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on January 14, 2015
I bought two of these for my dogs for Christmas. They went bonkers for them and at first I thought I found the perfect toy, boy was I wrong. The concept for this toy is fantastic and somewhere between idea and reality something went askew. The middle section consisting of the the bristles is dangerous. Not even a day into chewing it was splitting apart. My girl got her lip trapped. I limited usuage time. A couple days into use the bristles were falling out and being ingested. My boy vomited pieces of the middle section along with bristles. I took the toys away. They were so sad, they really loved these bones, even if they hurt them. My boy was even forming calluses on the side of his lips! I FIGURED OUT A SOLUTION! I bought another Busy Bone, (what!!!) and I used the purple rubber sections to replace the bristle section in each of their bones. So far this is working almost brilliantly. The purple section is not as wide as the bristle section was, so the dogs are able to chew and work the rawhide much faster, but I feel better knowing they're safer and they're happy because they get to chew the bones. I'm going to write Pet Safe, as I believe any concerned consumer should do. They can easily tweek the product so it's safer for all the fur babies of the world.
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on October 14, 2015
I must say this toy is her favorite solo-play toy, but is also a toy I can not feel safe about. As others have reviewed, the toy falls apart and pieces can be digested by your pet... Mostly the bristles (which alone can cause major surgery-needed problems as reviewed by others,) but my dog has also gotten nubs off of the rubber nub parts, and chews pieces of plastic off the ends of the "bone." I have gone through a couple of them because she loves them, and tried minimizing time/damage the second time, but she gets the bristles off & plastic pieces off regardless, and I have found a few bristles on my floor, thankfully.... I don't know how many she has swallowed. The idea is great, and my dog loves the toy, but I sure wish there was a better-made, safer version.
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on November 28, 2015
Dangerous! Do NOT purchase! My 48 lb. collie mix not only chewed the rawhide but got to the rubber spinner and swallowed it causing intestinal blockage. The vet said I had to take dog to a 24 hour emergency vetinerary hospital with surgery to gebetween $1,800-$4,000! I had surgery performed and dog was in critical condition after surgery, but slowly recovering and now finally at home! How can a company call itself Petsafe when they make pastiche toys that dogs can chew?
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on March 1, 2016
I thought this was wonderful and a way to help my little dog keep healthy gums. So after I bought one at the pet store (he loved it and chewed for quite some time on the first one) so I ordered more from Amazon. Before they even arrived I noticed that my dog had shortened some of the brushes and even with supervision in a short time swallowed a whole disc of the attached treat even though the toy never came apart. It was then I noticed that the treat was made in the USA, but not the toy. I do not buy anything for my dog that is produced in China except for a collar or leash. I guess I did not read the label well the first time. My Mistake.
So I am returning my order and getting a refund. I also am watching my dog very closely for any adverse affects due to his swallowing the treat disk. It is hard and might not dissolve as it passed through this small digestive track. So far he is okay, but it is a big worry.
Please be careful if you choose to use this product.
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My Cavachon is the world'd fussiest puppy, including treats! My brother and sister-in-law just gave him one of these, in a small size, as a gift. He hasn't stopped chewing on it since I gave it to him. It's a HUGE success! I'm thrilled because it's good for his teeth, too. I'm on line, now, to get another! BIG thanks for the gift! We have had NO breakage problems.

Cooper goes back to this toy all the time. He will ignore it for a while, then go crazy for it again. I have bought 5 more because he buries them to play with later. He even hides them under pillows. THE BIG PROBLEM NOW IS THAT THE REFILLS ARE MADE IN TAIWAN! Treats made in China have killed dogs. They pass USDA screening, etc. but dogs still die. I am SO DISAPPOINTED. I have written to the company expressing my concerns and requesting that they make their refills in the USA. I will not buy refills until they do. I hope others will do the same. WRITE TO THE COMPANY AND BOYCOTT until they make safe refills. Together, we can make these safer for our dogs.

I THINK I have come up with a TEMPORARY SOLUTION. I put dog toothpaste on the bristles of the toy, then give it to him. For now, it's working.
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on December 16, 2017
We bought our first one at the pet store. I thought it might be a cheaper and longer lasting chew toy than Greenies. Not only was it "all that and a bag of chips", it quickly became our Standard Poodle's favorite treat. She can work on it for 15-20 minutes whereas a Greenie was gone in less than 5 minutes. After a good period she finally began to chew into the rubber edges next to the nylon bone part so we bought 2 more to replace the well worn original, but also to have a quick fallback in case this one befell the same fate as our original. This is not a complaint. If you know anything about Standard Poodles, they are way smarter than the average dog and will figure out how to "kill" most toys in short order. We love this thing. Cleaner brighter teeth --- longer engagement --- and it is something we can give her without too much oversight. We highly recommend it
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on November 30, 2017
I’m so happy I decided to buy these bones, I’ve been sitting with them on my “wishlist” for so long. Knowing the company makes good quality products, but feeling that something that could stand up to my aggressive chewers was to good to be true. I never should have waited, I’m so happy for my dogs to have something that takes up so much concentration and determination on rainy days or on days when I come home late from work and am exhausted while they are full of energy. I signed up for a monthly delivery of the rawhide rings, I’m a purchaser for life!!!!!!
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on January 18, 2014
Let me begin by saying a really like Busy Buddy products. Just not this one.

I got "small", and it's way too large for my Miniature Poodle. Need to have a "wider" mouth opening. I'd say this size is better for a Border Collie.

The bristles in the center piece break off....which may be a good thing bcs they are "sharp" at the ends and caused bleeding gums.

Certainly, this toy is downright dangerous for a dog with dental problems and elderly dogs.

I think I am going to try removing the bristle center area and see how that goes. If the dogs eat off the "rawhide" doughnuts quickly, so be it.

One of my poodles loves to disassemble this toy, so it does have some play value.

Just be careful to watch your pets' gums. I would not buy this toy again. mb

UPDATE: My puppy and senior dog like the chewy 'rings.' My warrior middle dog likes to take the toy apart, but I have to be vigilant about bleeding gums.

UPDATE: I threw these all away. Too dangerous. Now, none of them will eat the rings! Guess I'll throw these away, too........
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on March 22, 2018
My Boxer-mix destroys all chew toys quickly, but this one keeps her busy for hours. I can hear the bristles on her teeth as she tries to get to the treat rings. The only problem is the toy doesn't tighten too well so my dog will eventually unscrew the end and eat the treat if I'm not paying attention. I purchased a small bone for my 15lb Boston and the Medium for my 45lb Boxer mix which were perfect sizes. Most toys are too soft and fail quickly or too hard and my dogs lose interest. However, my dogs chewed on these for hours to point of exhaustion. Both dogs eventually fell asleep with the bones between their paws. That just never happens!
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on September 6, 2015
This product was recommended by my vet as a good healthy product to keep my 1 year old Labradors teeth cleaned. Unfortunately it is not indestructible. Within a week our lab had chewed the center completely apart and ate the center fragrance paper. I don't know how many bristles from the brush she ate. I do not recommend this toy because it has safety issues.
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