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on August 5, 2013
I have had cats for over 30 years, and this is the best litter I have ever used, bar none. Sure, there's some dust when you pour it out; it's clay, people -- get real. But that's all the dust you'll see, and it's not much. It clumps firmly, does not leave sludge in the bottom of the box, tracks very little, and if you scoop regularly, controls odor better than anything I've used with no nasty perfume.
We have a small house, and I have a sharp sense of smell, so this matters a lot to me. I'm going to be just biting the bullet and buying this stuff. A bag lasts us over a month for two cats, scooping once a day. I used to use a corn-based litter, and my cats took to the Boxiecat right away; no transition problems at all.

8/14/13 update: Boxiecat is $32 on Amazon and $20 at -- the $20 includes delivery. I contacted both Amazon & Boxiecat about the price difference. Boxiecat replied; Amazon didn't. The deal is that Boxiecat doesn't set the price on Amazon; Amazon does. Boxiecat sells wholesale to Amazon, and Amazon marks it up. So, I'll probably buy Boxiecat again, but not through Amazon; I'd be willing to pay a couple of bucks more for the convenience of ordering through Amazon, but $12 more is ridiculous.

4/2/14 update: I just noticed that AmAzon has significantly lowered the price.-- yay!
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on November 12, 2015
This is going to sound disgusting, but I held my nose six inches from the litter box before writing this review, and I can say with confidence there is no smell after one month of use, and 36 hours since the last scooping...

Prior to this, I was a longtime customer of that "World's Best" brand... Not anymore.

Yes, this is a lot more expensive, but it's made life in my small D.C. apartment so much nicer.

-As I mentioned, no smell

-Nearly zero tracking compared with the other brand I mentioned -- and I have a *very* long-haired Persian. There really are only a few specks of litter outside the box at the end of the day, and I almost never find any stray litter around the apartment when I sweep.

-For me, one bag was enough to fill a standard size litter box
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on September 9, 2017
If the health of your cat is first and foremost, this is a great litter choice. There's very low to no dust and that's a major factor with clumping litter. You can imagine that breathing clumping dust - your cat or yourself - can be an issue since lungs are moist. It has terrific clumping qualities and odor control without strong perfumes that can make a cat choose carpet over box. If you have one cat, one bag is good for an average size box and will last a couple weeks provided you clean the box daily. Using a 2nd bag to keep topping off as you remove soiled product works fine since the odor control and clumping qualities are excellent. Another pro is I doubt any dust mites or other similar nuisance's can live in that dry sand environment having never seen anything like that with this product. On the con side, it's quite heavy sand material and tracks outside the box but I still give it the highest rating. Do your cat and yourself a favor: buy this very low dust litter that's a little pricey but top quality for your health and the health of your feline friend.
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HALL OF FAMEon April 24, 2018
Boxiecat cat litter has become the new favorite litter in our home. We own 8 cats, 4 adults and 4 new kittens and have found this litter works much better than the previous clay litter we were using. Our cats also seem to prefer this litter and they did not have any issues transitioning over. Actually, the first day we used this litter they would not leave their litter box and just wanted to play in it, needless to say, I was relieved they liked it so much. This litter is very soft and very fine much like the texture of sand.

When our previous cat litter sky-rocketed in price, we were not willing to pay almost triple for it, I looked on Amazon for something similar. After reading many positive reviews on this brand, along with the right price, we decided to give it a try and have not switched to anything else since.
Since using this cat litter, cleaning the litter box has been so much easier because I am no longer stuck with having to scrape the bottom of the pan, because it just does not stick to the bottom or the sides. The urine clumps great and does not fall apart or crumble when I scoop the box. Previously, with the other brand when I scooped the box, I needed to wait awhile after the cats used it so the urine clumps had time to dry otherwise, they fell apart and left tiny balls that were impossible to scoop out. Now I can scoop immediately after they use their litter box without having a mess.

The odor is considerably less than before and that was one of the first things I noticed the most. I have not found litter that will take away all of the odor but this one at least has been the most less noticeable used to date. Using this litter in conjunction with a litter box deodorizer has made all the difference in the world. I will also mention that the litter does not have a scent and that is what I wanted for my cats.

