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Merrick Grain Free Real Chicken & Sweet Potato Dry Dog Food, 25 lb.
Flavor Name: Chicken|Size: 25 Pound|Change
Price:$59.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on August 22, 2015
This food has been working out great so far. Switched to it after finding out was poisoning my dogs with another food I THOUGHT was made in the US. One of my dogs might not make it, I've been taking him to the vet and nursing him with my own researched food that I make and prepare for him, and supplements, also American made and sourced. I have found some quality products, and their makers, on this site, who have been very helpful. An interesting event was how my other dog, a German Shepard mix with an incredibly sensitive stomach, made the switch to this without ANY repercussions! THAT BEING SAID, the store where I buy this has very knowledgable employees( a nice contrast to some bigger pet food chains where their mission is to not be found for questions, LOL). And they have informed me that THIS BRAND HAS BEEN BOUGHT BY PURINA, so, the INGREDIANTS, up to now all sourced in Texas, may start coming from somewhere else ( gee, where might that be...?) and my store will know when that happens. Then it's on to another US made and sourced only food. At some point I'm sure this will become impossible, and hopefully by then I will feel confident enough in my knowledge to just prepare all my dog's food.

01/18/2016: Update; called Merrick today. Emily states they remain "China free." The only food they import is lamb from New Zealand and duck from France. I will continue to call them from time to time to keep checking on this.
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on November 25, 2017
This is the best dog food we have ever bought. Our 2 yr old English Bulldog has really severe skin allergies. We tried all the vet recommended brands (Royal Canin, Pro Plan, Science Diet) and a few recommended by well meaning friends (Blue Buffalo and others), but nothing worked. He would get painful blisters all over his body, and they would require frequent vet visits. We were desperate and decided to look for the "cleanest" food we could find and stumbled upon this. After about 8 months I can safely say that I will never feed my dog anything else. If these guys ever go out of business, I will cook his meals myself. Let me tell you, within 3 weeks of using this food, my dog's skin cleared up and his fur became shiny and soft. Has not gotten a single blister since. The pellets are a medium size, with a rich brown color and a nice scent, which Sultan seems to enjoy. My dog has never been healthier and I am so grateful that this product exists. Would give 10 stars if possible.
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on December 24, 2016
My pitbull Shamay had all kinds of food allergies, and after just one week on the Merrick lamb and sweet potato flavor her allergies went away. She also loves the flavor. Thank you Merrick, We will continue to feed this brand to our dog. We will recommend Merrick to all our friends. We got this omega oil product that is great for our pitbull Vitapet Omega Fish Oil Chewables with EPA and DHT for Dogs with CoQ10. I was skeptical at first because these are so inexpensive but, man was I proven wrong!! My pitbull suffered from yeast on his paws, was very congested, and had eye boogies with the change in season. I knew it was not his food since we had already won the food allergy battle so my next thought was environmental. After spending $$$ at the vet for anti itch pills, I wanted to prevent the problems rather than treat the itching so I came across these chews and Brooks LOVES them and his coat is now SUPER SHINEY/ soft (his coat was never a concern it looked great before and now even better!!!), his congestion is gone, and no more eye boogies!! All you need to do is follow the dosage determined by weight and that's it! They have become part of our routine and I can tell my little buddy is feeling so much better! I divide the dosage and give half in the AM and half in the PM. Since Brooks is over 65 pounds, he gets 6 chewys a day.
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The seller was Amazon. I paid 18 bucks.

I'm switching my Chihuahua to Merrick from Kirkland Signature Adult Chicken dog food, which is a Costco brand. I had no problem with Kirkland. I just won't be renewing my Costco membership, and I decided to get a slightly better dog food.

I researched dog foods at the Dog Food Advisor website. I narrowed my search results to 3 dog foods in this order: Merrick Grain-Free, Blue Buffalo Wilderness, and Annamaet Grain-Free.

I've been introducing my dog to the new food gradually. He definitely seems to prefer Merrick over Kirkland, since he picks out and eats the Merrick kibble first, and then eats the Kirkland kibble after that.

