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Closys Fluoride Toothpaste, Mild Mint, 7 Ounce
Size: 7 Ounce|Style Name: With Fluoride|Change
Price:$9.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

I am a retired dentist and feel this is the best toothpaste available, mild taste, has fluoride, no SLS, and is great for breath. Get it on Amazon. Do yourself a very big favor and get this paste and a SoniCare Diamond Clean Toothbrush (only use the small-head brush). Costco has great sales on the units, but get replacement 'small' brush heads on Amazon). Rinse with Listerine (green (Fresh burst) or blue (Cool mint) is better than yellow), and floss once each day with a waxed floss (I like Glide Waxed). You will save your money, protect your investment, time, and suffering, and not have oral health frustrations. Please do not believe that any toothpaste whitens teeth, unless one doesn't brush at all and starts using toothpaste. Avoid 'Triclosan', sand, 'Tartar Control', Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, hard & medium bristles, large and odd shaped brush-heads, and any toothpaste or floss, or brushes on sale at a store.
I recommend this, only use it, will buy again, and hope this helps someone.
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on October 14, 2017
BEST toothpaste in the WORLD! I can say that from a professional standpoint since I have been a dental hygienist since 1984 and have used these products since the early 1990's. The inventor of this product was the doctor who wrote my "Periodontal" college textbook. I have used this in clinical practice over decades and have seen miraculous improvements in my patient's periodontal condition. It's because of the compound, chlorine dioxide, in the product, but I'm not going to go into a detailed explanation...just believe me on this and try this product.

Don't buy into the hype that dentists promote with all the other big name brands and most of all...Listerine (that name makes my skin crawl) All those companies go into dental offices and give them samples to "push" onto their patients. They hold contests to see who can do the most's all about money, not about YOUR periodontal health. I actually got fired from a prestigious office in NYC because I would not conform to the "product politics" of their practice! I have been recommending CloSys products since I saw the results my patients had with it. THAT's what helping people is about, not about selling stuff.

Anyway, if you have bleeding gums, if you have a history of periodontal pockets or surgery, if you have bad breath or if you have a healthy mouth and just want to keep it that way, USE THESE CLOSYS PRODUCTS!!!!!

A few other recommendations...the Oral B Braun small round oscillating electric brush is also the best one on the market. If you use that in conjunction with Closys products, your gum health WILL improve! One thing I always told my patients is floss first, then brush at least 2 minutes and when you use Closys toothpaste, do not rinse out afterwards. Just spit. The longer the product is in contact with your gum tissue, the better.

If you have kids using this or if you have concern about it, buy the "non-fluoride" version of this product.

I hope people find this helpful.
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on September 1, 2016
My hygienist recommended CloSys for a variety of reasons, one of which was sensitivity due to recession and crowns. I bought the toothpaste and mouthwash. I cannot more highly recommend this product than a five star review. After about a month, my two year sensitivity was gone. After I brush and rinse my mouth, my mouth and teeth feel cleaner than ever before. I agree with the retired dentist who wrote a good review a short while back. Try it! And don't forget to floss!
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on July 13, 2014
I have been experimenting with toothpastes for the past year. I was looking for something without sulfates as I've read that they can be harmful to the ph in your mouth. I wanted something that kept me teeth white as some of the natural brands seemed to create a yellow cast after a month or so of use. I also wanted something that had fluoride because while I do try to keep things natural and organic as much as possible I think that there is a balance between nature and science. The natural brands that are using peppermint oil and baking soda to clean teeth taste fine but we live a lot longer these days and I'd rather bet on the side of fluoride to prolong the health of my teeth. This Closys Fluoride Toothpaste is the first one I have found that fits the bill. It tastes good, low foaming = no sulfates, cleans my mouth well as in glossy shiny, white teeth, and good breath. It has the fluoride to protect my teeth from cavities and while it has no numbing agents like that joke sensodyne uses to mask sensitive teeth I don't seem to feel sensitive to hot and cold liquids. It did take a few times to get used to brushing with since it is not a mouth full of foam but I adjusted and the results are worth it. I tried the commercial brands colgate, sensodyne, crest, etc. plus squigle, Dr. Collins, and two different dentist only brands but none of them compared to how healthy and clean this brand has kept my teeth.
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on January 27, 2017
I've always struggled with very sensitive skin and a dry mouth. I used to use Crest thinking I had no other choice but I always wound up with canker sores and sores on the sides of my mouth next to my lips. I started trying other toothpastes like Tom's of Maine and Trader Joes, but the ingredients still bothered me - with one exception: Tom's of Maine Clean and Gentle. I bought it one time at Whole Foods and never found it again. It's no longer manufactured and I was flustered! I saw this toothpaste at a drug store while looking for Tom's (which they didn't have) and read the label. I was surprised to see that it was specifically made for people with very sensitive mouths and contained no alcohol, SLS, or triclosan - or any other irritating ingredients. I used the whole tube (I bought the smaller 3.4 oz to start) and was very happy with the results. I had no irritation or sores to speak of and the paste left my mouth feeling very fresh and clean. I bought a 2nd tube (the larger 7 oz) and still had no trouble so I was super happy to find the paste for a good price on Amazon. I plan to buy the alcohol-free mouthwash next to see how I like it as I've been using Crest Pro-Health Alcohol-Free Mouthwash.
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on February 28, 2016
We had been buying this only through our dentist's office, but the price is better here at Amazon. My son uses this toothpaste exclusively and when he runs out he finds that the toothpastes available at local stores just don't work well for him any more, leaving a bad taste in his mouth. With CloSYS he finds his breath stays fresher longer and food and drink taste clearer to him.
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on March 20, 2018
I have been using this product for over 10 years and loved how it helped with my gingivitis and that it didn't foam up in my mouth when I used it. They recently changed their formula and added sodium lauroyl sarcosinate which foams up a lot when I use it. I feel like my mouth is full of soap! Yuck! I'm on the search for a new toothpaste.
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on February 7, 2018
I've been using CloSYS for a while now and have absolutely loved it. What I didn't love was the abrupt ingredient change that left me unable to use it due to my coconut allergy. CloSYS was the only brand I could find that didn't include coconut derivatives in their product, and that's now changed. Fantastic. Don't really know what I'm gonna do now, but this is going to affect many of us who used this toothpaste to get around an allergic reaction to coconut.
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on January 11, 2017
This toothpaste is the only one I can now find that is made without sodium lauryl sulfate. (The other sulfate-free brand I used to buy is discontinued). If you suffer from canker sores in your mouth, sodium lauryl sulfate can exacerbate the sores. Since converting to sulfate-free toothpaste about 9 years ago, I have totally eliminated the irritating canker sores that used to bother me constantly. You will find that this toothpaste does not foam up like other toothpastes (foaming is what the sulfate does), so you have to brush your teeth over the sink or else you'll be messy. However, it does just as good a job as ordinary toothpastes do. The taste is fresh and it works. This has been a lifesaver!
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on June 7, 2016
I have been using Closis toothpaste consistently for several years now with occasionally trying other brands, but I keep coming back to Closys. The toothpaste works great at removing coffee stains on teeth, and I make sure to use it specifically after drinking coffee or tea. I have found that if you use a small dab on your finger and rub stubborn stains they mostly come off without a visit to the dentist. Additionally, if you prefer not to appear like a rabid animal foaming at the mouth while brushing your teeth, Closys is a very low foaming toothpaste to try.

I purchased this product on Amazon and did NOT receive any discount on the purchase. This review is my own honest opinion and unbiased by any promotional value.
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