Lastly, our cats all have medium to long hair and since using this litter we have not had any issues with any of the particles getting stuck to their fur which is something that we did have a problem with previously.

The longevity of this litter has been remarkable. Now we only do a full box clean every 3 weeks or so and just top off the litter on a weekly basis. With the other cat litter there was no choice but a full box clean after only 10 days. This has not only helped save with the time of doing a full box clean but also has cut down on the cost of cat litter each month.

Overall, switching to this cat litter has turned out to be great for us as well as our fur babies. Would recommend this litter to all of my fellow cat owners.
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on February 3, 2014
I've been searching for a replacement for my old standby Arm & Hammer unscented multi-cat scoopable litter, which recently has become unbearably dusty. It seems our entire household is sensitive to dust from cat litter, not surprisingly the cats themselves. My goal was to find hypoallergenic fragrance-free, dust-free clumping litter. We have five cats with eight litter boxes for them to choose from. I scoop the boxes daily and completely change out the litter once a month.

Here are six results in order of my preference, the first two coming in at a virtual tie! Notes: My cats use the first three brands relatively equally (Cat’s Pride, Boxiecat, Precious Cat). The first five brands clump well without crumbling, but I can’t vouch for the clumping quality of Fresh Step since our cats didn’t even get a chance to try it. Odor control was not a deciding factor for me in these selections.

Cat's Pride Fresh & Light Premium Clumping Fragrance Free
5 stars
No fragrance, no dust, just right. Success! Fine texture. Advantage over others: exceptionally light weight, multi-color granules that make even the tiniest clumps of urine or fecal matter easy to detect and remove. The unique warm gray granule color is somehow extra appealing and clean looking to me. Featured on an episode of Must Love Cats. Definitely plan to buy again. (Note: I did not purchase this item on Amazon due to the high price here as of Jan. 2014.)

Boxiecat Premium Clumping Clay Cat Litter
5 stars
Fragrance free, 99.999% dust free, very easy cleanup. Success! I noticed only a minuscule amount of dust in sunlight when removing clumps, but it wasn’t enough to trigger any allergic reaction. Fine texture. Advantage over others: clumps appear near the surface for relatively easy cleanup. Clumps do not end up stuck to the inside bottom of the litter box as in other clumping litters, which often require scraping and extra cleanup efforts. Cat Fancy Editor's Choice 2012 for Best Cat Product of the Year. Definitely plan to buy again.

Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter
4 stars
Fragrance free, at least 99.9% dust free as claimed. My cats like it, but my personal preference is the finer texture of both Cat's Pride Fresh&Light and Boxiecat. And unlike the superior Boxiecat, clumps for Precious Cat often get stuck to the inside bottom surface of the litter box, even with the recommended three-inch depth. Still, this is a definite improvement over Arm & Hammer, not enough dust to trigger allergies, and I would consider buying it again if I hadn't already discovered Cat’s Pride and Boxiecat.

Purina Tidy Cats Instant Action
3 stars
Slight fragrance and zero dust, but only one of my five cats chooses to use it. My oldest cat is the only one who will use Tidy Cats, which works out well since he doesn’t like sharing his litter box. The unique granules are large, smooth and rounded, so perhaps he likes the feel of this litter on his paws. Fortunately it is dust free and the fragrance is mild and pleasant, so I will continue to buy this brand to keep him happy.

Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat Litter with Carbon Plus, Unscented
1 star
Dusty enough to trigger sneezing when I scoop out the clumps; emits a subtle but sharp fragrance that causes a burning sensation in my nasal passages. The cats don't seem to mind using it, but I don't feel good about them breathing in the dust and the sharp odor and will not be buying it again.

