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on August 27, 2016
We'd surely be pegged for "parent fail" blog photos if it weren't for these. Front row of a dirt bike race? No problem! Redneck firework extravaganza? Get'r done! Late night camping trip with drunk friends? Put that baby in a tent and party. You deserve it. Snoozing babies not even phased. Lightweight and works like a charm! Fit fine at 3 mo is will growing with her. Can't really breastfeed or snuggle her head close with these on, but that should probably be your cue to find a quiet place anyway. Highly recommend.
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on June 23, 2016
These worked perfectly for my 6 week old son. We used them during a marching band parade (24 bands with very long percussion strings) and he slept the entire time. My husband also brought him up on stage during a concert and he wasn't the least bit upset about the noise. They're very light weight too. He doesn't mind wearing them for long periods.
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on June 7, 2014
I bought these for my 2 month old (80% head) and they work great! He's never fought us putting them on. He's now falling asleep with them. He's slept thru a demolition derby and a roudy wedding reception. Ordering another pair for my nephew.
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on February 21, 2018
My wife and I are planning to take our 4 month old son to a Golden State Warriors basketball game in a couple months and purchased these earmuffs in preparation of the event. They arrived in less than a week with any damages to the packaging. The earmuffs themselves look exactly as pictured and worked well when we put them on our son. I tried them on myself and despite my head being much larger than my son's they still fit snug and helped reduce noise. They didn't cover my whole ears, but they were still able to muffle the sound. My wife was talking normal volume right next to me and while I could still hear the sound of her voice it was like she was talking through several blankets. I figured that is good because it doesn't completely shut out sound, but muffles it enough to make the noises less sharp and abrasive.

Now for the real test. Before buying the tickets we wanted to see how well these earmuffs work in a loud scenario. We decided to take our son to the new Black Panther movie. If it got too loud we could always just walk out and tickets are much cheaper than an NBA playoff game. Along with the headphones I downloaded a decibel meter on my iPhone to measure how loud the movie got. We sat about 15 rows deep in dead center of the theater and left my decibel meter app running for nearly the entire movie (see photos). The movie averaged 84.9 decibels with a max of 105.4 decibels which only lasted for a couple seconds. Note that we went to a standard showing without the high-tech sound that shakes your bones, but it was still quite loud. For reference I searched a decibel comparison chart. 84.9 decibels is about the volume of standing right next to a blender as it is going off. 105.4 decibels is about the sound of a plane flying directly overhead or a standing next to a lawnmower. The movie also had a lot of sudden peaks in volume such as a normal conversation followed by a sudden explosion or yelling. There were definitely some moments where I was sure my son would get fussy from the noise or get scared from the sudden peaks in volume. Not the case. The boy nearly slept through the whole thing. In the parts he was awake he didn't even seem to notice the noise. At one point he sat on my wife's lap facing forward and seemed to be even watching the movie! He let out small cries twice, but both were during low volume scenes (much to the delight of the others in the audience, I'm sure). Once was because he needed to be changed and the other was because he was hungry. My wife took him to bathroom to change his diaper and then later fed him right there in the theater with no problems.

Needless to say I am very impressed by these earmuffs. Our son was able to enjoy a 2+ hour movie that had a variety of different types of noises. He was even smiling after the movie. They seem to be very good quality that hug my son's ears comfortably, but also have the flexibility to grow with him without getting too tight. There is a reason this product has thousands of positive reviews. It is an excellent value.

I will say one important thing about these headphones. Our son got used to soft, muffled sounds. When we took the earmuffs off for the first time at the house we had the TV on and he appeared to be overwhelmed by all the sound rushing back into his ears. He cried immediately. When we took him to the movies we made sure that we left the headphones on all the way to the car. We took them off in the car with the doors closed, engine off, and started to whisper to him. Over about 15 seconds gradually worked our way up to our normal speaking voice. He was all smiles after this and we were able to drive home without any problems. I highly recommend making sure you take the earmuffs off in a quiet environment then gradually reintroduce noise.

