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on January 24, 2017
Have a Roku TV that is supposed to be wireless-only (why can't they include an rj45 jack anyway?). Even with a wireless router positioned right behind it, still had problems with adaptive streaming sites changing resolution streams multiple times during playback. Searched Roku forums and found an older Belkin adapter mentioned, but that's not available, and has a replacement listed that did not work for me. My son had purchased an HDE adapter for his Wii some time ago (and neglected to tell me), so I tried that and it did work with my TV. so I got one of those, too. Don't know if it was just defective, but the new one didn't work, neither on my TV or the Wii, or even on a laptop, so back it went. Still searching, because I proved to myself that something could work. Finally found this brand mentioned as working after another search, even though the seller says it doesn't. At this point, for $12 I figured what the heck. And it worked... With the other adapters not working I had tried everything, resetting to original settings, unplugging and re-plugging power, USB slot, Cat 6 cable, nothing.

With this adapter, all I had to do was unplug the power cord after installing, plug it back in, turn it on, and it worked. A little slower initial boot, but that's pretty minor to have a working wired connection with no more adaptive streaming fluctuations. Before, Netflix thought i only had 4 Mbps down on a good day, and afterward, that had tripled (according to the test in their app). With another separate speed test app, I'm actually getting as high as 54 Mbps down (out of 60 possible) now.

Edit, 6 weeks later, still using it every day, still working fine except for one incident where it didn't connect after a power on, but I just removed power again and restarted, and has been OK since.
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on August 10, 2017
I bought this adapter to work on the Nintendo Switch as it is much cheaper than the Hori (25 dollars) officially license one, but I also need it to work with my computer. Well I can confirm it works great with my computer(plug and play), my Wii, my Wii U, and my Switch! This adapter only cost me 12 dollars and does all of those things as the Officail Hori adapter for the Nintendo switch does not.

Note: Some other reviewers have said this will not fit into the back of the Nintendo Switch dock(necause the cover wont close), and will only work if it is plugged into the side of the unit, but if you look at my picture it will plug into the back underneath the cover. It will just be hanging out with the rest of the wires which is expected.
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on March 18, 2017
Bought this Plugable USB 2.0 Ethernet Adapter for use with Xiaomi Mi Box (2016 US). The Plugable has ASIX AX887722A chipset, which, based on what I read, should work with the Mi Box.

Here is the result: it does work, but network connection is usually lost if the Mi Box is turned on after being off for a few hours. Rebooting the Mi Box restores the connection. As long as the Mi Box is on, however, the connection is solid.

Review rating is changed from 2 to 4 stars because the Plugable support has been very helpful and responsive, and the problem seems not to be Plugable's.

At this time I believe the issue to be the Xiaomi Mi Box's built-in driver, which perhaps could be resolved if Xiaomi makes changes to its system software.

I've ordered Xiaomi's Ethernet Adapter (unavailable in the US, it seems) to see if it would work better with Mi Box.
UPDATE: Xiaomi's Ethernet Adapter arrived; it works very well with the Mi Box.
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on November 4, 2017
Bought it to use it with my Insignia 32" Roku TV. From reading other reviews and forums in regards to using Ethernet USB adapters with Roku TVs without built-in Ethernet, I was under understanding that it was going to be hard to distinguish if it worked or not. Only way to really tell was to go into the Netflix app and look through the network settings there to determine if it worked.

However, I was pleasantly surprised when I hooked it up and not only does it detect it within Netflix, but it is detected within the Roku's native OS. When I go to Network settings in the Roku OS, not only does it not disconnect and reconnect on WiFi like others have reported but it is actually reported as "WIRED" connection.

