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on April 24, 2015
First let me say this review is for the actual product and not Amazon. Their customer service, as usual, has been excellent.

We have a 2010 Samsung refrigerator (model: RS263TDPN/XAA) and according to the manual and all on-line resources the replacement water filter is the DA29-00020B (aka the HAF-CIN/EXP). For all these years we've owned this fridge we've bought our filter from Amazon and have never had an issue with the product. So what does Samsung do, they go and change the design of the cartridge (ever so slightly) and now it doesn't work.

The slightly redesigned filter no-longer works on my particular model fridge. Let me just clarify one point, the filter does fit into the slot properly however the water DOES NOT FLOW. I tried a dozen times installing it with and without the water turned off. Every time the filter would screw in but no water. Thinking perhaps it was a bad batch from Amazon, I even went to Home Depot and Best Buy and bought one from each of them but the issue was the same.

I've spent several hours on the phone with both Samsung support and with J & J International (the company Samsung uses for ALL their parts). Samsung support says it's not their problem because there is nothing wrong with the fridge itself. Since the issue is with the filter it's J & J's problem. Well, J & J says they build the cartridges to match the specs given to them by Samsung so it is in fact their problem. They also denied any changes to the design of the cartridge! This back-and-forth was so ridiculous it was like something from an SNL skit!

For those thinking "what design changes", or "is he nuts, they look the same" I'm attaching some photos showing the filter i purchased last year and the one from two weeks ago.

So basically I'm not sure what to do! I am still using the filter from last year (which is working like a champ still). Was thinking about trying a third-party filter but not sure if that's wise.
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on February 10, 2017
BEWARE! I'd read about fake filters being sold on Amazon, so rather than going for a cheaper option I selected the full price filter thinking it would be the real deal. It came in a real looking box everything looked great until I noticed the label was printed a little askew, strange but I would imagine sometimes the labels go through the printer a little off sometimes. But I also noticed on the filter I removed from the fridge (the one that came with the fridge from new) had a code number printed on it. Dot matrix style, looked like it was a batch code or something.. real. The one I just received did not have this. Suspicions aroused i did some more digging online, also talked to a Samsung engineer to verify these are fakes. It's fate was sealed when I read in the small print on the original label details on the data sheet for NSF certification. Looking at the fake they've kindly admitted NOT CERTIFIED NSF (despite having NSF all over it). It's a fake, if you just paid $48 for one of these please take note. Photos attached
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on March 23, 2015
We just purchased this filter for our Samsung refrigerator and the new filter appears different from the previous ones we've ordered over the past 3 years.

The center hole is smaller in diameter compared to the original filter, the top of the filter is also rounded rather than cut at an angle (see photo with old filter on the left and new one on the right), and the new filter didn't come with the usual monthly reminder stickers that came previously.

The main issue is that unlike the old filters, this new filter leaks! After installing it, we found a puddle of water on our floor the next morning which never occurred with the previous Samsung filters. Amazon sent us a replacement, but the new one is the same as the first leaky one we just ordered, so we'll need to return that as well.
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on September 22, 2013
For those complaining about the price and short time between filter changes, I too had the same concerns until research turned up this info from Samsung. The filter replacement isn't required unless you notice a decrease in water flow or ice production. I have followed this guide and now change my filter about every 15-18 months with no changes in water taste or ice clarity. Talk about saving a mint, I used to change it religiously at 6 months.

Hope this helps and no you do not need to turn off the water supply to change the filter, just a towel to wipe up the approx. 2-3 tbls. of water that comes out from removing the old filter, but that happens whether you turn off the supply or not.
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on July 3, 2011
Late last year I bought a fancy Samsung refrigerator - the model RF4289HARS. It is the one with the 4 doors (actually two French doors on top, a middle drawer, and a bottom freezer drawer. It has the water and ice dispenser on the left French door just under the snazzy blue led lighted touch control panel. Anyway, the change filter light came on and so I removed the filter (it is really easy, just unscrew it a half turn and it comes right out) so I could see what the replacement part number on it said. It was DA-29-00020A. After looking around the internet, and looking on the Samsung website I found that there is no such part number - the closest thing I found was almost the same number only ending with B instead of A. I called Samsung and after getting bounced to 3 different customer service people who had no idea whether part DA-29-00020B was the correct replacement for part DA-29-00020A and one customer service person who did not know that the filters are supposed to be changed after a while, I found a person who was able to tell me that DA-29-00020B is in fact the correct replacement filter for refrigerator model RF4289HARS. I bought two of these filters - one to install now and one for a spare. I put one in (it takes about 5 seconds to insert it and give it a half twist to the right to install it, and then I followed the instructions of running about a gallon of water through it. You really do need to run this amount of water through it so get all of the air out of it so you get a smooth stream of filered water coming out. I then reset the change filter light - you have to do this manually but all it takes is pressing and holding for 5 seconds (not the 3 seconds they tell you) the child lock/filter reset spot on the bottom left corner of the touch control screen just above the water/ice dispenser. It works great now - tasty filtered water and flavorless crushed ice from my fancy refrigerator any time I want it.
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on November 8, 2016
This has the hallmarks of a counterfeit item, the OEM filter is made by 3M for Samsung. The label on this filter is clearly a scanned copy of the Samsung label with a little photo manipulating applied. The letters for Samung are fuzzy and the "Fresh Water" logo is missing distinct watermarks found on the OEM filter. Physically, this filter did not fit my fridge and actually jammed the water inlet of the filter head. The filter that shipped with my fridge is curved towards the top whereas this filter has a hard angled edge [trapezoidal].
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on November 1, 2016
Item received was not the SAME as advertised online on the Amazon!
Product code appears to be the same but;

1. Package DO NOT have the 'NSF/ANSI 53 Certified' Gold Mark as it appears on online page!
2. Filter inside do not list 'Lead/Mercury' as listed online!

Filter I received is Made in Mexico.
It seems to me that ONLY the HAF-CIN/EXP filter batches made in Korea under 'Genuine Samsung' label carry the NSF/ANSI 53 gold certification, as those batches may have been actually tested and approved. Others just say 'confirmed to' notification.

Those are available at local Lowes or Home Depot for ~$50+tax. I was ordering something else from Amazon and thought to add this as it appeared this to be the same seems these are nothing short of those cheap knock offs available from others for around $10-20!

If you want to make sure these confirms to NSF/ANSI 53, especially for Lead/Mercury, look for 'gold-certified' label and those genuine Samsung 'Made in Korea'

Item is going out the door as a return.....Disappointed!!
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on March 15, 2016
I ordered from this page in April 2015, then in October 2015. The April item was genuine Samsung-distributed, but the one on October was counterfeit. To make sure you get the genuine one, either order elsewhere, or google for "Samsung genuine vs counterfeit water filter" for instructions with pictures with highlights of how to tell which is which. If you don't get "Samsung-distributed", return it. Genuine filter is 5 star, but the counterfeit one is plainly dangerous. Don't try to use it, it may damage your fridge, it can cause leaks, or even cause severe allergy problems. Price is virtually the same, price is not an issue.
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on June 17, 2015
Nearly ruined our wood floor. It's LEAKING ! Double check it is the right one for the model when I order it. On the box says "genuine" but the sticker on the filter isn't the same as the one we've got before as photo shows. Want my money back !.
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on July 12, 2014
Shame on you, Amazon! As soon as I opened the package I knew something was wrong. I sent a photo of one of the two filters I received today and a photo of the filter that I pulled out of my fridge. It's a FAKE! Who knows if this thing will actually filter the water like it claims! Returning it immediately.
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