Things I like about Merrick:
It's a 5-star dog food based on the Dog Food Advisor website.
The ingredients and guaranteed analysis are very good.
It smells good.
The kibble is small.
They have a high quality senior grain-free dog food, plus a high quality weight loss grain-free dog case my dog needs them.
I also like that they have several different flavors, which I plan on trying, so I can add variety to my dogs diet.

I have not noticed a change in his stools, which may be due to his gradual introduction to the new food. My dog did not have a problem with gas with Kirkland, and so far no gas problems with Merrick.

Since I have a small dog, the cost of this dog food is not an issue for me. A 20 pound bag lasts 1 year. For starters, I am trying a 4 pound bag to make sure my dog likes the new food and to make sure his body can handle it. I know he likes chicken, and I know he does NOT like lamb or duck. I look forward to trying the salmon, buffalo, and Texas beef...those flavors plus chicken seem to be the most popular.

I'm also interested in Merrick Fresh Kisses Coconut Oil + Botanicals Extra Small Brush Dental Dog Treat - Small Bag (20 ct) or Merrick Fresh Kisses Mint Breath Strips Extra Small Brush Dental Dog Treat - Small Bag (20 ct).

I'm pleased with my purchase, and my dog is quite happy as well.
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on May 21, 2017
My dog has been eating this kind of food for a long time and I've never had any issues. Since I recently got Amazon Prime I thought I'd order this food off of Amazon. I noticed the food kernels looked a little different and didn't smell as fishy but didn't think anything of it. After feeding my dog dinner she be came violently ill the next day. She couldn't hold her bowel movements and had diarrhea all over my bed comforter, carpet etc. Assuming she ate something outside she ate this food again that night. Again, the next day was even worse and she was extremely sick. After thinking about the only thing that I had changed was a new bag of food, I went to the store and got the same bag of food. The kernels looked how they were supposed to and smelled the same as I remember. She is now on the mend but still weak and I threw away this dog food I ordered off of Amazon. I'm not one to usually write reviews, but after seeing my dog so ill, I wouldn't recommend ordering this brand of dog food from Amazon. I'm not sure if it was just a bad bag or if it was just Merrick's fault, but I will not be ordering this from Amazon again.
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Every dog food that I have ever bought usually has about 26% protein; this Merrick dog food has 38% protein.

Now I may be wrong but I have read in the past that unlike cats that dogs shouldn't eat too much protein because it is bad for their kidneys. And this is because just like people; dogs' bodies can't store protein so their kidneys have to work overtime to get rid of it through their urine.

My toy dog, Beau ate this food for over 5 weeks and I have never seen him have to use so many puppy pads in one day (3-4) that we leave out in case he has to pee in between his daily walk.

We have now switched Beau to Merrick's Limited Ingredient Diet Dog Food and he is back to his normal amount of urination (about 1 per pad per day).

We put Beau on this food because he has allergies and we thought grain free would help him but it didn't.

There are 3 different proteins in this food: Chicken, Turkey and Salmon and so we want to try only one protein at a time to discover Beau's allergies so the LID dog food by Merrick which is also grain free will help us narrow it down. We picked the duck flavor.

The LID dog food by Merrick has 26% protein and isn't anymore money than their Grain Free dog food.

This food did produce a soft and shiny coat but my dog must've been allergic to something in this food because he never formed a good stool on this food but he is doing great on the LID.

My 11 lb dog ate a 1/4 cup per meal 3 times per day so a 4 lb bag would last about 3 weeks.
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Top Contributor: Petson December 21, 2017
If it gets any better than Merrick, I haven't yet found it. While I'd prefer to be feeding something other than kibble - such as the new "raw" diets that arrive frozen or refrigerated in some manner - that isn't an option. Especially with the cost of maintaining four dogs.

I think that Merrick Grain Free Lamb kibble is the next best thing nutritionally and convenience-wise. I feed all four on a "free choice" basis and, while they all love this stuff, nobody over-eats. And they've been on it for years now. To me, this is a good indicator that they are more than likely obtaining the proper nutrients and don't feel the need to make up in quantity what they may be lacking in quality.