Fresh Step Premium Scoopable Unscented Clumping Cat Litter Multiple Cat Strength
0 stars
Extremely dusty, strong odor, triggers allergies. Cats didn’t get a chance to try it. This one turned out to be so dusty and emitted such a strong odor throughout the house, we had to remove the opened box from the house immediately. Triggered allergies for both my husband and me – coughing, headaches, burning sensation in eyes and nasal passages, sneezing. Definitely will not buy again.
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on January 20, 2018
I only tried this because I couldn't get Dr Elsey's Precious Cat Ultra litter through Amazon Prime anymore. I thought Dr Elsey's was great but Boxicat is even better. Boxicat seems less dusty and it clumps WAY better. With Dr Elsey's the clumps would occasionally fall apart, stick to my scoop or the bottom of the litter box but in over 2 months of use none of that has happened with Boxicat. Even when I let the litter get really low in the box (less than an inch) it has never stuck to the bottom. Impressive! My cat loves it too. Whenever I switch litters I put the new litter in a second litter box while keeping the old litter in the original litter box to let my cat try the new litter pressure free. Usually even if he likes a new litter it takes a few days before he warms up to it (i.e. uses it repeatedly). With Boxicat after the first use he never returned to his old litter box (containing Dr Elsey's litter). I have an uncovered litter box and I scoop daily so I've never had any issues with oder; Boxiecat is no different, still no litter box oder. It is heavy, and expensive, (so is Dr. Elsey's) but in my experience there is no perfect litter and this is by far the best I've tried.
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on September 19, 2016
I have owned multiple cats starting around 1990, and have tried every invention of cat litter over the decades. THIS IS THE ONLY ONE THAT TRULY WORKS. It is the answer I have been wanting from litter for ever. The search is over. And by the way, if you don't like scooping, the Litter Robot LRII self-scooping robot is the other litter secret you need to know. Save up if you can't afford it, because it is worth every cent. NEVER scoop again. Just change the garbage bag under the robot every 4-5 days (I use cheap kitchen garbage bags instead of the "replacement bags"). I no longer resent my cats for pooping.
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on April 4, 2015
Too often a product does not live up to the advertised reviews. NOT SO with BoxieCat Litter. I have never been more pleased with a product for my kitties. The litter does exactly as stated..urine clumps stay on top instead of making "mud" at the bottom of the pan, practically no dust, soft on kitties paws and does not cling to fuzzy feet, no odor, no huge waste as from from coarser litter when scooped out. I clean out soiled portions of litter boxes twice a day. I placed the Boxiecat in one litter pan and kept the second pan filled with the litter the 2 fur balls in my house have used for years. They actually preferred the Boxiecat . I can see why it won awards and vet recommendations. I have signed up for auto shipments, another wonderful aspect..delivered to my door free, under Prime. This may be a bit much of a review for cat litter , but I think cat parents will understand the satisfaction of actually discovering a product that works as advertised.
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on April 6, 2016
Expensive for cat litter but works great! I removed 1 star strictly for the cost. I have 3 litter boxes and the cost adds up quickly. The product itself works great, clumps well, keeps odor under control and doesn't track too badly. I do have 1 Maine Coon mix who has very hairy feet. The litter will cling to his feet and get tracked around somewhat but not as bad as some other brands. The two short hair cats don't track much at all. I do like the fact that it is unscented as well. No heavy perfumes. I initially did a "trial" run with a different type of litter in each of the 3 boxes over a couple of weeks. I rotated the location of the boxes to make sure it wasn't just the box location that the cats preferred. They all followed and used the box with the Boxiecat in it no matter where I put it. So it was obviously the one they liked best.
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on June 24, 2018
I don't usually write reviews but I feel I need to for this product. I was looking for a low tracking cat litter, I did a lot of research and found a few that sounded good but this one sounded to me the best. Vet recommended as well so I thought ok great this is the one. Now the product itself does do two great things. It really does clump well and as told it doesn't sink to the bottom of the box. That is awesome. And the other thing it does well is cover the smells. I haven't smelt anything cat wise since I started using it. The only thing I do smell is the litter itself. I know that may sound strange but every time I walk into my basement I can smell the clay, which I still would like to avoid to make it seem that I don't have a cat in the house. But the reason I wanted it the most was for the tracking. It even says on the front of the bag, low tracking. Now that is not true in my case. I have never had a cat litter that actually goes from my basement up to the third floor of my house and still end up on my bed. I have a, all be it not the best cat litter catcher mat, in front of my cat litter box as well as a piece of carpet underneath that and a full room carpet in the whole room. Then the house is carpeted the rest of the way in the house and stairs to have caught the cat littler by then but somehow no. I would still recommend this if you want it for the clumping and odor capabilities but not if you want it for tracking purposes.
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