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on February 27, 2013
Hacking away at the 10,000th clump of partly hardened cat urine with a plastic joke of a scoop, I asked myself: "Isn't there something better? Isn't there a pooper scooper out there that doesn't leave me fearing for my eyesight?" Whilst specks of litter ricocheted off the pan walls.

30 years, 4 cats, and countless plastic scoops later, I bought the metal Durascoop. What a relief. Why didn't I invest the money earlier and save myself the agony of praying "Lord Jesus, please let this cat turd come out in one clump, please don't let this scoop handle break off, please let me get through yet another day of poop scooping."

I bought 2, they are great, the holes are just fine, don't let those bad reviews scare you off. Do yourself a favor, get this pooper scooper.

P.S. You're sent a random color, I was sent 2 red ones.
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on August 1, 2015
I just bought this new scoop and love it! I read the reviews before buying and, now that I have the scoop, I'm confused by some of the complaints.
- Some are saying that the slots are too wide. I went to the trouble to measure them and they are 3/8-inch as are the slots on my plastic scoop.
- Some said the it is heavy. While it is certainly heavier than a plastic scoop I weighed it and it only weighs 9.8oz; about as much as a potato. Unless you work in a kennel cleaning 40 litter boxes a day, it shouldn't be too onerous to use this scoop. Plus, I find that it is easier on my wrist since it doesn't bend or force me to twist my wrist to lift it from the litter like the plastic one does.
- As for sharp edges: They are sharper than they could be but they are not sharp like a knife. Once I start using a scoop though, I will never touch the metal edges so I don't see that as a problem for me. Also, unless that person who complained about it cutting the edge of the litter box is hacking at the box like they are chopping wood, I don't see how this will cause much damage! Even so, The manufacturer might want to trim those edges better.
- Then there's the thing about scooping all the litter out vs. just the clumps. If you are old-school and want to use a shovel to remove all the litter, fine. But then you shouldn't buy a scoop with slots and complain about the slots! Those of us who can't afford to waste the unsullied litter, sift out the clumps from clumping litter and let the rest fall through the slots back into the box. It's a good thing!
I use the front corner of this scoop that doesn't have a slot to pick out the little stray bits that are too small for the slots to get. It works fine.
This scoop seems durable. My cheap plastic scoop cost $5 and lasted 5 year so this had better last me 13 years. I suspect it will.
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on October 11, 2015
I love my cats and appreciate what they bring to my life. With this in mind, I had the following revelation the other night while using the ubiquitous, but utterly inadequate classic plastic litter scoop: "Here is a job I'll be doing once or twice a day for the next roughly sixteen to twenty years of my life. I want a RADICALLY better tool for doing it so that I can eventually die having spent fewer of my remaining heartbeats scooping cat feces and clumpy urine balls into a receptacle and MORE of those heartbeats snuggling and giving my love, wisdom and attention to my lovely family, including my two awesome cats! Surely SOMEONE makes a serious tool for doing this unenviable job! I will buy this tool! I would pay as much as $30 for this tool. I will effing MAKE this tool from scratch in my shop if I have to!"

Found the DuraScoop with lots of 5 star ratings, looked at the photo, read one or two reviews, and BOUGHT THAT SUCKER on PRIME for a mere $12.50 or whatever it was. It came this morning. It is a shining thing of beauty, rigid, confidence-inspiring, with a handle that asks to be gripped and grips when asked.

I just got back from scooping Salem and Shade's shared litterbox in half the normal time, with total confidence about reaching the bottom of the box, and getting every part of the litter, and am now spending the heartbeats that I saved writing this five star review. I'm doing that so that you too can save some of YOUR life for doing something other than scooping cat feces.
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Scooping out the litter box is a crappy job, but somebody's gotta do it, and it happens to be my job. This litter scoop makes that daily chore a whole lot easier.

When we adopted our latest cat (after not having any for many years), I bought what I thought was a sturdy plastic litter scoop. It was not. My big ol' ball of sass neglects to pee dead center of the litter, as we've discussed and like is shown in all those kitty litter ads. My favorite feline pain-in-the-neck chooses to relieve himself in the corner of the litter box where I have to do some major excavation to get the darn near hard-as-concrete clump out.

The plastic scoop bent in no time and I feared it would break. Which would really suck. I bought a metal one. It was a flimsy, thin, inadequate piece of junk. It bent and crimped the first time I tried to dig out that pee clump. To say I was irked is an understatement.

Instead of wasting more money on shoddy tools, I decided to bite the bullet and try to find a good, heavy duty litter scoop, even if it cost me thirty bucks. Hey! I use the thing every day. It needs to do its job!

Found it and it didn't break the bank. It was $12.99 when I bought it. I was initially skeptical even after reading the reviews. I've been using it every day since June 2017 and have discovered it's more than worth it.

The scoop is wide and very sturdy, but the corners are rounded so I can reach into the corners of the litter box. Standard clay cat litter sifts right through.

It's all one piece of solid metal (aluminum). The handle is padded and thick enough to hold comfortably, but not so thick it's unwieldy or you can't get a good grip on it. Definitely long enough, too.

After using this one for a week or so, I bought another for my daughter and her cat. Ya know, I think I'll get one for my sister for Christmas!

My only issue, which really isn't one, is the very end of the handle is rather flexible and there's a hole in it so the scoop can be hung up. I don't hang mine up. I have a little trash can near the litter box that I place it in when I'm finished using it. My thought is the hole in the handle might be kind of small for anything other than a very small nail.

