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I was very nervous about ordering these because I have had other pop chips that were extremely bland (and yuck). I have been on a diet and became desperate for anything that had crunch in it that was not loaded with calories and carbs. When I saw these only had 100 calories and so little carbs I thought to myself these have to be on the top of gross tasting. After many weeks of debating and reading so many helpful reviews on these I decided to give it a try. I ordered it on my subscribe and save with amazon and was shocked in a good way at how good these taste. In all honesty they are some of the best tasting potato chips I ever had. First the bag is unlike anything I have ever seen. I cant open these without scissors but I guess that is why hardly none of them are broken. They are really thick ! They are almost as thick as Cape Cod kettle chips if you have ever had those. They are crunchy. They taste so delicious. On a diet this is dream come true. It was suggested to me that I could save money by buying a bigger bag. I explained why when this size is the perfect amount to fill me up and I never have to worry I ate more than my 100 calories worth! To my surprise my 7 year old son loves them too! The Doctor said he is just a bit over weight and he loves potato chips! So I promptly ordered a whole extra box of bbq just for him! It is my favorite flavor too! That is kinda odd because we both love sour cream and onion. These are good sour cream and onion but the bbq is just awesome. Best I ever had! Just last night I woke up so hungry and grabbed my bag of chips and did not have to worry about gaining weight! This morning when I weighed myself I had lost weight again! Now granted I only eat one bag a day but still chips on a diet is just awesome! I hope you found my review on these helpful!
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on May 5, 2018
Rec'd box today, with the following contents:

-1 row of 8 sea salt
-1 row of 8 barbecue
-1 row consisting of 4 salt & vinegar and 4 sour cream & onion

The description doesn't give the break down of the included flavors, so I assumed I could go by the seller's picture, which show 4 equal rows, each row headed by 1 each of the 4 included flavors. In the seller's picture, you can't see the whole contents of the box, but you can see the front package of chips, plus the tops of the two behind the front. That's enough to make the buyer assume that each ROW includes 6 of the flavor shown at the front.


Two positives: all the expiration dates are a long way off, and none of the bags appears to be smashed or damaged in shipping or handling.
review image
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on July 3, 2017
I was recently put on a strict diet due to stomach issues.
Found these and read how they are just pure potatoes with no added crap like regular chips. My favorites were always the sour cream and onion ruffles. Decided to try these and they were delicious! Like, yum! And you can def taste that its pure potato. I also love that each bag is only 100 cals so no guilt. I now keep these in my office and bedroom for when I need a snack.
I def plan on trying out their other flavors and these are now my go-to chips!
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on May 17, 2018
WOW! Where have these been all my life? Snacking at night is my downfall. A fitness blog I was reading recommended these as a relatively healthy, low-cal snack, and you can't beat the price at about 50 cents per bag.

When I first opened the box, I was disappointed to see that the flavor breakdown isn't equal. You get twice as much of the plain (sea salt) and BBQ as you get of the sea salt & vinegar and sour cream & onion flavors. I have never been a fan of BBQ flavor, but color me surprised, because that's actually my favorite flavor of the Popchips, followed by sea salt & vinegar and sour cream & onion. The plain are fine, but not my favorite. The BBQ have a mild flavor with just enough tang. Delicious!

These chips taste so good. They are light and fluffy, not greasy at all, a little bit like a rice cake but not dry. The entire bag is only 100 calories, and if I eat it while sipping water, it fills me up for a a good hour or two.

My kids like these too, and they make a far healthier lunch snack than regular chips.

I'm reordering.
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on June 28, 2018
The chips are great. I can't eat fried foods so these fit the bill. Work great with WW plan. HOWEVER, I just cancelled my order because it just went up almost $10.00 from last month!!!!!! Every time I find an item I like and use, the following month, it goes up. Bait and switch ??? I am so disappointed. Just finished my last couple of bags!! Ritz makes a cracker I like, so back to them I go. What a shame I about ready to quit shopping in the food section because this keeps happening. Too bad there's not a Whole Foods around here. Not a Trader Joes either. Just good old Wal-Mart and grocery stores.
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on January 22, 2018
I got these to curb my cravings, and it worked. The barbecue were my favorite. I also liked the other flavors, except for the plain sea salted. They were edible, just different tasting. Drink lots of water with them, and that will make you feel really full. If you are on the fence about ordering these, don't be, go ahead and give them a try. I definitely think they tasted better than I was expecting.
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on July 31, 2017
Looking for a healthier snack than the standard chip but still wanting something flavorful with a crunch appeal, Popchips were the answer.Portion controlled at 100 cal.serving,non GMO,has a nice crunch and in 3 great flavors (BBQ is my favorite).As a result I can have Popchips as a guilty free snack and stay on track with a healthy food plan.
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on July 11, 2018
I like pop chips. I appreciate that they are lower calorie and lower fat but still give me a crunch. I would honestly rate these 5 stars except it seems that every variety pack that is offered always has BBQ flavor, and in the same numbers as the rest! I don't understand why this happens. I cant imagine it's hugely popular, but yet, here it is. For BBQ, it is a decent flavor, some sweetness and spice. I just wish there was an option of any of their variety packs without it, or with fewer. I don't think I'm alone in this. Case in point: I work at a company that does not routinely offer free food. That means whenever free food is offered, it is usually gone within a matter of hours, if not minutes. So you would think that the same would apply for individual bags of your national name-brand potato chips (not this brand, the full-fat fried variety). These chips stayed around the company break room for DAYS. Why is that? Because they were all, without exception, barbecue flavor. I think some people love BBQ chips, but they are skipped over. A potentially easy solution for this might be to include more sea-salt flavored and fewer of all of the flavors. That way anyone who is not a fan of all of the flavors can enjoy a change or give a couple away without remorse. I was ready to subscribe and get these chips every other month, but when the end of the month came and I had 5 BBQ left over, I realized that I just can't make it work.
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on August 16, 2017
There was not much of a variety in this variety pack. There were no sea salt and only 3 sour cream and onion. The rest were the BBQ flavor. I did try the BBQ flavor and it is good. I just would liked to have received what was advertised.
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on October 27, 2017
I love salt and vinegar chips and these have a great flavor that isn't too harsh or too light. The chips do get stuck in my teeth a bit but then most chips do that and unlike normal chips these don't have a greasy feeling to them
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