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Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food, Puppy, 12-Pound Bag
Flavor Name: Puppy|Size: 12-Pound Bag|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
Price:$33.24+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on April 11, 2015
I am a dog owner and dog trainer with a thirst for knowledge. When I first started hunting for a great dog food I did my research and began with Blue Buffalo. I tried a number of premium brands and formulas before this came out and nothing, including the regular line by this brand, can hold a candle to CORE. It's not the most affordable, but at least in MN, I can't find a better price for this. If you can get the subscribe and save discount this food is a steal!

My dogs are constantly observed as extremely healthy by vets and trainers alike. They have noticeably softer coats since switching them to CORE and less skin issues. I also no longer deal with frequent gas - something several premium brands caused.

If you're still not sold, here are some guiding principles for why this food is great and how to shop for quality dog food. Everyone has a budget, but try to find one you can afford with the best of these:
- The first ingredients should always be meat. Just like human labels, the first ingredients comprise the largest quantities within the product.
- Lamb and then chicken tend to be most digestible for most dogs.
- Meal is like a protein powder made by rendering down a stew-like mixture to maximum potency. It contains more protein than meat alone by eliminating water per ounce. That said, not all meal is created equal. Make sure the source is specified. Simply saying "poultry meal" can mean it came from any source they could find and usually that means varying degrees of quality.
- Avoid grains as they can irritate many dogs stomachs. You want potatoes, oats, and/or brown rice for fiber and carbs. If you see "brewers rice" on a label, it shouldn't be in the top five ingredients (or at all for me). It's a cheaply obtained processed carb and a filler.
- Flaxseed and fish oils are great for skin and coat. I used to supplement my dog food with salmon oil in winter, but it hasn't been necessary since they started this food. Mentioning the source of the fish oil indicates its quality, just like the meal source.
- I like a food with few antioxidant ingredients in it, such as blueberries and broccoli. Healthy for us, healthy for them. That's just my opinion though. I treat with the fresh stuff when I can.
- That list of vitamins at the end? It's your dog's daily multi vitamin. Glucosamine is important to joint health for any size, age, or weight. This product has natural preservatives, which is my preference where possible for their diet and my own.
- Protein percentage! Vets say stay above 15% for a normal adult dog; my goal is closer to 25% or 30%. If your dog is very active, that should be your goal too; however, even if your dog isn't that active a higher protein content is fine. Early research used to claim it could cause renal failure, but that research has long been debunked.

Don't believe me? Do the research yourself. Don't trust the word of food reps, breeders, or even many vets. Most haven't paid attention to nutrition science, it's advances, or have an agenda of their own. Even a well meaning vet may not know some of this and be operating on outdated common knowledge.

Never transition your dog's food all at once. Pay attention to their unique reaction to a new food over the first few weeks at 100% of it. Pay attention to their stool and frequency of bowl movements. Watch for weight fluctuations. New food means you may have to increase or decrease their volume per meal. Each dog has unique needs and sensitivities, just like we do, so even a great food may not be great for your dog.

I hope this helps!
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on February 1, 2018
On July 19, 2017, a class action lawsuit was filed against Wellpet LLC and Berwind Corporation, parent company of Wellpet which makes Wellness dog food. According to the suit, plaintiffs are suing for negligent misrepresentation, violations of California Consumer Legal Remedies Act, violations of the California False Advertising Law, violations of the California Unfair Competition Law, Breach of Express Warranty, Breach of Implied Warranty, and negligence per se.

The lawsuit is based on testing performed on Wellness CORE Adult Dry Ocean Whitefish, Herring Meal and Salmon Meal and Wellness Complete Health Adult Dry Whitefish and Sweet Potato, finding them to be contaminated with significant levels of arsenic and lead
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on March 16, 2017
Our two dogs have been on this food for about 4 years and had been pleased enough to recommend it. It was rated well and seemed to be a good quality food. We noticed a change in the food a while back and then our boy, who is the more finicky eater, started turning his nose up to it towards the end of the bag for the past couple months. They both have had a couple random episodes of vomiting for no apparent reason recently, but not so much to cause alarm. We had the food on subscribe and save with Amazon, which was great...Until our last, and I mean last, delivery. Upon opening the bag we found obvious and extensive mold. I promptly contacted Amazon, while my husband went to our local pet food store. He was told Wellness was under new ownership, though quick research on the internet didn't reveal anything. We are trying the new food they recommended, but are still researching a new alternative. Meanwhile, Amazon was great at refunding us our purchase price. Now in looking through the negative reviews, this was not an isolated incident. We thought we had a brand we could trust. It's so disappointing.
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on August 23, 2013
I recently bought a Toy Yorkie, this will be my third fur baby. I brought her home and slowly switched her over to Royal Canin for Yorkshire Terrier puppies. Within a week her eyes were tearing so bad I was washing her face in the morning and at night.

A few days later she started developing bad constipation and would cry when she had to poo. I took her to the vet and got no help, since they endorse Royal Canin and Eukanuba, breed specific formula's. I got a second, third and fourth opinion and they all recommended switching to a hypoallergenic food/grain free. Been there, done that... It didn't work.

I finally found a holistic vet that recommended Wellness Core because it did not contain Beet Pulp. She stated that beet pulp is used as a filler/stool hardener and is found in most premium brands. It can cause tear staining and other digestive problems. Out of curiosity I headed to my local PetsMart to look at ingredients in all the premium dog foods. Sure enough beet pulp was found in all of them. Out of 20+ varieties of puppy food I only found 3 foods that contained no beet pulp.