Don't waste your time or money with the other scoops. Buy this one.
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on July 3, 2016
I bought and lost the first one in the garage somewhere so I bought another one as a replacement. I found the first one the same day as the new one arrived, which is typical for me.

I could have returned it (not likely) or just left it in the garage to be used one day but upon studying it, I thought it would work well as a sturdy dirt/potting soil scoop and it for sure was!
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on February 23, 2017
Had this for a while now and i love it. I had gone throw about 6 plastic scoopers per year at about $3-6 even bought a steel one from walmart for $15 but the handle broke off my first time using it. This thing pays for itself in 6 months realisically. But the first time you use it you will be glad you bought it. It has a non traditional shape that seems like it wouldnt work as good... not true it works noticably better than others. I used walnut litter which i highly recommend with this scoop. No more scoopers breaking and getting cat poop (because amazon canceled my review for using the wrong word for poop)...(word n a z i s) all over your hands. Even if this thing breaks every 6 months i will be buying forever. That said the thing is indestructible. The only breakable part is the rubber coating on the handle. If the rubber coating wheres off fast for you then i suggest buying a rubber coating kit. Forget what they are called but they are cheap and you just dip things in a pool of melted rubber.

The few negative reviews I've seen seem to be the result of leaving the scoop in some sort of ammonia, vinegar or bleach solution which will eat metal. Its still fine to wash it with these solutions you just cant set a metal object in vinegar and ammonia for days on end and expect it to be ok. If you must keep metal in a liquid solution (dumb idea) try something like dish soap. It will still damage it over time but should last years even still.
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on January 3, 2018
we have two outdoor cats, wintertime in maine gets pretty cold. we have a shed attached to our house, and our two cats can come and go as they please. they have a heated cat house, heated water bowl, and a litter box. until we got this scoop, every time we cleaned it was a toss up — will the frozen litter come out ok? or will the plastic scoop break again (and yes we have always kept them indoors), sending plastic shrapnel and frozen kitty nuggets every which way. i can’t count the number of times my wife and I have played paper rock scissors to see who gets to put on the safety glasses and go clean the litter box in the freezing cold shed.

enter the durascoop.

the handle is solid, the scoop will NOT break. i’m not sure if it’s hollow or not, but it honestly doesn’t matter because it’s durability is amazing. this is the one to buy if you are tired of scoops breaking. the sift hole size is great, sides are tall enough, it’s not too big, it’s just perfect.

i will say if you are elderly and have arthritis, the scoop is a bit heavier than your standard plastic scoops (i would guess it’s about half the weight of a small can of vegetables), so that’s something to consider. also the color you will receive is completely random. but other than that, as my good friend Olaf says: “All good things, all good things!”
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon April 8, 2017
We bought this to replace our previous metal litter scooper. You see, I'm not sure if there's any correlation to the vinegar that has taken up residence in Catzilla's furry little soul since the diabetic diet restrictions started, but one day the bottom third of the metal on the old one (of a different brand purchased elsewhere) fell off, the metal eaten clean through. Presumably the acid nature of what he's been dumping in the box corroded it enough to cause a break. You know, when he actually deigns to use a litter box these days.

So we've been using this for 3 weeks now, both my daughter and I, who are the primary litter box scoopers. I really like the way it fits in my hands, it was comfortable and easy to grip, and I think the finger grooves are well spaced and placed. I like that the scoop is bigger, because Catzilla puts forth a might stream that creates rather large sized areas of litter that need to be removed. I also like that it's made of a solid piece of metal with a coating on the handle, because those puddles are heavy enough to break plastic scoops at the handle base (it's happened many a time before we went to metal scoopers), and I think they could do the same for any metal scooper that was two pieces joined together at the base of the handle. Now my daughter's hands are smaller, and she says this is working great for her as well and she said it with a large amount of enthusiasm. Which given how much she hates litter box scooping is saying something. So we think this is a good quality cat scooper and are pleased with it. I'm not sure any scooper can withstand long term exposure to the toxic goop he's putting out these days, but I figure if it's made it 3 weeks, it's a great sign...
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on April 10, 2018
Allow me to wax lyrical about the magnificence, the ergonomic simplicity, the utter perfection of the DuraScoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scooper; such a marvelous job you do. Truly, the DuraScoop is the s$@& scooper that puts all inferior, weak s$@& scoopers to shame! Those annoying pockets in the corners and on the bottom of the box, where pee and litter meet in an unholy marriage that produces brick mortar are finally a thing of the past - the foul bane of the inferior plastic scoop - my litter boxes have never been so clean! My boxes were so clean that all the cats lined up immediately to s$@& the boxes again! Two and four legged users are unanimous - DuraScoop is the absolute bomb!

All kidding aside, this is a great scoop and I wish I'd found it 20 years ago. It seems very durable and it does a great job. I expect lots of use out of this baby and whenever it finally gives up the ghost, I'll happily buy another. Kudos to whoever designed this thing - you clearly based it on a multi-cat household. Well done!
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on November 14, 2015
I prefer Litter-Lifters due to the fact that the tines pick up the smaller "crumbs" but not the clean litter -- however, that product is solely plastic and does not seem to last beyond 3 months... so I tried the DuraScoop thinking the metal should make it last longer and it has a lot of positive reviews. Unfortunately, the tines are too wide so that it does not pick up the smaller crumbs and yet it needs to be shaken to release the clean litter it picks up with the big clumps. Additionally, I clean the scoop with a hydrogen peroxide wipe after each use, and the wipe immediately turned black -- maybe a black oxide coating? If so, it will be interesting to see what happens to the scoop when that coating is completely gone... on the plus side, it is strong and great for big clumps.
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