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on June 11, 2015
Purchased this item on April 20th... and received 2 days later.
Have to admit I was skeptical about this product. First off there are two types of blades you can buy for this 'system'. This one has the extra trimmer blade which is exactly what I wanted.
I'll start by saying I wasn't able to see the trimmer blade. Don't worry though, it's there. I use it under the nose and around the burns. It's weird not seeing it. Not only the trimmer blade there, but it works well too.

You can see by my review history I don't give everything high grades. I'm happy to give a good review to products that meet or go above expectations and negative reviews to those products that deserve them. In this case I am hitting the 5 star button for a product that exceeds expectations.

So, here's the deal. On very first use I wasn't impressed. Call it a learning curve or my hairs getting used to it or whatever... I felt like I had to do a couple of extra passes to get a clean shave.
Shave 2 and onward - amazing.... Shaves are clean, long lasting and exactly what I'd get from a more expensive razor. I have nothing but praise for the shave quality.

This is the important part of the review...
I'm the kind of guy who only shaves 2x per week at most. I received the product on or around April 22nd and started using the razor right away.
That's right!!! Same blade. One of the best things about this razor is the hairs rinse out of the blades very easily with just decent water pressure. The glide strip is still intact and I have zero nicks or cuts. I even shave against the grain under the chin and on the neck without irritation.
I haven't shaved my head with it yet, but I'm even tempted to use the same USED blade to shave my head too. I can't imagine it would hold up nearly as well on a noggin for extended use, but I'll let you know what happens.

The other thing about the razor is the weight of the handle. It feels really good. I have used the Gillette Fusion and Proglide Power Razors and this one feels at least as good as the fusion if not better.

Also, upon order you receive a 10% off your next purchase from Dorco @ Amazon.

I purchased the ladies version for my wife... I know, not the most romantic gift, I digress. She spent a lot of $$$ on Venus razors. She likes the build of the Dorco one so far. We'll be sure to write a review of it as soon as she gets through her expensive Venus ones. Link for those interested.

June 26 Update
I just wanted to share, I shaved my head with the 'used' blade I mentioned in the post above this past Sunday - 6/21/15. No nicks or cuts at all. My hair was longer than what I usually have it at for shaving my head, so the razor had more work to do. I did take a couple of passes, but definitely my fault due to hair length and not the razor. Seems to have done the job just fine! Shaved my face with the same blade again the next morning with no irritation, cuts etc. Just as good as it has been... Impressively the glide strip is still intact too.
Only time it felt uncomfortable is when I needed to clean out the hairs trapped in the blades, which as I mentioned previously rinse out quite easily on this 'Razor System'. I'm going to keep using this blade until it's apparent I'll do some damage. - Cheers, Rick
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on April 28, 2016
From the Husband:

I have always purchased the latest Gillette Fusion line cartridge and have been happy with them until now being Costco jack the price up almost $10 a 16 pack in the course of 4-6 months. I started to look around and found these. I don’t know if I am different than the rest of the reviews, but the first time I shaved with the Dorco cartridge I felt like I was shaving with a week old Gillette Fusion cartridge and had end of day growth with a Gillette razor at about noon with the Dorco. I did multiple passes and it never really gave me a good close shave. Also the trimmer blade on the back side wouldn’t get the hair under my nose well. These are going back. Being frustrated with the amount of time I was spending researching razors for a less expensive shave I decided to try a safety razor where blades are $.10 - $.20 a blade. I bought a butterfly handle and shaving kit. It took a little longer to shave, a little more attention, a minor nick here and there, but resulted in the closest shave I’ve ever had. I now have a smooth face well into the afternoon. I enjoy the time to slow down a couple of minutes for a nice shave. I’m a safety razor shave convert! I’m giving this Dorco cartridge 3 stars for the low cost and poor shave
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on December 2, 2016
I purchased the Dorco Pace 6 and Pace 7 to try them both out to compare to my Gillette Mach 5. I've been using Gillette razors for over 25 years, but the cost of replacement blades is getting annoying.