Makes me happy. The device has been working great and my Roku TV in my 2nd floor bedroom which had shoddy WiFi connection no longer has any issues with any streaming content. No more buffering randomly or slow startups. Everything seems to run smoothly due to reduced latency and increased bandwidth. Picture quality is better and it also starts up at full quality almost immediately. Previously we had to wait a few seconds for it to buffer before the picture started or would start in low res quality.
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on December 3, 2017
Bought one in Feb, 2017 for my 48" TLC ROKU TV. The thing worked great till my two cats discovered it as a new toy. Just bought another this November to replace the now cat toy still being played with as it didn't survive the abuse of being shot through the house for hours of fun. For me it was plug in and restart ROKU TV twice and 'WIRED NETWORK' showed up instead of Wireless. Router picked up ROKU TV as wired and a different MAC address. Wireless is okay but for streaming and PLEX wired runs much more smoothly. I would recommended it as it works even with my old linux laptop with bad rj45 jack.

Update: 02/18/18. The only problem I've had is with the ROKU TV dropping the device and instead of defaulting to wireless I'll have to reconnect to wireless manually (No Biggie) or reboot TV to get the USB LAN to show up again. May do this every two weeks or so. Not sure if it's an always on thing as when used on a regular computer this doesn't happen, but I power computers down when finished the ROKU TV only goes into a low-power sleep mode that may not be picking up the device upon wake.
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on August 15, 2017
Extremely happy with this item !! I sent my son to college with a TCL Roku TV and didn't realize until move-in day that the Roku TV didn't have an Ethernet connection, but it did have a USB slot. I ordered this item on amazon and two days later my son had it delivered at his dorm, which allowed him to use this Plugable USB adapter to be able to successfully connect an Ethernet to his ROKU TV and after a quick worked like a charm and we are all very happy!! What a great product and life-saver !!
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VINE VOICEon October 15, 2016
My DSL fades in and out while I'm working, causing much swearing and wasted time. As a writer, I work online all-day every-day, using both the Cloud and Skype to stay connected with my collaborator. We depend on the internet completely. Of late, the wireless has been a real headache, so I picked up a long Ethernet cable and set about making things work better.

My Macbook Pro has an Ethernet port right next to the charging plug and that proved to be rather annoying - I had to snake the charging cord all over to make it work. Once I bought this little gadget, I was able to plug it into a USB port and no longer have to move cords around every time I want to move around.

The device is small, works well, and comes with a mini-dvd of extra drivers. I did need a driver not on the disk but downloaded it in a jiffy at I'm very happy with this converter.
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on September 3, 2017
I used to play the Wii U, Smash bros and then I decided to go online and I got my butt wooped! Not because I suck per say but because my character moved like a snail compared to the other players. So i read online and for the fighting game, it highly suggests a wired connection.

So here I found this little guy. I plugged it in and started the Wii U and voila, I am not lagging and I am beating people constantly thanks to the no lag in the game. It is really a good choice to buy this if you need it no just for the Wii U but for other items that can be used via USB Ethernet
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on February 22, 2016
Does work with Surface 2 (RT). However, there is a bit of fiddling with device manager! It's as per some discussions online such as at digitalmanblog.

Plug in the device
It appears to install but does not
Run (Windows-R) “devmgmt.msc” (Device manager)
Uninstalled device appears in other devices with exclamation point
Right click and select Update driver software
Select “Browse my computer…”
Select “Let me pick…”
Select Manufacturer ASIX, then ASIX AC88772C in network adapters
The adapter installs and is reclassified to network adapters

However, the adapter does seem to get a little hot, and did cause slow shutdown and one BSOD on the Surface. Still 5 stars though because it serves my need for a emergency backup if the wifi is down. Also, they do say it's not compatible!

**EDIT: Seems to work better (avoiding BSOD) if you *Shut down* the Surface before removing the Plugable adapter**
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on September 12, 2017
I recently switched ISP's and suddenly began to receive 'No Internet Connection' messages on my computer. After a month of going back and forth with my new ISP and replacing my modem/router and a few cables I asked for escalated help. In came a tech supervisor and a tech to troubleshoot. And after 3 hours of 'lets check this' they finally decided that my Network Interface card may be bad. The supervisor suggested I get a new one or
get a Ethernet to USB adapter. So I got on Amazon and ordered both. When they arrived I figured it would be quicker to check it out if I installed the Ethernet to USB device. Since I did I have not received any error messages. By switching ISP I went from 75 mbps to 100 mbps and my old NIC couldn't handle it.
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