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on April 7, 2016
I really liked this book. The humor is juvenile and sexist, but Bill receives as good as he gives. There is fun (albeit, not so witty) banter between the characters that brought a smile to my face. Bill is a foul mouthed nerd, and not the most lovable guy on the planet, but as the tale grows--he grows on you and his character grows as a person. His friends are also foul mouthed, so if that offends you don't read it. I found it entertaining and amusing. I liked the premise that he's not your typical slick, sexy vamp irresistible to both men and women. Indeed, he finds most vampires to be "dicks."
I didn't find it misogynistic as some readers did, although his mouth frequently and to his detriment, seems to have no filter or off switch--he actually holds women in high regard--believing them to be intelligent, powerful and good leaders, as well as good villains. He sour grapes and whines a lot, which is fitting to his character. The series bears little resemblance to the Dresden Files, except the main character is thrust against his will into hostile magical circumstances, yet gets by with a little help from his friends.
As the series progresses, I found it to become more complex, original and funnier, even containing some good belly laughs. I'm glad I stumbled upon The Tome of Bill. I'm looking forward to starting Book 7, The Wicked Dead.
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on November 27, 2016
The first book in the Tome of Bill series, eight books and counting.

I've read all the books and can say that it's one of my favorite series. I'm always looking for a good vampire book without the 'glittery' ones and those types. Throw in some comedy and I'm more than likely to at least read the first book.

Looking back on this book I read most of the bad reviews and while there is a grain of truth to them I would like to add my two-cents.

There are many parts throughout the series that had me cracking up and some of the characters I hope are in each new book when they're released, Gan comes to mind immediately, but I can also agree that some people may find some of the humor juvenile and that's ok, comedy is like a pair of shoes, it won't fit everyone.

Readers do bear the responsibility of having realistic expectations when going into a book. In this case, the Author at the time of writing this book was a newly minted Indie Author and as in a lot of cases, the first book shows that lack of experience and fine tuning you see from most published authors. Mr. Gualtieri has since become a seasoned author and his books show all the hard work and sacrifice you'd expect to see from someone dedicating untold hours to perfect a craft that has driven many to drink.

If you read the blurb you can tell a few things about the character Bill and what to expect. If you think about shows or pop culture of the stereotypical nerds then it stands to reason that you might find similar kinds of jokes and situations.

Some have recommended reading the sample before buying. Always a good thing to do. Not many people will blindly go to a store and grab a pair of shoes without trying them on first.

These books will take you to places not seen before in the Vampire genre and that can be a good thing or bad depending on your viewpoint but one thing that most will agree with is that there are some great characters in this series. My personal favorite is Gan. I'd love to see a spin-off or maybe a one off dedicated to her.

I'm not going to go into a detailed rehash of the book if you made it this far you're probably already interested enough for me to just say 'give it a try'. If you're still not sure then jump into one of the books that come later in the series. You probably will be slightly confused as each book builds on the last but they are self-contained enough that you will still enjoy it.

At the end of the day, most of us throw away the cost of this book on stupid stuff almost daily so why not give this book a try. You may find, like countless others, that you really enjoyed it and then have the pleasure of looking forward to seven other books to beat back the drudgery of life.
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on April 25, 2017
Yes. YES! This was super fun! I love nerdy, pervy Bill; he reminded me of some of the guys I grew up with , actually. Always thinking skeevy thoughts, but he's actually pretty decent in his actions. I LOVE that he's a dork, that he's not a super model, and that he realizes this. It just made him more relatable for me. I loved the smart butt (I had to change the original word for Amazon haha) banter back and forth between the main core characters, and I would totally hang out with them.

The writing, I loved. I laughed out loud more than once, especially when Bill was speaking to the reader and cracking jokes. I know that some people don't like that style, but it helped me get more entrenched in the book. There was a particular part where he said something and I, being a dirty minded old lady, started giggling to myself, only to then have him say wait no, not like that, and I cackled out loud, which scared my kids since they didn’t know what was going on! Obviously I’m a mature adult.

The narrator is great. He used proper emphasis, which I could see going VERY wrong, considering the style of the story-telling, but he nailed it. He was a smart alec when he needed to be, and the dude even did the sound effects. Heck yes! I look forward to hearing more from him.

I would definitely suggest this to those who like raunchy, nerdy, vampire stories. As in, go read and/or listen to this!

Bob says: Can't give more than 5, so 5 measly ones it is!
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on July 14, 2015
So... this is freaking hilarious! I started listening after my husband kept going on and on AND ON about how hilariously engaging this was and how he just could not get enough. I stopped him before he could give out any spoilers (barely) and decided to give it a try. I have listened to nothing else since then!

This. Is. Hilarious!

I mean, can you imagine a complete geek from The Big Bang Theory finding themselves in a vampire coven? And look, they may be geeks but they are not going to let some vampire kill them just because they look like a geek. Look, act, talk, and walk like a geek, but still!

The minute Bill starts narrating I was laughing. I can see why this was so hilarious for my husband and it was for me too. The predicaments Bill finds himself in, even for a vampire, is quite ridiculous. But how he deals with those situations is even better.

