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on September 30, 2014
As most people have stated. These bags leak. I have tried everything to keep them from leaking. I love the convenience of pumping into a bag, especially while at work. Otherwise I am washing several bottles a day. However, since these bags leak, and are difficult to open and use. So why 4 stars? I came up with a way to use the lansinoh bags which have much better reviews. You simply cut a small slit above the zipper in the lansinoh bags and use the adapter to pump into the lansinoh bags. I provided customer images of how I use the two together.
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on July 27, 2017
I really hate these bags. As with most new mothers, I was looking for a way to make life easier. "These fit right onto the pump and are made by the same company as my pump!" I thought. Perfect! NOPE! In no particular order, here are the problems with this product:

#1) The "adapter" is just a wide funnel that is extremely difficult to fit into the two holes at the top of the bag meant to fit them. I had several of the holes rip through, making the bag useless for the pump unless I taped up the top of the hole. The funnel adapter itself sits just barely in the top of the bag, so forget about making any moves while pumping. You will need to hold perfectly upright and still in order to not dump breastmilk all over your lap.

#2) The markings on the bag are "approximate", but are WAY off. I pumped and measured 120 mL and when measured using the markings on the bag, it showed a 40 mL difference.

#3) LEAKING - I know that other reviews talk about this, but the ziplock top is useless and I had one bag leak all over the freezer. Having a hungry, crying baby and frozen breastmilk all over your freezer and frozen food is not my idea of time-saving or easier. Cut to me pouring boiling water into my freezer to clean up the mess during the only few minutes of precious free time I had between feedings and pumping... I was not a happy mama.

#4) Pouring from bag to bottle. Forget about a nice, smooth, clean pour. If you try to pour out of the front/back, you run into the hole meant for the adapter, if you pour out of the side milk will jump over the bumps caused by the closure strips and make a mess.

I'm going back to my old bags!
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These are the only breast milk bags I used, and they work fine. They are a bit difficult to close if breast milk gets into the sealing area, but they stay sealed well (just turn them upside down to make sure that nothing is leaking out before you put them in the freezer). I never pumped right into the bags, always into the bottles and emptied them into the bags, so there were a few spills (and tears shed over spilled milk), but they were great for the most part. I laid them flat in the freezer, and once the milk was frozen, used an old photobox to organize the milk in the freezer.
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on September 13, 2017
These bags smell like chemicals and metal...the smell transfers to the milk and makes the milk taste absolutely disgusting. My son has started to reject the milk we've stored in these bags. At first I thought it was my milk. But then I decided to smell the medela bags and oh my god do they smell horrible. I did a test and put water in the bag and froze the bag and then a few days later thawed out the water...and sure enough the smell and taste was transferred to the water. I've been pumping and storing for the past few months and now have to throw away all of my frozen milk because of these bags.

I stockpiled these medela bags and did a sniff test with the other packages I bought...ALL of them have the same smell.

Lanisoh bags have zero smell. I've switched to those and suggest you do the same.
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on November 1, 2017
The idea is really cool here. But that's about the only good thing I can say about these bags. I worked full time and pumped 3x a day. So I used a lot of milk bags. Here is what I did not like about them:

1. The zip lock at the top was HARD to seal. It was also hard to tell if I DID close it securely. I can't tell you how much stress this gave me! We mamas don't need any more stress, especially when it comes to milk production.

2. The mouth of the bag is very narrow. This is good when attaching them to the hooks on the pump. But it's sooo hard to get the bags OFF the hooks when done pumping. Especially if the bag is full. Again, so much stress wasted with these bags, trying not to spill precious milk. I ended up ditching the hook method and just tried to use these like normal bags. The narrow mouth but tall flaps made these really hard to pour milk into. I cut the top/flap area at the edges so that I could fold it down. But that's really just too much work and I just abandoned the rest of the box and left them unused because I hated them so much.

3. The bags are crap for measuring. All bags are, haha. But especially when pumping straight into a bag, the measurements are going to be all over the place. I've compared the measurement from pumping into a bottle, then pouring into a bag. They are way off.

4. They don't hold much. And you'll be cursing if you happen to over fill, because they aren't very forgiving and you'll end up spilling milk out the top when trying to seal.