I bought a small bag to try for month. Her constipation was gone the first week. The watery eyes totally stopped around the third week. I was terrified I bought a sick puppy, since she was Toy and inherently can have a lot of heath problems. It has been 2 months since I switched her to Core. She is healthy, playful and full of energy. Her silky coat is gorgeous and no longer dry and brittle.

After spending 300+ dollars on vet bills. It was a very hard lesson, learned. I have switched all my dogs over to Core and they all seem to have more energy, clear eyes and a healthy coat.

I am grateful Amazon carries the large bag since it is a huge savings compared to the price at any chain pet store.

I will continue to buy this product and recommend it to any new puppy owners.
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on May 27, 2016
My rescue, Chance (a Beagle, Pug, Shar-Pei mix according to his genetic testing!). is my absolute best friend in this entire world. However, that Beagle in him sure did come out (no pun intended haha) in the form of the dreaded anal gland leak more and more frequently. It had gotten so bad that I purchased anything that I could, but nothing seemed to work. For a short second I was considering an elective surgery to have them removed, but I realized that decision would have been 75% for my comfort and only about 25% his. So I thought I was just going to have to live with it.

THEN I found this food!

It started with him being on the verge of becoming overweight, so I did my research on some new reduced calorie food for him and thought I'd also look for some with some higher fiber content (known to help anal gland problems). Within 2 weeks of starting this food THERE WAS NO MORE LEAKING! It's been almost a year now and still nothing! It's amazing. So glad I found it!
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on December 24, 2016
Had to switch my other dogs food Acana meadowland to Wellness. So glad that I did. They are thriving. I got a baby GSD and wasn't sure if this was good for "large breed". My GSD loves this food and looks great. The last vet checkup said she is doing wonderful except for oncoming arthritis and she recommended we use a joint supplement. We ordered these Vitapet Advanced Strength Joint and Hip Chewables and we got them the next day thanks to Amazon prime. We couldn’t have asked for a better product to help strengthen her joints and you would never tell about the previous diagnosis by the vet. This is reliable and great.
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on April 14, 2016
This dog food is amazing!
Not only was it a factor in helping to relieve my dog's anxiety, but it also made his coat shinier and he seems much healthier (less gassy and his stool looks a lot healthier too). These were not instant changes. It has taken about a month to see them, but there is definitely a difference in my dog. This is well worth the extra cost for the long-term benefits I've seen in him. He used to barely eat and now eats a full 2 cups a day and is so excited to get his food.
Bonus: The bag is resealable!

For comparison...
My dog is a Basenji Mix (38 lbs, short-haired) and he eats about 2 cups of food a day.
I switched from Hill's Science Diet Adult Advanced Fitness Dog Food and I will never go back to it again!
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on December 23, 2016
I free feed both my boys and my schnauzer tends to the heavier side than his poodle brother. Both are doing very well on this reduced calorie diet. Poodle's Weight is stable and my schnauzer's Weight seems to be dropping a bit. Both dogs seem less itchy overall. Great dog food and we also add some joint treats from VitaPet Vitapet Advanced Strength Joint and Hip Chewables. I decided to put her on the chews. After a short period of time I saw great improvement in their walking and jumping. I can’t say enough about how this product has benefitted our dogs. We are grateful!
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on July 3, 2015
Although all Wellness brand foods we've tried are good, CORE Grain-Free, is the best. My puppies' energy is solid, even their temperament is more positive (I swear their brains are boosted on CORE), their poop is consistently "perfect". They're much more appreciative after feeding, and just an overall boost in good ole "puppy". It's amazing the difference with grain-free. Hopefully, I'll always be blessed enough to be able to feed my best friends such good food.

They're still less than 6 months old, but over 50 lbs., so I just switched over to the Wellness CORE Large Breed Original Formula, from trying to go less expensive with the regular Wellness Puppy Complete Health & Wellness Large Breed Puppy (neither being CORE). I used the CORE Puppy until they were about 4 months, and they grew like cows. Regular Wellness is decent, but I'm 100% sold on Wellness CORE. I'm not even "middle class" on income right now, but that's an even more important reason to feed them well vs going the cheap route. I remember the cheap stuff we fed our outside mutts when I was a kid. There's no comparison.

My current mutts are two healthy sibling lab/pit bull mix pups & I'll go without a few fast food meals a month, just so I can keep them healthy. Others have cigarette, booze, gambling, new cars, fancy homes...but I'm perfectly content with my happy & healthy puppies; they bring me way more joy than anything material or any possible vice.

I'm not a paid spokesperson reviewer, just FYI. I believe Wellness has hit the jackpot in this market & truly want others to consider the benefit to paying a few $$ more/month for their pets to thrive, instead of just live.

I figured it up & the prices/lb are remarkable, but not more than those 24 plastic bottled waters you buy & consume every month ;) my figures are based on the regular purchase price, not the subscribe & save. *** are for what I have used with my two current pups.

Wellness Food Type Price/lb Based on Price/Bag as of 07/03/2015
------------------------------ ------------- ------------------------------------------------------
*Complete Health Puppy #30 $1.55 @ $48.83/bag
*Large Breed Puppy #30 $1.84 @ $55.27/bag
*CORE Large Breed Original #26 $2.12 @ $54.99/bag
*CORE Puppy Formula #26 $2.61 @ $67.82/bag

I will be back to edit in the future. Check out the picture of my puppies. They are gorgeous & healthy!
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on March 19, 2017
What is it with this food? My puppy has been eating it and in the last week has been vomiting and diaherra. After going to the vet and giving him medicine for both, thinking he is ok, after another round of the same the only thing that could be causing it is this food. Now I have read that others have had the same problem. I have given him this and the canned puppy Wellness.
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