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on September 17, 2017
If I could give it 3.5 stars, I would. We've had this about 4 weeks and so I think it's time for a honest review. Our 11 pound cat loves it. I was worried she wouldn't, leaving me with a $99 bathroom plastic trash can. But she tried to get into it the moment I took it out of the Amazon box, even before I was able to add the litter. And she has no problem getting in or out. It seems like a natural thing for her to jump on top, and hop down inside. It's cut down on the litter tracking to almost nothing, so that part works for me, and Kitty. If that is your major problem, this box will help. I also like the removable litter container, just lift it out. The lid on top hinges open to do the scooping and when you do this any litter on top tumbles back into the box. It also looks cool. However I have one concern. No matter how much litter I place in it, she still manages to dig to the bottom corner to pee. The "tarp" liner is sown at the seams and the pee manages to make it under the tarp and pools there where the litter can't soak and clump up the icky. So I have to scrub the box bottom and the bottom of the tarp every week. My rub is for $99 I think that shouldn't happen. It it wasn't for that problem, this would be the perfect litter box. To me that should be something Modkat could modify in the future. That tarp needs to be waterproof at the seams. It is really hard to get all the pee out of the seams once soaked into the stitching. I emailed Modkat support 2 weeks ago about this and haven't heard a thing. So, it's strong point is the anti-litter tracking, weak point is the flaw in the tarp liner, it leaks and pools pee under the tarp.

Update Oct 22, 2017
I am about ready to remove the tarp, and use just the box. I liked the idea of just lifting out the tarp and dumping the litter, and for a $99 product, I feel the tarp should work, but it's not so far. I sent an email to ModKat and several weeks later got a reply that I wasn't putting enough litter in the box. So I pored the box 1/2 full and the urine still manages to get under the tarp even then. I think Kitty hits the corner which has a sown seam, and it seeps through, and trickles down under the tarp. The tarp also starts to stink, and no amount of scrubbing takes the smell away. ModKat needs to change the tarp so it doesn't leak at the seams.
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on September 4, 2017
I love over-engineered sleek products and will pay extra money for them. However, the longer I've had this product, the less enthused I am about it.

First, I like the look and top entry, but there is no reason it should cost $100 for those two items alone.

So, what's wrong with it. First, the liners. Those got scraped within the first two changes. My 10 week old kittens would tear these down trying to bury their business and the liner would terribly distort - I can't imagine what a full grown cat would do to them. The liners are also pretty gross to clean and don't dry quickly. Plus, along the seams they trap moisture (urine) and I think are just darn useless.

So, let's talk about other design elements. As others have noted, the scoop is on the outside. Why can't this be on the inside somehow? One of the central reasons any of us want this box is to have less litter in the floor. So, after scooping, the shovel goes on the outside so more litter can drop on the floor? And if anyone coming to visit your house saw this sleek little box and visually passed over it, their attention would be drawn back to the darn scoop attatched to the side. I picked this design for its ability to be out in the open and not visually appear to be a cat box. Thanks Modkat for making sure no one mistook this for anything other than a cat box.

Let's talk about the lid. The lid is designed with holes so the litter drops back into the box. Great. But when you flip the lid, modkat has designed a handle/hole in the side of the box where any litter that remains on the lid slides off through the "handle" and onto the floor. So frustrating.

Lastly, this product needs to be just a bit bigger. It seems like my cat ends up stepping in his business because he doesn't have enough room to maneuver around and bury his business and then jump out. This results in some really unhappy messes.

So.....with all this, I would go with something cheaper until they improve these issues. I always love products that have a design meets functionality sort of spin, but the longer I have this product, the more I realize the functionality just isn't there.
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on October 8, 2016
I have gone through 4 litter boxes trying to find something that will work with two cats as well as two dogs looking for litter snacks.

This litter box unpacks easy, out of the box, remove the plastic and it's ready to go! Just add cat and litter. My kitten Winter jumped in right away and broke it in 3 times in a row, my older cat Neko took a wait and see approach and by the second day he was a happy cat. No more dogs diving after his poops!

