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on August 5, 2015
Before I start reviewing here I want to bust a myth: Yes, these cartridges are interchangeable with regular Fusion Proglide or Fusion Proglide Flexiball razors or the Fusion Proglide Slider 3-1. You do not need to have different versions of cartridges.

I have used safety razors for most of my shaving ages till I came across these 5 blade system. I shouldn't say I am never going back to the safety razor but it does not look like I am switching back in the near future. My initial purchase was Fusion Proglide Power with 4+1 blades as I couldn't find replacement blades at a convenient store while travelling. The next move has to be the next gen shaving kit if and when it comes out.

These are the best and the top of the line cartridges available for "nearly" top of the line razors. The machining and technology is the best. It should work smoothly on most types of beards, if you have issues with these I would try different shaving creams as sometimes you just need a better moisturizer or need to let you beard soak for a while. The strips on top of the blades works for some (based on the other reviews) but I don't think they add a lot of value to me.

My experience with the blades and this purchase:
1. How long do these replacement blades last?
I shave every day on weekdays and occasionally on weekends and have to replace the blade once every ~8 weeks. I know most people recommend changing this sooner, but I learnt that if you clean your razor more often while shaving and no hair gets clogged between the blades these last a bit longer. Considering the price I think it is better to spend that extra time in rinsing more to get those additional weeks.

2. Where is cheapest price to buy these replacement pack?
As of 1st Aug 2015 - the standard internet search engines, local department stores, local membership stores I found Amazon to be the cheapest. This does not include any coupons that one can find occasionally. Do your research before you buy some. I personally do not prefer random internet sites so these were excluded from the research. Also, Amazon does get an extra star for convenience and delivery. Also, my purchase from Amazon included a $3 coupon which made it slightly more cheaper.

3. Why the 8 pack?
I did the math and figured that 8-pack should last me roughly another 60-70 weeks. Think about it, either the new technology is going to force the price lower or one will upgrade to the new better model if available.

4. Why only 4 stars?
Price. Yes, it is pennies per shave but I think there is a small room for price improvements.

I trust the company and have been using their products for a long time so I strongly recommend this product.

PS. [...] Keeps me motivated to review the products I buy.
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on September 6, 2016
Worth the price. I have to shave every morning and if going out at night need to shave again. I wanted to save some money so I went to a safety razor, nicks and toilet paper stopping blood does not give the look I wanted to convey.

I tried Harry's shave club, blades are cheaper but a new blade I could feel the pull and had to re-shave 3 times to get the baby butt smooth shave I like. These are the new blades they just introduced The reason they cost less is they are inferior blades.

Tried Dorco 5 blades razor and blades. They are better than Harry but get dull very quickly. Was changing blades every 3 days and seemed to get lots of nicks in the morning.

Then I tried the Gillette Fusion, nick free and I am on my third week with the same blade. This make my face feel great and they last longer than any other blade I have every used. Yes they cost more but in the long run they are cheaper if you figure in how often you have to change blades.

If I could give a score of 10 would give it.
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on February 1, 2013
I buy a pack of 8 of these (I shave 3 times a week), and each cartridge last me about two months. How? Go and buy a duster can, I get three of them at Frys for $8, or you can find them at any home office store. Every time you shave, take the duster can and dry the razor, including the strips at the top and bottom, pushing off any residue to the sides. Water seems to be the worst thing for a razor, yet using this technique makes my blades last for months!
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on January 1, 2018
I have tried four major budget brands, including three of the "subscription" blades, and none of them give as close and smooth a shave as this one. I used one of these blades for a month (I shave nearly every day...the guys that advertise their blades last a month assume you only shave 3-4 times a week). Then, one morning I shaved one side of my face with this well used blade, and the other side with a brand new $2.00 competitor. 24 hours later, the side shaved with the old blade had less stubble than the side with new cheaper one! That's when I ordered more blades. I am still using the month old blade! Back when these blades cost five bucks, that was hard to swallow, but they are way more affordable now. I feel that they are more economical than the other guys blades, because they do a better job and also last twice as long. You can't go wrong!
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on June 1, 2018
These in my opinion are still the best hands down. I do have the cost of these damn blades. I don't understand why they have to be so $$. This deal on Amazon was of course much better than the local Walmart but still .. I've tried every kind you can think of. In the last 6-8 months I have used many different kinds. We did the Dollar Shave Club executive razor. It's okay. I was sent The Mach 3 to try and review and while it did pretty good, especially to be such a small head it still left small areas on my jaw line a hair rough. I tried a safety razor being very excited about the cost of replacement blades and it just left lots of razor burn, I returned it. So I was missing my ProGlide. MAN AM I GLAD I HAVE THEM BACK. How I have missed them. This is the closest shave I'd have in months! I just works for me soo well. Each and every inch of my face is smooth this morning. Even on that hard neck/jaw line area. I love having the little trimmer blade on the top for the sideburn line and lining my goatee. I use the Creamo shaving cream and this blade equal the perfect shave!!
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on November 2, 2016
Do NOT buy!!! These are counterfeits, or at the very least defective originals. I've been shaving my head with Fusion blades for 10 years sans problems, and last night these blades ripped 3 gashes in my scalp. Whoever is selling these, **** you.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 15, 2017
The packaging appeared to be genuine, but the cartridges just didn't match the level of quality of the "same" ones I buy at the drugstore. I'm also used to seeing where the cartridges are produced printed on the back label, but there was none shown (although Gillette/P&G trademark translations were aplenty). The blades lasted maybe half the time of store-bought, and the hinge of each cartridge actually made a sound as if loose. I understand that Gillette rotates production through their worldwide system as the product lines mature, but this was too much of a quality shift for what is arguable still a leading product and makes me question the authenticity of the product received.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on March 25, 2014
I'm just waiting until someone comes out with the 10-blade razor.

