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on July 8, 2016
I wish I could give it zero stars.

P&G has now done the same thing with their much higher priced Gillette product, that they did with their Old Spice product a year or two ago, they changed from a very pleasant "Fresh" scent, to a very disgusting scent.

I will give them a very tiny bit of credit, at least this time they slightly altered the name, by changing it from "Fresh" to "Ultimate Fresh". When they did it with the Old Spice "Fresh" product, they didn't change the name at all.

Unfortunately I had this product on auto-ship with Amazon, so I wound up getting stuck with the new awful scent two months in a row. When they changed the Old Spice up, I got stuck with a 6-pack. But now this one is canceled too. I'm going to try very hard to find a non-P&G product that I can tolerate.

Everyone at P&G involved with both of these scent change decisions should not only lose their job, but have their noses examined.
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on May 25, 2016
If you are a long time user of the gillette clinical fresh, then this is NOT the deodorant you are looking for. Their formula changed resulting in a nauseatingly sweet fruity smell. Save your money and try something else. I can only hope they bring the old scent back.
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on September 15, 2015
I've used this brand and product bought from local store for as long as I remember it bein on the market, it's very very good if you have a strong perspiration but, this is my second tube bought from Amazon on save and subscribe and there is something wrong with the formula, it happens with my first tube, I thought maybe the one was defective, the second one just came in and it's the same. When you apply it, it quickly becomes some blob like glue, by the time I had placed the deodorant back in the cabinet and walked over to the bed to continue dressing, it would pull my armpit hair when raising my arm, there would be crystalsed blobs of gunk and when moving arm you feel like sand paper, terrible, I even shaved my armpits to see if it was just because of the hair, and it was like having sand and glue under my arms, horrible, do not buy this, it's not the only comment like this I've seen, wish I had paid more attention to it.
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on July 7, 2017
I bought the Gillette Clinical deodorant when it was first released and newly released a while back. It was great and really helped with the body odor and sweat issues I had, while the smell of the deodorant itself was not overpowering and smelled clean. I repurchased it and it was the same great deodorant. The third time I purchased it, I noticed that it took a very long time for it to dry (actually it really never dried fully making your armpit feel awkward).

So I contacted Gillette/P&G and they told me that they changed the formula so that the deodorant was better and that it would dry faster, but I stated that it made it worse than the original and they gave me a coupon for one for free, implying I bought a defective one. The second one was no better but I continued to purchase the deodorant because it was the only thing that worked for me and I could easily deal with the slight wet feeling.

Now we have Gillette's third (I assume its the third) version of the Clinical deodorant (this deodorant) and it is by far the worst.

The first thing wrong with this deodorant is its scent. The scent of the first and second version remained the same and I actually didn't mind the scent. This deodorants scent is awful and smells extremely sweet/fruity and is overpowering.

Second is the fact that it becomes clumped up after a little bit and leaves small little clumps when gently rubbed (or after light exercise).

Third thing wrong with this deodorant is that fact that it is extremely hard to fully remove, even after showering the deodorant still remains somewhat on my armpits. (This could be considered as a good thing, but not when it clumps as I stated it is a bad thing) The first version of the deodorant was the same but didn't clump and it came off easier.

The only good thing about this deodorant is that it does help with sweat and body odor and you don't have to use the recommended three clicks, one click works well (at least from my observation), but you have to deal with the scent and the clumping issue.

As someone who has bought and tried this deodorant from its first version to this version, I cannot recommend this deodorant and advise against getting this deodorant.

If anybody has any recommendations for a deodorant to replace this, it would be greatly appreciated
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on June 9, 2015
Something has changed in the manufacturing of this product. It used to be a creamy texture, but now it's more watery and a hard crust develops on the applicator. It doesn't seem as effective as it used to be either. This started with product I purchased around Feb 2015. It's too bad because I've used this for years and now I'm looking for a new brand.
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on June 18, 2015
This deodorant was great. Then something along the way changed. I have been using it for about a year now. I thought it was a bad shipment, but I have ordered ~6 of them and they all have the same issues now. Another couple of reviews have mentioned this, too.

The deodorant hardens to glass shard like texture and will literally scratch your armpits / cause irritation. The following is my daily routine with this deodorant

1) Chisel to break the shell the deodorant creates around the applicator portion. (Top is always on tight)

2) Clean up shell pieces / whatever I used to chisel.

3) Turn knob a little bit to get hardened shards partially out.

4) Wash deodorant in hot water to remove additional shards stuck in holes.

5) Wipe off top of deodorant on a towel, and wash one more time.

6) Use 1-2 clicks of the knob to push deodorant out and apply to armpits.

7) Wait 5 minutes to brush shards that have formed in armpits.

8) Repeat 7.

9) Hope I have enough deodorant left on me to accomplish the job.

I switched to another clinical brand and my routine is as follows:

1) Open top and apply deodorant.

2) Success without crystaline shards of pain in my armpits.

Never again will I be buying this brand!
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on July 20, 2016
I use to use Gillette clinical exclusively because it reduced my sweeting dramatically. Unfortunately the quality of this product is terrible and not worth the cost and minor injury. In every container I have purchased lately, from 3 different sources, there is a very sharp mass that comes out. In fact it can be so sharp that it scratches and irritates the skin. that being said I would steer away from Gillettes clinical deodorant if you want to avoid injury and wasted money.
review imagereview imagereview image
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VINE VOICEon July 28, 2016
I suffer from hypohydrosis, and its the worst when I have to commute to work in the morning in my work clothes - between my shower and my desk, my head, face, armpits, chest and back are already sweaty.

I've used a lot of different 'clinical' level perspirants, but the only two I recommend are Sweat Block (which is amazing, but you have to put it on at night and let it dry while it 'stings' a bit), and Gillette Clinical.

For sweaty men, I also highly recommend replacing all of your undershirts with Thompson Tees - they are expensive, but if you wash them with whites with a little bleach they last much longer than regular undershirts, they fit great, look great, and the padding is unnoticeable and extremely effective. Absolutely worth the investment.
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on July 1, 2016
Add me to the list of people who are really disappointed with the changes to this product. I've used it for years, and now suddenly the scent has changed (it smells flowery like a woman's antiperspirant), and it gets crusty and weird. This is not the same product as before, and the new sucks. Don't buy this.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on April 15, 2018
I haven't bought this in a while and this is for for 2 reasons. I'll keep this short as i quickly read most of the reviews and it sort of explains what i wanted to say anyway.

First the price, there should be no reason why this should cost more than 5 bucks, especially for it's tiny size.

Second, it makes ALL your shirts by the armpits STAINED. Which might or might not be a given, since it is like putting chalk on your armpits.

So if you like this, make sure you wear shirts you don't care about with it. It will make your white shirts turn yellow by the armpits and your colored shirts turn white by the armpits.

The price i could get passed but the staining? That's disgusting and unacceptable.

The upside which is why i gave it 2 stars is, IMHO, it smells great. I am not sure if they changed the formula and i have yet to try this again since the reviews stating they changed formulas but it's been a good 2 years since i bought this and whatever formula they had 2+ years ago, that smell smelled terrible. One of the best smelling deodorants i came across. And the smell lasts long too. Summer time i could be doing outdoor activities all day and i would still smell the deodorant as if it was just put on.
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