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D'Addario NS Micro Clip-On Tuner
Size: Single Pack|Style: Clip-On|Change
Price:$11.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on May 24, 2016
I love these little tuners. I had bought one previously for my mandolin and I like it so much, I bought this pack of two more to put on additional instruments (I have a little mandolin-buying problem, lol). I find a good tuner to be really necessary. I can tell if something's out of tune, but I have a hard time telling which way it's out, and with mandolins, each pair of stings need to be right on, or things sound really wonky.

These clamp easily onto the headstock of a mandolin. I attach them upside down, so that I can see the tuner indicator from under the headstock and all that shows on the top is the little flat top of the clamp. Much nicer looking than the round tuners that stick up on a flexible neck (although I have a few of those too, and they work well - just don't look great). There's a little button on the unit that flips the digital display, so it still reads right-side-up if you install it on the under side of your instrument, like I did. I was complimented by a fellow mandolin player recently on my ability to tune by ear. He didn't see a tuner, so he thought I wasn't using one. I laughed and flipped over my mandolin to show him my "stealth" tuner.

These tuners work well. I've tested them by using them at the same time as two other types of tuners and they showed the same results. If the note is right on, the letter will display in green with one bar on either side. The letter changes color if the note is out of tune and the number of bars to the left or right of the letter increase, depending on how flat or sharp the note is.
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on September 13, 2017
Bought a two pack based on the reviews here, plus I know 2 'professional' musicians that use these and both recommended it.
I've been using a snark, but they stick way out from the headstock. Where I play, I'm constantly walking around and I have at least one instrument hanging on my back with another one in front of me. If I leave the snark on the headstock, it often gets knocked off, then I lose it if I don't notice immediately. Also the snark doesn't fit in my case if it's on the headstock of any of my instruments, so I'm constantly searching for it. These are so small, they easily fit in the case while attached to the headstock.
The snark also has rubber "protectors" on its clip. The rubber on the snark easily picks up dust - turning it into sandpaper that leaves a nice round ring on your headstock since the clip on the snark is made to be attached and removed over and over again, it moves around on your headstock easily.

These are made in a way that makes me believe they are intended to be attached to the instrument, then never removed (although they can easily be removed). They rotate on the clip, but so far for where I've attached these it appears that the place where this tuner actually attaches to the instrument will never move, which means no more scratching my headstock.
The display is bright, color coded, and you can flip it with a switch so no matter which way you mount it, it's readable.
I do wish I could get these in other colors, since my banjo is all natural wood you can see the black clip sticking out.
Other than that one detail, these are great.

*I've been using these for about a year now on a banjo, an f-style mandolin, two acoustic guitars, and a violin. They all still work great for me, but I've got some additional information.
1) the screen is polarized. This makes it easier to read in the sun, however if you're wearing polarized sunglasses the screen may be unreadable.
2) they work in live situations, but as with any vibration tuner, they're not infallible. If it's noisy where you're trying to tune, your instrument might pick up that noise too, making it slightly more difficult than with a direct line tuner. Not a deal killer, but keep that in mind. If you're performing in a loud environment, you might want/need a tuner that connects to your instruments pickup/microphone directly.
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on September 19, 2016
I like that it's small, you can kind of hide it on the reverse of the headstock, it's clear to read, and the metronome feature is a plus. The only problem, and, since I'm using it on a ukulele and not a louder instrument it's a fairly big problem, is that it buzzes when I hit certain notes or chords fairly audibly. I tightened it as tight as I could tight, and still heard the buzz. Even asked my wife who was several feet away if she could hear it, and she confirmed she could.

If the buzz bit isn't a problem, it's a pretty cool little tuner.

Edit: Attached it to my UBass, which has a thicker headstock, and, obviously a different wavelength of vibration, and it doesn't buzz on that.
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on May 7, 2017
I purchased two of these for my two mandolins as they are so small and inconspicuous. I was a bit skeptical at first but boy was I wrong! These things are extremely sensitive....I barely have to pluck the string and, even though the sound is barely audible, it registers just fine on the tuner! I've even been able to tune a string inconspicuously during the sermon while leading worship at church...not without getting the evil eye from my husband however...LOL! While the clips on these tiny tuners are not "spring loaded" they seem to stay put on the head stock as long as they're not bumped or put on with the clip too loose. The screen swivels so you can see it easily regardless of where you mount it. I mount mine with the screen in the back so only I can see it; only the tiny clip is visible from the front. The only caution I'd give is that, because it doesn't have a dial type indicator and offers minimal information on the screen, discerning whether the string is sharp or flat takes some getting used to. Instead the LED indicators turn red when out and green when in tune. It also shows some small bars along side the letter that lessen as the string comes into tune. Technically, the lines will appear on one side if sharp and the other side if flat, but it depends which direction you have the tuner mounted and I keep forgetting which side is sharp vs. flat. So I just depend on my ear for the most part and look for it to turn green to know when it's exactly in tune.
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on January 3, 2016
D'Addario nailed it with this product and is excellent in every point. I've tried Snark and the Uber Tuner, and prefer this a lot more. What I like:

Small - Turned out to be smaller than I thought based on the pictures, but this is not a bad thing. It means that that is super light, and out of the way.

Discrete - One main reason I like this tuner is it can hide behind the head stock and the audience only sees a tiny clip. Very discrete and professional looking. Other tuners look like a big potato chip bag clip hanging on your head stock

Stays on always - The ratchet mechanism works and stays on firmly. I have no fears that it will fall off. Because it is small, you can leave it on 24/7, even when you put the guitar down or put it back in the case. The tuner practically just becomes an integral part of the guitar. This is a HUGE advantage that you will begin to appreciate over other tuners once you use it. You never lose the tuner, it's always on when you need it, you don't have to waste time taking it off, finding it, putting it back on, etc. Because they are affordable, you can easily buy one for every guitar you have and leave it there.