First, he is made into a vampire but since he has some kind of power that allows him to not obey other vampires. The compulsion they throw out just doesn't work on him. But he can do much more than just not listen! There are so many things he can do that HE doesn't even know about until Sally shows him the ropes.

And speaking of Sally she is just enough sarcastic humor to throw Bill off his game. Well, with what little game he has! Between Sally and Bill's two roommates, Bill is up to his canines in issues but that does not stop other vampires from making more issues for him.

Every single word of this had me laughing. In portions I laughed so hard I was nearly crying. Rick Gualtieri brings something to the vampire genre that has not been seen before and I love it! Much like my hubby, I plan to listen to every single word about Bill the Vampire. And when I'm done I'll probably start stalking Rick Gualtieri until he writes more! Fantastic narration by Christopher John Fetherolf! He does Bill justice! Love it.

In short: Hilarious! Fabulous vampire drama that is so unlike any other vamp show or book out there. A must read!
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on June 3, 2018
I live on the west coast and grew up in a rural community, and while I am also a child of the 80s, I couldn't help but feel like their was a cultural/generational gap while reading this book. Yes I know all about proper characterization, but the main character is exactly the type of lazy, self indulgent, narrow minded, and irresponsible slug that I have grown to hate over the years.
Yes the main character is meant to be portrayed as an A-hole, but he's one of those really pathetic A-holes that you just feel embarrassed to be around rather than pat on the head with a hammer.
Normally I'm a completionist, and have to read a whole series once I start it. But this... yeah, not sure a can muck through 7 more volumes like this first one.
That said, I have read several series where the Author's first & second books were really crappy. But then get their feet under their selves by the third volume and the first two volumes of crummy set up begin to pay off.

Honestly I really love the whole premise that basically turns the emo vampire genre on its head, now if only the protagonist wasn't such a slothful and pedantic moron, it might become a more tolerable series.
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on November 24, 2017
Bill Rider is a geek who thinks he’s finally got a shot at scoring with a beautiful woman. Unfortunately, she’s a vampire and he’s the lonesome loser—big time. Now Bill is undead too and trying to figure out how to survive. Much to his disappointment, becoming undead didn’t make him graceful, or handsome or ready for a role on True Blood. It also didn’t dispose of his pesky conscience. All of which make him the very opposite of apex predator and pretty funny to follow.
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on September 25, 2017
So Bill is sort of your average nerd, computer programmer, gamer. Until Bill is invited by a hottie to a soirée in SoHo. He arrives at said soirée, and when he wakes up....he finds he was on the menu. Now he has been turned into a vampire. What follows is a fun story with great characters, funny dialogue, and lots of wit. Bill finds that he is immune to the compulsion from his coven leader, the douche, Jeff. What he also finds out is, this is rare, and hasn't happened in over 600 years. When Bill also finds out unlike regular vampires, he can drink from other vampires, our adventure really takes off. This is not your typical vampire "Twilight" type story. This is fun, often irreverent, but always fun.
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on August 8, 2016
Great start to a great series. Now the idea of the geeky/schlub vampire isn't completely new, but Rick Gualtieri's spin on it is thoroughly entertaining. I won't give you a rundown on the story, plenty of other reviews do a good job of that. What I will tell you is that this book is dang funny. This book is a literary sitcom, and I mean that as a compliment. This is the prefect book to pick up after a long, hard day, when you just want to relax, be entertained, and not have to think so much. This an episode of Seinfeld, this is escapism pure and simple. Bill and his friends are great characters, but just be aware that they are a bit of sexist, like to swear, and can be a little crude. Bill and his friends may be in their twenties but they often act like teenagers. I have zero issues with this, but if you are sensitive to such issue then you might seek your entertainment elsewhere.
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on November 3, 2016
I wasn't sure about this book at first. Was it dry, deadpan, sarcastic? Or was Bill just a plain and simple jerk? I listened to it on audible and have to say that the narrator's delivery combined with the dialog was a "score" for me. It is written from Bill's point of view, from his thoughts so it's written in a very "guy" way of thinking. No overwrought emotion, no real angst beyond getting through that moment. For me it was a good time with some humor and a "light read" despite the heavy subject matter (because becoming the undead is a shock to the system, lol). It's a different approach than I've read before and I enjoyed it.
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on June 21, 2016
I really enjoyed the "fish out of water" concept applied to a Nerd vampire amongst the Pretty Crowd vampires. It is a very fast paced and entertaining story. I just picked it up a couple weeks ago, and now I'm on book 4.

If you are looking for high brow literature, this ain't it. If you like your soliloquies more DeadPool than Shakespeare, Gualtieri is your man.

The author has a light hearted, fun, easy going style. His supernatural world sticks fairly close to normal conventions with some nice twists. So it is easy to absorb without be a rip off of someone else.

Be warned that he uses a lot of harsh language and most of his humor is very guy oriented. Being a guy, I thought it was hilarious was literally laughing out loud while reading it. (However, I wouldn't recommend it to your girlfriend. It would just further confirm that deep down, you really aren't as mature as she would prefer.)
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