Joking aside, this expensive refill is actually decent quality. I have a gnarly beard with growth in every direction and a mixture of soft and wiry hairs. This reality tends to kill blades quickly and results in wretched shaves after a few days. Gilette likes to advertise that you can get a month out of these blades. Not for my beard, but maybe for yours. I can say that where most blade systems are cutting and burning my skin after about 3-6 uses, this one doesn't start giving me hell for about 15-20 on average. Another nice fact about these is that I have never seen a bit of rust on the blades.

The lifespan of this is interesting... the first 2-3 shaves are like a hot knife through butter and leave my face baby smooth. Then the shave quality seems to drop quickly to a somewhat labored effort (multiple passes over the same locations). But the outcome is still comfortable and smooth. After the aforementioned 15-20 uses, razor burn begins to increase and smoothness begins to suffer with my wiry hairs not getting completely shaved. Throughout the period of use, cleaning has been simple under a good stream of water.

My experiences with these blades include use of various name-brand canned shaving creams (some better than others), soap only, hair conditioner only, premium skin lotion only, and professional shaving soap. Despite the hyperbole of the various supporters, I have seen minor advantages to any of these with my beard using these blades. The biggest disadvantage of some is that some methods are harder to clean out the multi-blade design than others - but none to the point of leaving gunk in the razor.

So now it is just personal preference. If you have success with electric - good. If you have success with straight blades - good. If you want a decently long-lasting multi-blade cartridge - this is a good choice.
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on May 10, 2013
I shaved with a Mach 3 handle/blade for something like 10+ years. At some point I finally made the decision to make a leap to something new, and I researched a bit and decided on the Fusion Proglide Power over the Fusion. I went with the Power option, even though I was skeptical at first, but I figured if I didn't want it, I could simply not use it, and I'd have a manual razor.

Well, a few years later, my skin and complexion have improved even further, and I get a killer smooth shave every single time. It really does guide the hair and the power function greatly reduces drag. I have a super thick beard (have since age 14); with proper shaving technique and this blade (I do use the Fusion Proglide *Power* blades), my face looks incredibly clear and feels smooth as a baby's butt.

I used to have broken out skin pretty badly when I first started shaving; I since have developed a routine and constantly get compliments on my skin. Here's what I do:

After the morning shower, I begin by splashing my face/beard with warm/hot water repeatedly, to soak and expand the hair. Then I APPLY Kiss My Face Fragrance Free Moisture Shave, 11-Ounce Pumps (Pack of 4) AGAINST the grain (this makes the hairs stand up a bit and easier to guide into the blade); swirl it all over the face to make the hair stand up.

Then SHAVE WITH THE GRAIN, then across the grain at a 90 degree angle; in other words, you shave from the far side of your cheek towards your mouth, horizontally; this is a common technique used in barber shops, etc, that gives you the smoothness of shaving AGAINST the grain, without the irritation/bleeding involved in doing so (particularly if you have a thick beard; mine is so thick that if I were to shave directly against the grain I would nearly bleed to death).

Then lightly towel off (don't wash off; this product has healthy oils that should be left in small quantities in the skin). to remove excess shaving cream and hair.

Lastly, apply Tend Skin Refillable Roll-On System or Tend Skin The Skin Care Solution (I prefer the roll-on); this has been the single greatest lifesaver product for my neck in my life. I've used it, every day to other day, for the past 17 years, literally! Before this product, I tried EVERYTHING, including fancy ultra expensive products from the cosmetics department at a department store at the mall (a guy called out "do you have trouble with having irritation?!" and got my attention... sold me $100+ of stuff but the stuff was junk). Then I read about Tend Skin in a Men's Health magazine and my whole life changed; my sensitive skin + heavy beard = irritated neck problem was gone. This product is definitely the magic ingredient.

That said, Fusion Proglide Power is a big part of the process, and in my experience, is the smoothest and least irritating razor I have used to date. I also find that the blades last longer than the Mach 3 blades did (they were truly pathetic); so I am spending less on them overall. The power function is completely worth it if you are wondering; DEFINITELY pay the few extra bucks and get it. If mine broke tomorrow I'd purchase it again.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 15, 2018
I felt like these were not as good quality as the single pack that comes with the razor handle. The blades I received were already dull and created razor burn even with heavy amounts of shaving cream.
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