you need 4:4:4 chroma with 4k@60Hz.

EDIT: I still did get occasional signal cutouts with this cable and have lowered my rating 1 star. I have gone with a PlugLug 25 ft that works great, better than this and is available here on Amazon for 20 bucks.
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I had to return a similar cable to another company because it simply didn't work. This one worked, perfectly, and had good response time and clear video. I needed a long cord to reach from my computer to my TV, so I could install it discreetly along the wall. The one I had previously was a few feet short and created a hazard. This cable is slightly thinner and has a rubber jacket. It molds nicely to the wall, though the braided versions work a little better if they have to be coiled and uncoiled more often. Overall, I am very satisfied with this purchase.
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on April 17, 2018
Great cable. Just installed a new 4k security system. The system came with a 6 foot cord, but I wanted to move the location of my monitor. Found this cable, read its reviews, and at first I purchased a 25 footer. It was too short (so I found out) but I can use it in another application. I went back to reorder a new cable and now I new I needed at least 40 feet and to be able to go through a wall. Order this cable, it arrived early and was great. I was able to snake it into my wall, and back the 30 extra feet needed. I would recommend this cable to anyone.
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on May 20, 2018
I purchased the 30 foot version. Cable is definately not flimsy. This has been plugged/unplugged daily for almost a month now, and connectors are holding up just fine. As for performance, this is used daily, mostly at 4k (UHD cable box to 4k TV in another room) without issue.

I did read the reviews here as well as other sellers/manufacturers of these longer HDMI cables. There was no clear winner in positive reviews, so the purchase of this one just an informed guess on quality.

I am happy to report all is fine so far.
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on March 17, 2018
Extremely well made, solving the problem we had with the previous cable. We use this in a conference room to display a computer screen on the wall panel TV. The clasp connecting the HDMI head and the cable wiring is solid, which was the weakness with our previous cable.

I would caution you, though, that if you're looking for a cable that is easy to weave around furniture and over a conference room table, the one drawback of something this well-made is that the cable is really heavy duty and therefore not as limp as we might have liked. But if you're looking for something that you'd keep in one place and have high confidence in its durability, this would be a great choice.
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on July 8, 2017
This is working reliably, with -all- signals, as a short stub between an A/B HDMI switch(IBIS 2-port HDMI Switch, by Sewell) and an inline amplifier (Expert Connect HDMI Repeater / Extender).

The key bit there is "reliably, with -all- signals". I've gone through many cables that are not reliable with all signals. Problems range from difficulty with the HDCP handshake (very slow, or fails entirely), to random signal dropouts, or both: slow handshake, then it works for a while before it drops out and fails to renegotiate.

For the longer cables, at present I am using pre-tested cables from HDFury so I can't comment on how KabelDirekt's longer cables function. However, I will say that if I do need longer cables in the future KabelDirekt will be one of my top choices.
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on June 10, 2016
It works and isn't that all that matters... I have a few things that due to copyright can only play on my computer. This cable allows me the enjoyment of big screen 55" vs my 17". I am not a cable expert so not sure why its so stiff. I have other cables that are similarly stiff which I do not understand as CAT5 is much more flexible and carries all the same data.... but all I really care is it works when I want it to...
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