The handle for the Pace 7 looks better, but I think the 6 works better in function. After a few months of rotating back and forth, I would go with the Pace 6. 7 blades on the Pace 7 is too wide and hard to fit on certain portions of the face and it also lacks the nose/sideburn trimmer. I will say that while the nose/sideburn trimmer on the Pace 6 blades doesn't work very well, it's better than nothing. The Pace 6 blade is actually slightly bigger, but the nose/sideburn trimmer helps some in those hard to reach areas. The blades on the 7 also do not glide on the face as well as the 6. I found myself needing to go over certain areas more than once to get a clean shave. The Pace 6 is also the same razor sold by Dollar Shave Club as the "Executive Razor", their highest end model.

Overall I would give the Pace 7 (3 stars) and the Pace 6 (3.5 stars). When I travel on business, I use my old Gillette Mach 5 because I have a few blades left to use up. Every time I use it, I think to myself sometimes in life, you get what you pay for. I plan on trying Harry's next as they now have a nose/sideburn trimmer.
review imagereview image
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on May 11, 2017
I've used many of the cartridge variants out there and while this isn't the worst I've used, it isn't the best either.

To begin with, I'm a very hirsute male. I have to shave every morning and sometimes again after lunch. Because of this, comfort has always been the biggest factor in what I look for in a razor.

Four, five, or six blades doesn't make much of a difference to me, but something about the blades Dorco uses or the spacing between them leaves my face feeling raw. Additionally, my main problem with the razor is something that I’d previously never found important: the moisture strip. It’s the worst I’ve ever seen in a cartridge-based razor.

Before the Dorco, my go-to razor was a fusion, which was fine, but exhorbitantly overpriced. I then switched to a Venus, because even though it’s designed for women’s legs, it feels like heaven on my face. Again, though: VERY expensive cartridges. I’d hoped that the Dorco would be up to par with these, but it isn’t. And much of it is because the moisture strip feels like a dried-out brick that actually leaves my face drier rather than wetter. Because I have to shave in multiple directions and need to take multiple swipes, this has become a problem.

Additionally, I’d hoped that the blades would last a very long time, as indicated by many reviews here, but they’re nothing special. They last about as long as Fusion or Venus cartridges, which is about week for me, or five shaves.

To sum up, it’s OK. The sub-premium (though not terrible) quality of the blades and moisture strip is balanced by the lower cost. If price-point is crucial, these are for you, but I’d rather shell out a few bucks more to not have my face burning all morning.

You get what you pay for.
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on March 23, 2016
I went back and forth on this review and in the end, they just really don't compare. I will be honest, I am still on my first blade so maybe I will have a different experience when I change it out but I have now completed about 10 shaves with my first blade and I don't know if I will make it all the way through the package.

I was a long time Gillette Fusion Proglide user but started to get annoyed about the price increases for the very subtle benefit increases. After some research, I decided on the Dorco Pace 6 as my new go forward razer. I don't shave often, normally 2 times a week, so I like to make sure my blade doesn't leave too many bumps and also has a nice clean shave. With my Gillete, I would normally only need one shave session and it would be as soft as butter but with the Dorco, I need to go through 3-4 times before I get the same feeling. The Dorco also seems to not handle the curves of a neck nearly as well.