Our next test will be to take our son to a local college basketball game. This will help us see how the headphones hold up to live sounds echoing across an arena while also seeing how our son handles the additional stimulation of the crowd and lights. For those who are curious the loudest recorded volume of a Golden State Warrior game at Oracle Arena is 112 decibels which is comparable to standing next to a chainsaw or a loud clap of thunder. I'm confident that these headphones will be able to muffle the sound to make it comfortable for our baby boy. I'll update this review with how it goes.
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on September 27, 2016
Probably the best 30 bucks I've ever spent. We took her to a Dallas Cowboys game at 5 months old, she slept like a baby and when she was awake was completely unaware of the noise around her. Definitely recommend!
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on July 22, 2015
My husband is in a band. And I am also a singer in another band. We wanted our 10 month old daughter to be able to come to our shows anytime. But concerts are very loud and can sometimes have unexpected sounds that can startle a baby such as feedback, sudden pops etc.... I did my research and I also learned that a baby actually hears about 10 dB louder than the average adult. So I began looking around for hearing protection. Once I read the reviews for this product, I was sold. They came by their estimated arrival time as promised. They are light, durable, and super cute. They fit snug to her head, so they can do their job properly. I remember when we first got them our concern was that she might not like them on her head but she hasn't tried to take them off. I also noticed during the concerts she's been to so far she was rocking to the music which tells me she was able to hear well enough to enjoy the show and yet unmoved or startled by anything that could've potentially been too loud, had she not had them on. Which shows me they work. As a mother it just gives me peace of mind to know that I am protecting my daughter's ears. She's going to need them for the rest of her life. So needless to say....."they were worth every penny". I didn't mean to make this review so long but I did wanna share my experience. Being able to read the reviews of others helped me make my decision. And I hope that my review can help you make yours.
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on July 5, 2016
Great product and fit my 2.5 week old! Took her to fireworks and she didn't flinch! Just what I needed and so happy they worked and fit. It was on the smallest setting so I know they'll fit for quite a while and now I'll be able to take her to public events without worrying about disrupting her sleep or hurting her ears! Only thing was b/c they're a little big (or she's so little) she could be all the way in her carrier w/them on, but was no prob for what we needed.
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on July 18, 2016
I have two sets of these, one for each of my kids. It's important to me to preserve my children's hearing, and they wear these at concerts, sporting events, for fireworks, etc. Love them! They are adjustable, so can work on the very young (my daughter just wore them for 4th of July fireworks at 11 weeks old), but also fit my 3 year old with room to spare. They have one of the best NRR's you can find in this size, and combined with the versatile fit, they're my recommendation for anyone who wants to protect their child's long term hearing health.
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on April 11, 2016
I was looking for some earmuffs to protect my six month old's ears at various sporting events and concerts. After reading countless reviews, I landed on these (they're used by Beyonce for her daughter, after all, they must be good!) I needed to use them the day they arrived, so we busted them out of the package and tried them on- they fit great! That evening our little guy slept through a roller derby bout and awoke to enjoy himself for the second bout, seemingly unbothered by the loud noises around him (and he's typically startled by loud noises.) We take these on every outing now and pop them on when things get too loud or he needs to take a nap- they worked like a charm in an extremely loud pub, he went from fussy to happy the second we put them on. They say they are for 0-2, but from reading further info, it seems these will work well into his childhood until his head gets large enough for adult sized protective gear.

I'm not into excess baby gadgets and fancy myself a minimalist, but I would say this is one of the only 'must have' items I've purchased.
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on November 25, 2015
Hearing protection for our infant son has been a great investment. We have utilized the Baby Banz while attending fireworks shows, college football games, and live music events. Our son has been able to take naps at all of the events and seems happy with these on while he awake too. At one event where we did not know there would be (Loud) live music and therefore didn't have our Baby Banz with us, our son was in tears as soon as the band started up. I wish that we could give the Baby Banz a full 5-Star rating but the lining has torn inside one of the ear pieces. The torn seam of the vinyl cover over the foam padding is somewhat sharp to the touch, especially on the soft skin of a baby's ear lobe. Sadly, I noticed this after our amazon return window. I will do more research to see if there is a similar product that holds up longer or if this is a rare fluke with our product, but infant hearing protection will be my go to baby shower gift in the future.
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