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Lansinoh Nursing Pads, 4 Packs of 60 (240 count) Stay Dry Disposable Breast Pads
Size: 240 Count|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
Price:$27.92+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

This review is long overdue.

First of all, they have two sticky lines on the back that can be attached to most bras so you don't end up with them all over the place to have leaks. /had no problem with fitted bras however sports bras had let me down due to its elasticity pads won't stick and move around/ Shape of these pads made to fit your breast so you don't even notice it through your clothes like it happened with other brands. I used many different brands but these ones are the best. I like the fact that they are packed individually and I don't have to worry about contamination when tossed in my bag. They don't change the shape when they end up full of milk like it happened with others.

I've used them with both of my kids and without any doubt will be using them again in near future
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on September 3, 2016
I hate all the waste of disposable nursing pads, but my son has a tongue-tie, so my nipples were raw, cracked, and in so much pain for the first few months that even water and clothing hurt them, and the washable pads I initially bought, while soft, just made the situation worse; plus I had such an oversupply that I was having to wash the entire pack each day, which doesn't work when you're doing laundry for the whole family and a messy newborn! I decided to try the Lansinoh pads and I'm very glad I did. They relieved a lot of my discomfort caused by my nipples rubbing against cloth and are SO much more absorbent than reusable pads! With cloth pads, the leaked milk doesn't go anywhere, it just sits on the pad against your nipple and irritates your delicate skin. The Lansinoh pads actually trap the milk within the pad, so that the surface of the pad which rests against your skin is dry. It's pretty amazing! The pad can be soaked through (like after sleeping at night) but still dry to the touch, so you don't have to worry about things like thrush or irritation. I love it and am buying them in bulk now!
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on May 11, 2017
I've used all the major brands, even re-usables, but these are BY FAR the most comfortable and absorbent for my needs.

1. sealed individually: this is VERY important because I live in a high humidity area. They aren't "half used" when I open the package like some brands that are only folded into packaging but not air tight.
2. comfortable! They are not hot to wear even in sub-tropical climate. Doesn't stick to my body and texture is very soft. Not bulky, looks good under clothing even if it is thin
3. portable: they are easy enough to shove in any size bag. I keep some in my car for times I forget to restock diaper bag
4. Half fold: this is probably the best feature! It is easy to place and you can flip it upside down to get double usage halfway through the day.

Full disclose: I don't use the adhesive on any brand because I hate it! They stay put without it. I've used this brand through 2 babies now for 3 years and the product is continually good quality.
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on December 22, 2017
These are great! I have 4 children, all of whom were breastfed for 12-14 months (well, the youngest is only 6 months, but I plan to nurse her a full year as well). With my first child, I started out with organic, washable nursing pads. They were awful. They were bulky and they stuck to my nipples (any nursing momma out there only needs to read that and be reminded of that pain!). I decided to try these next and I never looked back. They are absorbent (although, admittedly, I don’t have a huge leakage issue). They were comfortable even early on when I was still sore. They are sleek and “invisible” through clothing. They do adhere nicely to clothing which helps them stay put, but they do not leave any sticky residue or cause any damage to clothing.
I did accidentally wash a shirt with these still in them once and I am happy to report they did not disintegrate. They absorbed the water from wash (wow!) and stayed in tact, meaning I only had to throw them out, not clean up any mess.
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on June 27, 2018
These pads are great for what they are. They’re large (I’m a 34G, at least, while nursing) and are contoured to fit around your breast like a saucer. They’re individually wrapped, so if you just need one, you don’t have to open a 2 pack.
I take a little issue with how much waste is involved. Individual wrapping plus two sticky tape peel offs per pad, plus the disposability of each pad on its’s a lot of trash. Once i go through these, i’ll be buying reusable bamboo pads to try to make up for the major carbon footprint i’ve contributed to.
Another issue i have is that the adhesive isn’t QUITE as strong as i’d like. Especially as these are made to accompany nursing bras, which often have LOTS of stretch or have fold-down cups, i find myself unbunching these pads, repositioning, resticking,’s not ideal. BUT i have never leaked through, so they do their job!
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on July 19, 2012
I ordered the pack of four boxes of these, and I just finished using the first box. The box lasted me a little less than a month, which makes sense since I tend to use 1-2 sets of nursing pads each day.

I thought it was kind of funny how these are packaged--each nursing pad is individually wrapped in a special plastic thing that tears open down the middle. Then the pads are folded in half and each side has adhesive, with little papers that you remove. I don't know why each nursing pad needs to be individually wrapped...maybe to keep them clean on the go? I don't know.

These nursing pads work pretty well. When my milk first came in, I had to use them more frequently, but now I typically use one set per day. When I go to bed, if the set is still pretty dry I'll use the same set, and if they're obviously "used" then I'll swap them out. I leak more at night, so that system works pretty well for me.

I haven't had these fall apart at all, and I haven't had problems with them getting too full, except when my milk first came in. My only real complaint is that the adhesive is not really strong enough. This is sometimes frustrating, because when I nurse my baby, after she's done I try to get things back in place, and sometimes these nursing pads get kind of crumpled up, and the adhesive un-adheres from my bra, and adheres to itself instead. That's a pain.

So, I have three boxes left, and I'll probably just keep using these because they seem to get the job done.
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on May 26, 2018
I have bought boxes and boxes of these so far and I'm only 3 months postpartum!

Likes: One of the most affordable brands of nursing pads

Dislikes: They are a bit too small for overnight should you sleep on your side at all. I have to use two pads on each breast, side by side to avoid leaks-- and sometimes I still get a leak! Also, the adhesives aren't that large so they don't stay in place THAT well...

I have used washable pads and hate the way they smell and feel after use :(
Overall, I'm going to keep on buying them because they're the best option out there!
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on May 13, 2018
These do their job. They absorb the random let downs you experience throughout the crying at the grocery store...dont have to worry about a wet bra! It is not suited for those early days before your body has regulated your hormones and flow, especially over night, you should order the heavy flow pads for that. But for daily use, these are thin, absorbent, and soft. I knocked off a star because they do sort of show through your shirt and make your boobs look a little lumpy, especially of you have a tighter fitting shirt. Other than that, a breast feeding must!
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on August 1, 2017
These are great. I used to use paper towels and stuff them in my bra til I bought these. I am very leaky and the medium are enough to where it never soaks through and it never feels wet either! It absorbs the milk and still feels dry. I also had mastitis and since I got these and change them every time I nurse my baby girl it hasn't come back. These are very very useful. My only complaint is all the trash that comess with it. I guess thats just what happens when you get disposable pads. I still would recommend
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on February 9, 2018
I really love these nursing pads! I've tried a few other types that simply did not do as good of a job as these. They really do keep you dry all day, and apply fairly easily. You can actually feel them "squish" when they fill with milk and yet your skin is completely dry! If I had one complaint it would be that they should make the sticky part a little stickier to stay on the bra better (when you fold down the bra to feed your baby they sometimes come unstuck and then you have to put them back in place). Despite this I still give these pads an excellent review!
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