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on July 29, 2012
I bought 4 different rafts for my families vacation. All Intex rafts "Floating Recliner" "Sit N Float" "18 Pocket Suntanner" "63X33.5 King Kool". Everyone liked the "Sit N Float" the best. We took the rafts to the lake of the Ozarks.
* Floating recliner will keep you up out of the water. It's a good raft the only issue was the wind. Any wind will push you around quickly in this raft. You are so high that it's a little difficult to row yourself back to where you want to be.
* Sit N Float will keep you in touch with the water. Comfortable. Sometimes I would flip it over so the handles were completely out of the way.
* 18 Pocket Suntanner will throw you off in a heartbeat. Hard to get on and once you do don't move because it will buck you off. I had to take half the air out of it just to get on it somewhat.
* 63x33.5 King Kool is a good raft. It keeps you in touch with the water but supports you well. The hole at the feet is actually a handy. You can choose to hang your feet a little in the water or keep them up.
By the way I'm 5 foot 11. 220 pounds
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on July 13, 2011
Nice quality pool float. The only thing I will personally mention, I like a bigger pillow area. If you are face down, you are dealing with a little bit of water in your face. Intex makes another one with a bigger pillow and separate valve for air. I have two these silver and clear tanner floats. Same as this model in build except has the better headrest pillow.

I am going to write a review of the other Intex pool floaty too, and that one gets a big ten outta ten rating. Both of these are made of very durable material. I have one that is several years old now, and still going strong. If you ever need to fix one, buy Household Goop and just smear a healthy amount over the tear or hole and it will last forever.
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on August 22, 2013
Laughingly as it sounds I do not swim, nor have a swimming pool. I bought this for my trips on a plane. Last summer my flight to Tri-Cities TN airport was cancelled at 9:30 pm(which frequently happens), that is along with several hundred other people flights. By the time our flight was cancelled it was too late to rent a hotel. They were all booked up. So I had to spend the night sleeping on the couches at the Atlanta airport. That did a real number on my back. As advertised this air mattress weighs only 1.5 pounds, and it fits nicely in the bottom of my flight bag taking up very little room. No more room that a typical school slender notepad binder. I will admit it will be a chore to blow up. But I will sleep just like I am on a sleep number bed.
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on July 18, 2013
I ordered this because intex has a good reputation and I thought the color and style was nice. Under the description It said it was 74"x28", I couldn't figure out why a few of the comments people were complaining about the size. I now understand and hopfully Amazon will fix the size description (I did call in the correct size). It is actually 66" x 24" which is a great size for my 12 year old daughter (she is 4' 9". This isn't a typical adult size lounge, so I will be buying another longer one for myself. The pillow size it what you see, yes smaller than normal, but the photo is very acurate. Yes, they show 2 and you get 1, but it says you only get 1 in the description as well. We recieved the blue and pink one. I also told Amazon to call it a lounge instead of lounges so people quite complaining. It seems to be a good quality and perfect for my 12 year old. I am 5'5" and my feet hang off. I have never seen a (teen) size lounge float and I think this is something to order for the pre-teen age group.
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on March 13, 2018
Didn't last an entire season of every other one weekend day use. Popped out at a pocket seam all the way around, so no way to repair it. Disappointed to have to throw away a new float before even using it all season.
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on November 25, 2015
We used these at our lake cabin last summer. Our grandchildren gave them a good workout and they are still intact. We expect we will get another seasons use from them. I gave four stars because they are a bit too narrow and would be difficult for a large person to use. We consider them a good value.
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on May 26, 2016
Complete rubbish. Stoppers too small and pop out of holes. Raft is a ridiculous 18" across or something when it's inflated (extremely unstable if you're an adult). Leaks right out of the box. OK for little kids if you have an air compressor handy...
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on August 31, 2013
I've had this for a few weeks and have multiple problems with it. First, it doesn't stay inflated. But worse is that mildew grows inside the cups (and also on the surface) and it is impossible to clean them out. I spray it with cleaner, soak it for a while and do my best to get it out but it is never really clean. I leave other floats in the pool and have never had a problem with mildew on them, but those cups just hold wetness even if I turn it upside down and try to dry it in the sun. Next time it deflates it will go in the trash.
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on June 28, 2018
Smaller raft, very hard to get on if you’re a taller/bigger person. This would be better for smaller people or kids. The raft keeps you completely out of the water, which some people like. We have started to use it as a bar table in the pool to keep our drinks in now since it has the holes.
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on August 28, 2016
We purchased this for our vacation and it did not disappoint. The air mattress was easy to inflate (we have a small compressor). And it didn't seem to lose any air during use. We both really enjoyed this air mattress and have decided to order a second one since the other style I ordered was terrible and had to be returned.
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