All four are healthy and in excellent condition. Kipling (AKA "Kip"), my nearly twelve year old mixed breed large dog (60 pounds) had his complete geriatric physical last month - blood work included - and after the whole nine yards of teeth to tail evaluation he was pronounced "in extremely good condition". His food has been Merrick for over four years, and I consider that a positive recommendation and well worth the price tag!
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Top Contributor: Petson February 7, 2018
This brand was mentioned in several of the thousands of reviews, or was it hundreds of thousands, I read when deciding what grain-free kibble to switch my adopted dog-boy to. When I got him from the local Humane Society, they said to feed him grain free food. The prices of grain-free products are ludicrous, and I've never had a dog that required grain-free before, so I ignored that advice. He developed a very small hot-spot under one front leg maybe a year after I brought him home with me, but I was able to keep it in check and I never made the connection, so, no problem. Then I picked up a sack of turkey chunk kibble and everything went to hell. He broke out in rashes in all sorts of places and scratched everywhere around the clock. You'll find my other reviews in Curoseb, SynergyLabs Veterinary Formula Clinical Care shampoo, Sulfodene Wound Care related to that ordeal (with props to Desitin and Benadryl).

The Merrick Lamb & Sweet Potato kibble is apparently yummy. He'll finish his serving and lick the bowl for a very long time after it's gone. The feeding instructions for his weight seem a little high, since it sure looks like he's put on some weight at just a little under the recommended daily rate. I can't be sure yet, but it appears that this 25# bag will hold him for a month. He's been eating it for 9 days, and, with all the shampooing, topicals, underdoses of Benadryl, and this food, his allergic reaction seems to be almost completely gone. The ingredient list and manufacturing process both sound pretty fantastic, so despite the expense, I am delighted. I will likely make more purchases, maybe the buffalo and/or salmon, too. (Anyone know where a retired old girl can get a job and pick up some cash? lol)
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on July 8, 2018
I hardly ever write a review and prefer not .. Since it’s regarding my pet I felt it was a must . My experience with Merrick dog food did not go well yes my dog is a picky eater and she did turn away from her bowl several times which is to be expected but what I did not expect is when she finally starting eat this brand she started getting skin allergies (never had this problem before) she constantly would not stop iching and biting her legs even after the skin was broken open it was awful I did stop Merrick dog food immediately when I realized this had to be her sudden problem ,I went back to her old dog food brand and after a few weeks and rubbing her down a few times a day with coconut oil her allergies disappeared. I’m not a Vet but I do know my Dog I’m only writing this review to share my experience and not to attack the Merrick brand it just did not work out 🐶🐶🐶
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One of my two dogs is a picky eater, when it comes to dog food. I have gone through a number of different brands, from rip-off expensive to scary cheap. With few exceptions, he would hold off eating until he just couldn't stand it anymore. I decided to give this raw infused food a shot. Of course, the ingredients list checks all the right buttons. But so did a lot of other foods that generated the "Are you kidding? You expect me to eat that?" look. The first thing I noticed when I received this food is that the bag seems to be coated to keep the food fresh. The next thing I noticed is that, when I opened the bag, I smelled meat. Real, actual meat smell. Not the manufactured, "who in their right mind would call this food" smell I usually encounter. Pouring the food into the dog food container, I could see that there were a substantial number of the freeze-dried raw chunks. Quite a bit more than I expected. Now for the ultimate test: I put two scoops into my dog's bowl and waited. He came over immediately and went right for the raw chunks. He even skipped his normal routine of sniffing, licking and shuffling around pieces, as if he was in some sort of chess match. Instead, he nosed through the bowl, finding and eating all the raw chunks and, in the process, scattering all the other bits on the floor. Having eaten all the raw chunks, he sauntered off. Great, I thought, he'll eat 10 - 20 percent of the food and I'll have to throw out the rest. Not to be. Sometime later he snuck back into the kitchen and ate all the rest of the food that was in his bowl. This has been the process since I got this food. Looks like I finally found a winner. I didn't give it 5 stars because it is a bit expensive and, generous as the raw chunks are, upping the amount a bit wouldn't be unreasonable.
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