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on November 1, 2017
I ordered this as I have in the past but when I got it the UPS tag stated that it was 31 lbs. I contacted Plow and Hearth and they told me that their tag stated that it was 36 1/2 lbs. I took a picture of the tag and sent it to them and I got a credit but I shouldn't have had to go through the inconvenience of it and if I wouldn't have been able to take a picture of the UPS tag with the weight I would have nothing tostand on.
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on January 22, 2018
Before I started using fatwood I would wad up a bunch of crumpled newspaper into the wood stove, and then hunt around the property for twigs and sticks and fallen branches, which then had to be dried out most of the time. So, you'd have to create a bin on the porch that looked like an eagles nest and then snap it up and put it on your wads of newspaper balls. The house would smoke up and you'd blow on it a couple of times, and add if the twigs were still damp. Sound familiar? Then I bought some fatwood from a local big box, paying much much more for a little box. It worked great but it gets costly fast. 35 pounds of this delivered to your home with free Prime shipping is the way to go. Get a tote or bucket to keep a big handful next to your woodstove. Put the rest somewhere out of site but dry. I usually use three sticks to start a fire. Two big fat ones, and one little one that becomes the match. Make an X, put your smaller firewood on top, and then some larger pieces. Light the smaller one in your hand and use it to get the other pieces going. Now if there's a little smoke it's not so bad because it smells like a pine incense and not like burning paper and printing ink. Toss some into your backpack when you go hiking or camping. Cheap and easy to use. All natural. Made from the stumps of previously logged stumps. After they get cut the stump loads up with pine resin, and then they cut off the last foot and chop it up real small and make the fatwood. Simple is good.
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on December 30, 2016
Our most recent home has a wood burning stove, which is pretty awesome since our wintertime electric heat bill is a budget buster- but is kind of a pain to get started. We had been using those paper wrapped firestarter logs which are pretty pricey and probably not that good for our little stove. My hubby also spends quite a bit of time foraging our woods for kindling. I stumbled across this Fatwwood Fire Starter and thought it would be a perfect mix of starter and kindling and stuck it on the hearth as a "stocking stuffer' for Christmas.

Love. It.

We got the 35 pound box and the box is stuffed full of resin sticks. I didn't count, but at least a couple hundred?? It is by the pound, so quantities vary. The sticks are not greasy, sticky or smelly - and not wood, so no splinters! We start our heat stove by using a piece of paper, 2 fatwood sticks and some seasoned logs and the thing is roaring in seconds. When the fire begins to dwindle, we simply add another stick. We have used the sticks daily since we got them and they are awesome. They pack a lot of punch and are an excellent value vs. firelog starters and are a major time and frustration saver.

Photo shows one piece of little fatwood next to a wood stove sized wood log.

Definitely recommend buying the Plow & Hearth Fatwood!
review imagereview imagereview image
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on January 14, 2015
I was concerned that this Plow & Hearth fatwood might be an expensive box of ordinary kindling after reading some of the reviews; but it did in fact work great for me, and burns well and does what it is supposed to do.

I think some of the reviewers expect this to light up like a firecracker; it's not like that. To use it, I wad up a bit of paper (a great use for junk mail!) and put a couple of fatwood sticks (crossed) on top of that, rather that using a long-stem butane lighter only, it's a lot easier and cheaper. IF you try to light it with only a lighter, you will be frustrated. I light the bit of paper, and the fatwood starts much faster and easier than by trying to light it with a lighter only. I cross small pieces of wood on top of the lit fatwood, and allow that to get the fire established before piling on bigger pieces.
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on March 27, 2018
Hard to beat the price at around $1/pound, and you don't need many sticks to get the fire going. Currently using for the house fireplace (until the weather warms up - then camping - they should work great with whatever crappy campfire wood I buy on-site). In the house fireplace, I'd recommend maybe 3-5 pieces of paper rolled up tightly, then place 3-5 sticks on top of the paper to give room to breathe, then light the paper (after putting kindling, logs, etc stacked on the grate, and opening the damper(duh)) and that's it. They're a bit smoky (blackish), but that's the way pine pitch burns. They're sustainably raised in Honduras (at least mine were), cut to ~6" lengths and just right for using/packing. They should last for quite a while (they won't dry out - ever - pine pitch won't).
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on February 1, 2018
Love natural sticks, the box in the photo looks really nice for storage, BUT the box I received is a standard cardboard box that doesn't make for storage so needed to find another box to put the sticks in. Not a huge deal, but I think it should ship in suitable container for storage considering it will take some time to go through 35lbs of sticks, even if just better cardboard box like in the photo. Also, the box was fairly banged up making it worst. Having said that, I didn't feel it was a big enough issue to complain so it's not as if they don't care or didn't respond. I'm going to keep using sticks and if problem gets better or worse I'll up date review.
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on March 28, 2018
These are so great, all natural and they make starting fires almost effortless. I depend on wood fires to heat my home. I use a torn piece or two of cardboard egg crate with two pieces of fatwood laid across the top, then a tripod of three small pieces of softwood (cedar/pine) kindling over that, I light the egg crate, regulate the stove doors, vents, etc. for proper airflow and safety, and walk away. Within minutes I have a fire to which I can start adding larger pieces of hardwood.
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on November 6, 2014
 This is an excellent quality product. I got it a day before the delivery day which is always good! As you can see in the pictures the box was over the 35 pounds. 98% of the sticks are from good to excellent quality, lots of resin on them. I actually made a video to show how fast it will start burning when you put the matchstick to the fatwood stick. Be careful when you start the fire on the stick Because the resin will start dripping littler fire balls... Watch out the carpet! Don't store the box close to your fireplace or any other source of flame. Use just 3 to 4 sticks to have your fire wood nice and hot to warm your house. Enjoy the the Winter. Ah! One last advised, don't use the fatwood for cooking purpose, the smoke of the fatwood will transfer the taste of the resin to your food.
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on January 11, 2018
I bought the same amount last year and would not think about buying from anyone else. I have been heating my house with wood for the past 18 years now and this by far is the best fatwood starters that I have bought. They have a customer in me every year.
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on January 14, 2014
I heat my home with wood. I typically light 2 fires every morning all winter long. With fatwood this job is easy. I use 1 or 2 sticks of fatwood depending on the size and whether I have smaller logs to start the fire with. I put a bead of jellied alcohol firestarter on each stick of fatwood. Then I put a log on either side of the fatwood so it doesn't get smothered and one or two more across the top.

Every fire starts with one match and no paper. I can get my fires started in about 30 seconds from standing in front of the stove to walking away with a fire going. These work great and Plow and Hearth seem to have the best quality fatwood that I can find.
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