I'm happy, no litter on the floor, no stinky dog breath from litter snacks, cats are happy, they enjoy jumping in from the top. The box is deep and roomy. My dogs now just look at the litter box with longing and I'm happy with that, you know the cats are extastic with tha! Anything to torture our sweet pups!

You will love this litter box! Buy one now!

Now, I would love a trash container this size right by the litter box to scoop the daily litter in without heading outside everyday.

Thank you for the great product Modkat!

Had to include a photo of the two stars 💕
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on March 22, 2013
I purchased this litter box in white directly from Modkat about a month ago. I had been on the fence for over a was incredibly chic (as far as litter boxes go), but way too expensive for a glorified turd holder. I'm lazy and cheap- I had been getting disposable litter pans that came preloaded with litter from HEB for $2 apiece, so I was reluctant to both spend more and have to sift through cat litter like a pathetic gold rush miner, exclaiming over each newly discovered poop nugget. Not only that, but my two cats are among the fattest, clumsiest, and stupidest I've ever met. At 20 lbs. each, I was concerned the box would be far too small for them to even enter, let alone relax, do a crossword, and answer nature's call. I was also worried it might be too tricky for them to figure out, or that they might step in their poo and track it all over my apartment.

Looking back, my only regret is that I didn't buy this sooner. My cats' fat furry butts fit into it just fine, and they adjusted incredibly quickly (I switched their litter boxes cold turkey). It also looks decent in my cramped apartment's living room, so visitors don't immediately pick up on the crazy cat lady vibe. It's made of pretty high quality plastic and is easy to clean, just make sure to dump out all the litter and clean the liner about once a week so that things don't get funky smelling.

P.S. I was worried that the blue tarp-like liner would confuse my cats and encourage them to poo in my blue reusable ikea bags, but so far that has not been an issue.
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on August 16, 2016
This Litter Box is worth every penny! Fluffy very very love love his Modkat. I really really really love the design and No more litter on the floor. I would highly recommend this litter box to everyone who has a cat!
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on June 6, 2017
In the 2 days between ordering and arrival I was 'gifted' with another stray cat, Taqi. I knew my cat, Chido, would figure it out but had doubts about this new kitten. It took a couple tries but she eventually was able to climb in/out and now just views this as her own personal hangout spot; it might be too cozy. Her new favorite pastime is attacking her brother while he tries to get a moment of peace. Im not exaggerating; it happens every. single. time. Before you tell me she is trying to indicate that she is sick I want you to know that I have two expensive vet bills telling me that she is just a weirdo that likes to hang out in her bathroom.

So far the only problem we've had was when she had the cone of shame on for a week and had to try extra hard to get out back out of it. My older cat has had no problem figuring out how to use it. It has definitely cut down on the amount of litter tracked across my floor. It would be even less if the older cat didn't have to leap out of it to avoid getting attacked.

I am very impressed with this product. People wouldn't immediately recognize it's a litter box at first glance if there wasn't a cat constantly sitting near it.
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on May 7, 2017
I already rated this litter box but im so delighted and so happy that I returned to post a couple of pictures as well.
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on July 2, 2017
 My problem: we don't have very many places to put the litter box in our tiny house for our two adult cats. The old box was a big, ugly gray one, and we had it prominently positioned in our white kitchen. It clashed terribly, and the cats tracked litter all over the floor. The Modkat was quite a bit pricier than any other litter box I've ever purchased, but it has turned out to be perfect. It's not huge, so it actually fit around a corner in the kitchen instead of right in the middle. However, both of our large cats (12 lbs and 17 lbs) have no problems with it. Getting them to understand what the heck to do with it was a bit challenging and took a few tries, but they've both got the hang of it now (see the video for the first success for our 12-year old senior, Nuke). Clean up is easy, and the top-entry definitely helps cut down on the litter mess.
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on December 9, 2016
Almost completely got rid of all litter track issues except the dog kept wanting to stick her head in it.....sooooo we came up the a solution and made a specific board to put over the box when the cat and dog are separated and cat doesn't have access to it . No more litter box tracking issues anymore due to the dog or cat lol
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on August 16, 2016
My babies love this littler box and so does mom! It really keeps the litter contained. I have 3 cats and they all use it. I also have the flip model upstairs. Both are wonderful!
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