Instant on/off and accessible power button - Press the button and it turns on very fast and its ready to pick up vibrations almost immediately so you're ready to go Press the button again and it turns off right away. The power button is also very accessible and easy to press since the tuner rests firmly against the head stock. Some tuners annoyingly make you hold the power button for a few seconds to turn it on or off

Screen is small but bright - I was afraid that the display would be too small, but it is plenty bright and can be easily read. It changes color depending how in tune you are

Accurate - The in tune indication has a very tight tolerance. It jumps around a bit because of this tight tolerance, but even if you are just around ball park, your guitar will still sound in tune. Other tuners I have found has too wide of a range for the "in tune" position. My ears are particularly sensitive to my guitar even when it is slightly off.

This product exceeded my expectations and I will no longer look anywhere else.
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VINE VOICEon June 20, 2018
I LOVE this product! In fact, I’ve now purchased four. Why? For ten years I’ve used larger headstock tuners that covered up the maker’s name and had to be folded down sometimes to fit in the case. This tuner, by contrast, nestles just above the nut, and I have the face of it under the headstock, so the only part of it seen from above is a little black clip under the strings near the nut. It’s very readable, and if a string is more than a little out of tune, the tuner flashes, which seems faster. It’s much better at reading the low E string than the Intellitouch tuner I’ve been using, as it makes better contact with the headstock. Also, I play Gypsy jazz guitars, and they, like classical guitars, have very thick headstocks. I was afraid at first glance that these wouldn’t work, but they are very adjustable, and they stay put. One note: if you are considering the similar soundhole tuner, they work great, but if you have an instrument with a smaller sound-hole, it can be difficult to slide your finger under the strings to turn it on. This one is definitely easier and faster to use, and if you are using it, it is right next to the tuners, which is where your left hand is, as well as your eyes.
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on July 21, 2014
Gone are the days of rooting around your case and pulling out a AAA battery operated device to tune your instrument, just to throw it back in your case and pull it out 2 songs later. Tuners now clip and clamp to the headstock of your guitar and are small enough as to not draw attention to themselves. This particular model is a bit smaller than a stack of a dozen medium guitar picks. Green and red backlight make it easily readable.

Complaints: This thing is a battery hog. I like leaving the tuner on while playing guitar as a convenience thing. Playing 2-3 hours a week nets me about a month's battery life on the button battery it uses. This seems short when compared against the several year battery life of tuners using AAA's.

Size & spacing - This will not comfortably fit between the tuners of a Taylor acoustic. You will need to put non-marking foam on the back side of it to have it sit stable.

No static "flat" tuning setting: This is more of a convenience thing. The tuner reads note names and displays intonation. You have to know what note you're tuning a string to, to tune it to said note. While not a mandatory deal - it's easier to remember EADGBe and know you play 1/2 a step flat, than knowing D#G#C F#A#D#

Bottom Line - The value and likely price point make this a "need". Get one for each guitar. make it work. It always pays to have a tuner handy.
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on June 2, 2018
This is a nice little tuner and almost invisible from the front so there's no need to remove it from the guitar, ever. Turns on quickly, clear display with a combination of colors and bars indicating how accurate the tuning is, and easy to use. My only complaint is that at maximum extension, it just barely fits the headstocks of my classical guitars. I can push it on, but it feels like this might strain the plastic over time. Hopefully it will not cause it to break. Doing OK after the first month... I also haven't figured out an ideal placement so my hand won't get in the way of seeing it when tuning at least one of the strings. With a larger clip-on tuner, this isn't a problem.
Please be aware: I am not a professional musician, I can't hear a 1 cent tuning difference, and I use this for private playing. If your standards are more exacting, you may or may not like this tuner as much as I do. But for those like me, this is a terrific, unobtrusive tuner at a great price, especially in the 2 pack.
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on April 23, 2018
Good little tuners. They can be positioned several ways on a peghead, and are generally pretty sensitive and quick to respond. They sometimes pick up a little too much interference if you are next to someone else who is at full volume (we have a pianist who is pretty LOUD, and the reverberation sometimes influences the tuner.) But that's problem with many tuners.

Criticism? These are easy to lose (I've lost a couple, but I replace them with another one of these) if you want to leave them attached when you put your instrument back in the case. I'm not sure how d'Addario could do it, but they might make the lock on the clasp a little more bombproof, or perhaps add a little non-slip material to the gripping surfaces. I've also had trouble seeing the display in certain kinds of light, but you can shade it with you hand and generally see what's what.
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on July 8, 2016
After receiving one of these as a Christmas gift from my spouse I quickly ordered a second one. Definitely one of the best tuners I have ever used. The positioning and ability to spin the tuner around make this perfect for reading at the proper angle. Sometimes you get tuners that just do not fit right on your guitar's headstock and leave you thinking, "there's gotta be a better tuner that's not a pedal". Well this is it. I love this thin and for the price, you can grab a couple. The battery lasts a good amount of time and replacements are very cheap (4- packs for $1 at the Dollar Store). As far as accuracy these are as good as you're gonna find anywhere else and they are barely noticed by anyone. If you flip it around while playing people won't even know it's there. The adjustment button on the back is very easy to use and clicks into place extremely well. What a great product!!!
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