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on July 17, 2015
So I recently have been looking for a new razor and my sister recommended these to me. She said they were "very convenient," and for her to say that about a product when she has two children and no free time means a lot to me. I ordered them here on Amazon since they are a bit less expensive than in the store, and decided to give them a try. So I hop in the shower, let the hot water run a really long time so that shave is smooth, and get started. I really liked the way that I didn't need to use shaving lotion/cream with it, but I did notice that the shave bar attached to the razor was really dwindling fast even in just the first use. They gave me a really smooth shave, and I put the bar aside for the next day. The second use, that damned bar was really fading fast, even though the blade is still really sharp.

Ready to give up hope, I text my sister that the razor was crap because the bar was melting so quickly. She gave me not one but two pro tips that completely changed my approach to this razor, and others. She explained that A) As with all razors, water isn't good for them, so you need to take the approach of a stand up bath when using them in the shower, don't let the water run over the razor, and the bar won't melt as fast. B) she told me I should use tea tree oil in the razor to help it last longer, and to prevent razor bumps. Apparently, the tea tree oil ( I use this brand TreeActiv+ Tea Tree Oil Acne Solution for Advanced Acne Treatment - All Natural Acne Spot Treatment - Blemishes Gone or Your Money Back! acts an as antibacterial that prevents all the dead skin and gunk you are shaving get into the small cuts you are making into your skin. Also, the tea tree oil acts as a protectant against the inevitable dulling that your razor will endure. If you end up liking the tea tree oil, I also recommend my favorite TreeActiv Anti Acne & Rosacea Treatment Sulfur Mask Plus Rhassoul, Bentonite Clay Mask with Witch Hazel & Aloe Vera - Refreshing Lemon Scent (1 Jar) with tea tree oil that works really well with the oil for your face. So with these two tips I'm having a completely different experience and I absolutely love it! I recommend this for all the ladies who shave on a daily basis.
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on July 30, 2016
I wish I didn't love these razors so much as they are kind of pricey. After trying cheaper alternatives I had to come back. I get the best shave from these, less cuts, and the handle doesn't hurt my wrist and hand. I like the variety of pleasant scents that they come in. I am able to shave legs, bikini area and armpits without an issue and with only one pass. So, they get 5 stars. I should give them 4 because of the price, but it obviously didn't stop me from putting this razor blade on my subscription list!
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on April 22, 2016
If you happen to be busy, maybe a busy mom, and are lucky to be getting a shower some days but still want to feel human this is the product for you. Yes it's pricey but sometimes you pay for convenience. Yes it may only save me 5 minutes. But I can use that 5 mins to brush my teeth and throw on moisturizer and lip balm.

The built in shave cream/lotion/gel, whatever it is, works better than putting on shave gel. I also find it's almost a tad protective to prevent nicks so I use this for my teens learning to shave as well. When I use anything else anymore I feel like it's too close of a shave. Someone said its because of the cheap blade on other products not that this doesn't shave as well. I have no idea if that's true but I've used this since it came out and I don't ever feel like my shave isn't close enough. There's close enough and there's "I may have stripped some skin" feeling, I don't need the later thank you very much. A smooth shave is plenty and I get that with this. Last pro, so many scent options. Yes, I don't smell my legs, heck I'm not even sure I smell the scent when I'm shaving but I like options and I like all the choices they have so let me enjoy it when I open the package. The handle is large, easy to grip and use and it comes with a shower hanger. The bulkiness of the handle plus the bulkiness of the strip make it impossible for it to have a fancy swivel head or anything like that but it does tilt and adjusts in height to the shave bar. Again, I don't need a fancy swivel for a strip your skin close shave. I tried the other brand that has a built in shave bar and though I liked the way that shave bar lasted, i hated the super close shave.

Ok, now the con. The front side of the shave bar gets used up way before the back. If you're doing your underarms and all of both legs you'll be lucky to get 2 shaves out of one blade, long legs just 1 for sure. If you shave every day, that's easily $3 a day. Refer back to the first paragraph, I do not shave every day, I can handle $3-$6 a week. I'm no engineer but you'd think it could be reversible or some other improvement to make it more efficient because I have to imagine the blade can handle more than 1 shave. My only suggestion is subscribe and save unless you can find a coupon.
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on September 20, 2016
I was recommend this product from a friend. I was given a handle without a head so I could try it. I ordered these heads from Amazon and received them yesterday. I was finally able to try this product last night and I have to say, I am so impressed!!! I have always had a problem with razor burn and next day dryness. My legs are so smooth, cleanest shave I have ever had, no razor burn, and no dryness today! I love the you don't have to use shaving cream! Cuts down on shave time which is amazing since I have a two year old. I take showers after he's in bed, and you just never know when they might wake up! The only thing is that the lather bar around the razor seems to go kind of faster then I would like, but I read a few tips that will hopefully help! (Like not letting the water run over it much). I am stuck on this product and will always use it from now on!!! I would highly recommend this product to anyone!! This is my full honest opionion and I have not been influenced in anyway except for simply using the product. Love it!!!
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on October 18, 2016
So this is how you use the freaking Intuition: Just get it wet, get your leg wet (or whatever else area that needs shaving), and then just shave your legs. Don't shave your legs while the shower is running, because the hot/warm water will just melt the freaking conditioner off the razor. I learned the hard way.
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on December 19, 2016
These are my favorite razors!! I have sensitive skin so I have to use a razor that won't chafe my skin and these do the "trick". I love that there is a soap bar on the end of the razor to add more protection to my skin when shaving. I won't buy any other razor than the Intuition!!
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on August 15, 2016
We have used the Schick Intuition razors ever since my daughter gave herself a terrible cut with a regular razor. A friend of mine was over at the time, and she told me about this razor. The cost of the refill cartridges are outrageous at our local drug stores (especially with 3 girls in the house), so I thought I'd check Amazon to see if prices were any better. I have since ordered these several times and been happy every time. The price is SO much better -- almost half the price they are locally. Razors are all so overpriced anyway, but knowing that my girls won't get cut like that again makes these worth every penny.
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on August 3, 2016
Belongs to my favorite razor. I love that this makes shaving so much easier and eliminates the mess of shaving cream. I recommended this product to women who shave but have sensitive skin. The moisturizing bar allows easy gliding with blades. Never cut myself once with this :D
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on September 29, 2017
I love these for several reasons.
First of all, as stated in the title I am blind.
It is very hard to hurt yourself using these.
Secondly, they seem to be about the best I have found for my sensitive skin and eczema.
As long as these are kept dry, I am able to get several good uses out of them.
The only reason I gave them four stars instead of five is, if you drop the razor, the cartridge seems like it never seems quite right after that.
It seems to pop off very easily and once put back on just does not work as well.
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on August 10, 2016
I love this razor. I like not having to use shaving cream. I've used Intuition for many, many years and have never been disappointed with it. I've never gotten razor burn or cut myself with these replacement heads. The only negativeit that they are a little pricey and they run out fast.
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