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on March 13, 2015
I just wish I would've found this system sooner I bought the I robot cat litter box for $300 and it was good however this is much better for my situation now one of the best things is on Eco friendlyand I wash the pellets every month I have two sets I use a linen drawstring bag put the dirty pellets and it ,cleaned it for about 10-15 minutes ,then hanging on the line to dry and I have new pellets for the next month,my cat took to it the very moment I took her cat litter box away she has no problem with it and it's super easy to clean pads last me a week to 10 days for one
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on November 15, 2017
I got a cat for the first time in my life a year ago. I did a lot of research and decided to try this system. I brought my kitten home at 8 weeks. She had been trained with the other traditional type litter, but had no problem going straight to and using this box. I just got another new kitten and she did the same thing. I'm a neat freak and can't stand bad smells. This pellet system is phenomenal! The only time you smell anything is when there is a fresh poop and they don't bury it or when the pee pad needs to be replaced. I have found its best to wait a little bit to scoop the poop if its fresh. A few pellets might cling and can just get thrown away with the poop.The pee goes right through to the pad and there is zero odor.

One of the best things I found out is that these can be cleaned and re-used!!! I have a big soup pot designated just to cleaning the pellets. I boil them once a month with a little bleach for about 30 minutes, drain and put them in a large bin to dry out. They stay 100% intact and I have reused the same pellets for 3 months. I just keep a backup set of pellets to put in the litter box while the others are being cleaned / dried out and rotate the sets.
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on June 3, 2017
Price is out of control, it has doubled in 2 years. The product is good, but they are pricing themselves out of business. June 3, 2017 $80 for 28# (4 x 7# bags). This is roughly a half cubic foot in volume. I can buy pea gravel 1/2 cubic foot for under $4.00 at a big box store. its heavier almost 2X, the bag is 50#, and I have to wash it off before use or it is messy (wet stone dust- not toxic), but I cant afford the price doubling - I feel it is unjustified. Either bring the price down, or I will find a way to do without. Other people have tried and report success with the pea gravel, so I am trying it too.
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on July 20, 2017
I like the system very much in terms of dust and odor control. My kittty took to it on the first day. There's minimal tracking and the system effectively tackles the urine smell. I have a kitten and his poops really stink but they're solid so no big deal. My problem is that even though I wait for the pellets to absorb the fecal matter before scooping (which I wish I could just scoop up and throw out right away), I still lose a lot of pellets due to them sticking to the fecal matter. I've had the system for about a month now and I know the recommendation is to change the pellets once a month but I can't help but to feel that there's simply not enough pellets to last a month. So I added additional pellets after a couple weeks and if I continue doing so, litter replacement will burn a serious hole in my pocket. If anyone has any tips or advice, I'd really love to hear! But aside from the concern for loss of pellets due to sticking, I think the system works very well.
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on September 28, 2016
The BEST litter system I have EVER used. I wish I had found this system before I spent 300.00 on the CatGenie. I have 2 cats and for the last year have had a problem with accidents outside the box. I was at my wits end. My carpets were being destroyed! Well, I got this product set it up right away and there has been not a single problem since! Some of the reviews I read by people with multiple cats complained about the urine collection pads longevity and availability. Well, I have 2 cats and the pads do last a full week. As far as getting refill pads. I have no problem finding them right here on Amazon. When I ordered the boxes I ordered a case of urine pads. Problem solved.Some people said they had a problem with odor. I do not have that issue. I imagine if you don't change the pads weekly and scoop the solid waste daily then you might have issues. The best thing about this system is the pellets are large enough that they don't get tracked all over my house like other litter AND!!!!! because of the special scooper included with the litter boxes the pellets don't stick to the solid waste so I can flush it! I would give this product 10 stars if it were possible! Thank you Tidy Cats!!!!
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on May 9, 2017
I like the dust and easy to care for. However, the price keeps going up and up. I was paying about $45 for it, and then $54, and now when I came back to reorder, you want $80! I don't think so! If I can't get it cheaper than I'm going back to regular litter.
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on June 28, 2017
I love the Breeze system. With 2 cats, I have to admit that there is some smell now (it had been better with 1 cat). I do clean the litter box frequently of poop and remove the pad daily. But this is much, much better than a regular cat box. I've walked into people's homes with cats and the smell is terrible. This avoids the awful cat smell and I recommend the system to everyone. However, the price increases are ridiculous. I now buy third party dog pads and cut them in 4. This saves a lot of money. The pellet price increase is just crazy. I simply don't change the pellets as much and will try rinsing them as others have done. Maybe third parties will start producing a product that can be used as a replacement. This manufacturer should stop abusing its loyal customers.
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on February 10, 2015
Well, I think everyone has said what I need to say. Like others I tried EVERYTHING and couldn't get the smell out of my house. And my cat is 19 and I've had him since the day he was born. So I've been dealing with the smell for 19 years!!!! It was so embarrassing. I have the breeze inside right by my garage door in my house. So I walk by it several times a day. And even when I haven't been home, I walk in and there's NO smell. It has been life changing like others have said. I'm so mad I didn't discover this earlier. Oh, and I painted my breeze litter box to match my pantry 😊
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on July 18, 2017
Great product, but the price just doubled!!! It's absurd. I bought this in October $45.99, in March $54.45, now it's $82!!!! This is litter!!! Did you put gold in it??!! If the price is not lowered I will never buy this product again, even though I like it, but it's not a necessity to pay so much. In fact, IT'S GARBAGE!!! There are other products available.
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on July 10, 2017
I have purchased the (4) 7lb pellet refill Two 2xs at about $44, I just went to re-purchase and the prices have almost doubled $81 for the same 4 pack... This just blows my mind... I am hoping another company comes out with a similar product, because I feel that Tidy Cat is taking advantage of all of those that have already purchased the system... I like it better than standard liter, but at such a price, I am off to explore other options. RIP OFF Tidy Cat Offered me a number to call, was on hold 4 times (5-10 min) each call and the call kept dropping. Seriously...
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