Overall, this is not a bad razor by any means but for someone who does not shave as often, it is worth just spending the extra money on the Gillette. I will try out a new blade next week to see if I get any different results.
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on October 2, 2017
After about a year of trying old-school razors, I threw in the towel. I tried different blades, different shaving creams, different techniques -- while I did get less neck irritation, it also took me a lot longer just to get a clean shave. I would have to go over the same areas several different ways -- but there would always been some weird tuft of hair I managed to miss. I have somewhat sharp features, so maybe that's part of it. I also got tired of nicking my nose and walking around with tissue attached to it until the bleeding stopped. The whole appeal of the shaving ritual slowly waned over time.
My reason for switching to double edge safety razors in the first place was the razors I had been using were rough on my neck. It never dawned on me (until now) that maybe getting better disposable razors would have been the way to go. But you live and learn.
At any rate, after a week with these Dorco blades, I'm a convert. Yes, it's a ridiculous name. Yes, it's ridiculous to have 6 blades. But I can shave in half the time with better results and little to no irritation to my neck. I figure I can use a blade for two weeks before I have to swap, so we'll see how it goes but I'm really enjoying these blades thus far.
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on April 8, 2013
I ordered this a few weeks ago and wanted to put it through its paces before writing a review. I have been a gillette fusion user for about 6 years, or whenever the fusion first hit the market. The fusion is a great blade, but the cost of cartridge replacement is just ridiculous. After my last attempt to get fusion blades at a reasonable price on ebay (I refuse to pay the store prices), I became convinced all of the replacement cartridges on ebay are stolen, and it didn't sit well with me. So a friend told me about Dorco, and I decided to try them. After using this Dorco for two weeks, I am still on the first blade. It shaves remarkably smooth. It is every bit as smooth as the fusion, if not more so. It is incredibly well built, and the cartridges attach securely to the handle. The handle is a heavy metal, like the fusion. I believe Dorco is a korean company, and the cartridges are made in Korea, while the handle is made in China. Some have complained that the razor strip on the back of the cartridge is too far recessed, but I have not had any issues with it, and it trims around my nose nicely.

I really expected to see a lot of compromises in the construction and execution of this razor, but have not seen any shortcuts. It is a very nice razor, and it is replacing the fusion as my primary blade.
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on November 7, 2016
The very first thing I would like to say is Dorco is every bit as good and in my opinion better than Gillette Fusion and much cheaper. It is also a better built razor and nicer to hold while shaving. This is about Dorco 6 blade vrs the 4 blade. I have used both now. I don't like the 6 blade as much as I do the 4 blade. I think the 6 blade is too wide and really doesn't do anymore than the 4 does. The 6 has a trimmer which I do like but if the 4 had it, then I would say it's perfect. I will go back to the 4 blade when these ones are done. Either way, you can't go wrong with Dorco over Fusion. They are cheaper and a much better designed razor.
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on November 28, 2016
The first time I used it, I really didn't like it (I was previously using a Gillette Fusion). The shaving felt a bit rough, and more importantly, the head of the razor didn't seem to rotate enough to provide for a comfortable shaving. But after using it for a while (I had just bought 10 blades after all, I figured I might as well keep using it), I grew used to it. I still think the razor head somehow doesn't rotate enough to my taste, and I'm not sure it shaves quite as close as my old Gillette Fusion, but the difference isn't big enough to bother. The back blade is quite difficult to use, I'd say that if there's a deal breaker, it could be that back blade, which is kind of essential for a six-blade razor if you want to shave your upper lip properly. I had actually read reviews saying that the back blade was an issue, and I thought to myself, "How can a blade be so difficult to use?". Well, don't ask me why, but it is.

I won't say I fell in love with this razor, it would be an overstatement, but it's a good razor. The blades stay sharp for quite a while, it shaves pretty well, and it costs quite a bit less than more popular brand. Just go ahead an try it, there's really nothing to lose. Worst case scenario, you'll end up shaving for a few months with a good razor that you like a bit less than your previous one. Best case scenario, you'll love it or find it as good as your previous razor, and you'll save quite a bit of money in the long run.
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on June 8, 2017
Update (1 month):
So I have been shaving at least twice a week for the past month with these razors. The first two blades were very painful, with a very rough shave. The third blade was marginally better, not as many nicks and scratches. But still very rough on the skin. I used Cremo shaving cream and I switched to Gillette shaving gel with little improvement. I use a pre-scrub as well to help the the shaving process. Even with all this, shaving is pain. It's not like I began shaving yesterday, that I don't know how to use a razor.
Old review:
The razor handle is nicely made and quite heavy. There are rubber grippers which feel very nice when holding the razor. This is where the good qualities of Dorco razors stop. It feels like I am shaving with a cheese grater. Going to have to suffer through the 10 blades I bought and then switch to gillette, I guess. Maybe the blade the I have on currently is a bad one and the others in the packs may be better. Will update if there is any improvement or if I have to undergo skin grafting.
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