In conclusion, just pass on these. The idea is great, but the execution is lacking and just adds more stress and time to a pumping session.
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I originally didn't like these milk storage bags. I exclusively breast feed, but sometimes I had to pump from overproduction or to attempt giving my son bottles. When I was storing milk in the fridge/freezer for bottle feeding, I prefered the Lansinoh bags. The Medela ones were stiff, and only held 5 oz (vs 6 for the other). However, when it came time to store milk for solid feeding, the Medela ones won hands down. They are shorter and stiffer, so it's easier to pour small amounts or dip in a measuring spoon to pull out tablespoon by tablespoon. My husband definitely prefers using these.

My main complaint now is that it's not that easy to pour; I don't like using the hole to pour out of.
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on January 4, 2017
These bags are terrible. They leak, tear, break open, if you freeze them for long-term milk storage, they DEFINITELY self-destruct so that when your husband or daycare worker is defrosting it, they end up losing all the milk in the bag because it has magically become porous while frozen. More than once I have lost all the milk I pumped because the crappy bag just committed what must have been bag suicide because it was not bumped or jostled, it just flung itself off the counter, spilling 5 ounces of breast milk EV ER Y WHERE. Their only saving grace is .... what.... pumping directly into them?!? Fantastic. Meanwhile, every stupid box of 20 comes with two plastic pump-to-bag adapters so now I have, like, 10 extra of these things just hanging around the house fulfilling NO purpose. (Maybe I can make a medela collage when I'm done breast feeding... I need something to vent my rage at these bags.) I feel like for the RIDICULOUS price, they could possibly throw a little into some R&D and make a better bag. I dunno, call Lansinoh and ask them how they make their bags because those bags are AWESOME.
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on August 18, 2016
When using the bags, first thing to know is to pull out the bottom of the bag so the bag stands on its own. The first time I did not know this and the bags could only lay down and would not stand up on their own in the refrigerator. Also, the holes in the top make it tricky to pour milk into the bag from a bottle after pumping and also when pouring breast milk into a bottle from the bag. After several spills I have gotten better and the hang of it. It is easier just to cut the top off the bag when pouring into a bottle if you use all the milk in the bag. I did like that the bags held 6 ounces. My son took about 3 ounces each bottle so I knew that one bag would get me two bottles. The bags do fit easily to the Medela pump if you pump straight into the bag.
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on August 8, 2017
LOVE the concept. . . .HATE the product. I am sooooo disappointed. I am a mom of 3 and my most recent was born in May. With my first kid I pumped for 1 year and with my second 1.5 years, so I have quite a bit of practice at this. This time around I saw this product and thought how ingenious! I hate cleaning all the pump stuff including the bottles 3 times a day at work so I thought at least this would save me cleaning the bottles. However, these bags do NOT seal very well at all. Listen ladies, we all know how precious our milk is, don't waste your time or money on this product. I bought 3 at one time before I delivered, hoping they will let me return the 2 I haven't opened although it has been a few months (how would I know I didn't like this product when I didn't have to start using it until a few weeks ago when I went back to work?). Anyways, I will give a try using someone else's method of cutting a slit in the lansinoh bags, those work great! They are longer, fit more milk, and have what I believe to be the most important. . .double seal! Also I find myself spilling milk much easier when transferring from the bag to bottle with these bags due to their shape and the slit position. Medela. . .I love your pump, I love the concept of this product, get your sh*t together and take these reviews back to R&R and create a new bag (with a double seal).
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on April 14, 2016
I ordered these because I have the models pump. They serve their purpose but I won't order them again. 1. They do not store flat. This wastes space in my freezer. 2. They don't measure accurately unless they are all the way full. I was pumping right into them at first and would just zip it up and freeze what looked like 3oz. Once I had thawed the milk to use and put it in s bottle it was much less... Between 1-2 ounces. I think it must have to do with the shape of the bag. I then started pumping into bottled and then pouring them in bags so I would know how much and would circle the ounces on the outside of the bag. This works very well and eventually I just filled every bag with 5oz (the max it holds), but I still was not happy because I wanted to pump into the bags to cut back on bottle washing.
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