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on January 12, 2015
After reading How Not to Run a B&B, I realized that realistically, I'm not suited for running a B&B. I think I need to set my goals at a C&C - Cocktails and Couches.

The idea of a B&B has always sounded tempting to me, but after reading Bobby Hutchinson's book about her own, I realize it isn't something I am cut out for. I love breakfast - when someone else cooks it. And while I want to live in a clean house, and would expect everything to be top notch as well as totally clean, the practical side of having to do all that every single day - Ok - I'm convinced - not me! So I've decided my best bet would be to open up around cocktail hour, and let everyone sit around on couches, sipping my signature drinks, and maybe nibbling on a snack or two. Less laundry, less cooking. and since everyone would have to leave to spend the night somewhere else - less exposure to the 'crazy ones'.

Ok - serious review of the book time. The running the B&B part was interesting and enlightening. I really wasn't planning on trying it, and it reaffirmed why for me. I was really pleased with the recipes included at the end of each chapter - at first. By Chapter 3, her recipe was to go to the store and buy a box of Celestial Seasonings tea. And if someone had collected rose hips, there isn't a hint of how to use them. By Chapter 7, Bobby is telling the readers how to do a cleansing ceremony on their house with burning sage. Chapter 9 is followed by a flippant (and worthless) "tip" for attracting a man. Chapter 10 is a "tip" on writing, and by Chapter 11, the reader is given a lecture on the author's belief system, covering several pages, and not relevant to me, or the book. It was totally out of place, and it appeared the flow of the book had come to a grinding halt. By Chapter 21, she does get back to advice on food, and 22 is mostly recipes, so she does get back to the original rhythm of the book.

Bobby is a good writer, and I will be trying some of her other works. This one was both a hit and a miss. Some parts were very good. Interesting, informative, and fun reading. Other parts seemed like they were out of step, random and dull. But if a couple of those recipes turn out a good result, I'll be happy.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon September 21, 2017
This is a very entertaining story written by a quirky woman who may have a screw or two loose when it comes to her personal life, but gives her all (sometimes in more than a business sense) when it comes to running a B&B in Vancouver, Canada.

She does her best making her B&B comfortable for guests and she went to great lengths to serve scrumptious breakfasts tailored to suit her customers' desires. It seems she was very fair with her prices.

Miss Hutchinson is a talented writer and describes her interesting guests and her unique life in such a humorous and fascinating way. Totally undeserving of the negative reviews it has received because it is so entertaining.

Do I think the author is strange. Yes, I do. Would I want her life? No! However, she writes with such a sense of humor and with such honesty and clarity that I found the book memorable and enjoyable.

I hope Miss Huthinson's life in the wilds of B.C. is what she hoped it would be and I hope to read further books about her adventures.
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on March 13, 2017
What a fun and quirky book! It's a quick read which was perfect for my 5 hour plane flight.

Bobby's stories about running a Bed and Breakfast in Vancouver is entertaining. It felt like she was writing me a letter to tell me what happened. I enjoyed which stories she chose to share. I also like the characters in her life. I am actually sad that this B & B is closed so I can't go visit it!

At the end of each chapter are recipes or additional information about something that she wants to share (like meditation). At the end of the book are her favorite breakfast recipes. What a nice touch!

When the book ended, I was so sad not to know if she ever opened her Fishing Lodge. I am sure there is a collection of stories from that endeavor, if she was able to fulfill that dream.
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on June 30, 2017

I just read your B&B memoir, and I have to tell you that "I had to use real discipline to keep myself from screaming Hallelujah and beating a tambourine while I ran naked through the streets, overcome with rapture" is the best line I have ever read next to Mark Twain's "Literary Offenses of James Fenimore Cooper". I'm a cat lover through and through, and I totally get it--my family thought I had finally gone over the edge when I started laughing .

Great book!

Andrea Smith
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on November 1, 2017
This is one funny, entertaining true story. I loved being with Bobby everyday through her experience of buying, setting up and running her bed and breakfast. (Something I have always wanted to do) Her quirky friends and neighbors add to the fun as you settle in with a cup of coffee for the entertaining stories of her guests. Add a garden littering cat, gerbils in the attic, and an overstaying family and you have a a delightful new friend in Bobby Hutchinson. I won't give away the ending but you might want to get a box of tissues. I wish she would write more of these true stories. She has a real talent for getting the reader involved.
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on May 7, 2012
First, I will say that I found the author to be very charming. I enjoyed her writing style and, overall, I enjoyed the book. However, the book wasn't quite what I expected. The beginning started more in line with how I would have liked the book to go; I guess I assumed there would be more details about the actual running of a B&B (or, based on the title, more details about mishaps that occurred while the author was running said B&B). By about halfway through, I was kind of dragging through the story. I felt that the focus on the author's personal life (spiritual beliefs, etc.) took away from the parts that I found interesting. Overall, I would recommend the book to people who are interested in reading a lighthearted overview of a "woman of a certain age" establishing her home as a B&B, but it isn't a book that I would recommend to friends who are looking for something great to read.
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on November 21, 2017
I have read less interesting books, but, happily, very few. Not funny at all, very pretentious, poorly edited and proofed, and not even page-numbered. Self-published, obviously, and, in a word, awful. I gave it two stars only because a single star would indicate (according to Amazon) that "I hate it." There is nothing there to warrant so strong an emotion as hate. Oh, and it is perhaps worth mentioning that, while it is a waste of money, it was by far the cheapest new book I bought this year.
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on June 12, 2018
This is the kind of book you want to save for a relaxing weekend away. Somewhere you can read the book from start to finish and never get out of bed, except to maybe take a bubble bath. You can put the book down - but you don't want to. So get comfortable.

The one problem I have with the book is that we don't know anything about the next chapter in Ms. Hutchinson's life. That is, the time that she spends running a fishing lodge. If she does that, or if she stayed in a house she renovated, I am not quite sure. I want another book!
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on December 29, 2015
* Liked her nickname (I won't give it away here)
* Loved how recipes were interspersed throughout
* Printed several of those recipes and look forward to checking them out
* Quite relatable since I too am 5'10" tall - I was the tallest in my public school and was ecstatic when I went into high school with older but taller fellows
* Loved the quote (I WILL give it away here, hehe): "Love the one you're with" re sex after 50 years of age
* Could definitely identify with "life in general" - can't identify with running a B&B or writing books, but the rest was amazingly accurate to me
* Looking forward to more of Bobby's renderings!
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on April 7, 2015
I spent a few days with Bobby after she reopened here new B&B in Sparwood, BC and can tell you that she has mastered the art of being a great B&B host. This book is interesting, funny and factual in terms of how she lives her life and how she relates to people. During our stay with her, she related a couple of the incidents from this book and they are exactly as she describes in real life. One cannot imagine how fantastic and creative she can be on a meal like breakfast, but I can tell you it is incredible. You will love the book and especially the humor she weaves into the story. Well worth the time and the price of the book, folks.
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