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on January 4, 2018
Turns out that Wellness is another company more interested in their bottom line than taking care of pets. When this food was first made (when I started purchasing it regularly on subscribe-and-save, here) it had glucosamine and chrondroitin in it. Not something kittens would usually need, but ok, can't hurt them and might improve their joint longevity over the long view. At some point it was taken out, but I rolled with it and kept purchasing the food each month. With this rebranding they've changed the formula again, and taken out the principle reason why I purchase it: lysine. My cat has the condition where his body can't produce this on his own and, when it isn't supplemented, he gets cold/flu-like symptoms constantly. He's too sassy to take it as a powder, liquid, paste, or treat, but he'd take it in as part of -this- food. It took about a week, but all of the congestion and runniness that plagued his babyhood vanished and never came back, unless the store ran out for a good long while. It was a godsend that he would eat it and it worked so well.

No more! I just picked up a bag from the local petstore with the new packaging (since Amazon was out) and found out that it no longer as lysine in it. Not in the listing of vitamins, not in the ingredients. What other things have they taken out that I -haven't- noticed? Looks like magnesium and beta-carotene are gone, and there are a lot more fillers now, too, peas, chickpeas, potatoes.

On the bright side, my family did a bunch of research and found out we can supplement my cat's diet with human-food treats, in order to keep him healthy. I can live with that and he surely won't be turning down fresh meat for iron and L-Lysine, or yogurt for the lactobacillus. (I also saw some articles mentioning that L-Lysine doesn't help cats, and may be harmful, but they all seemed to be referencing very the same 4+ year old "study" of questionable origins -and- were refuted by first-hand accounts in the comments section of each article. I really hope it wasn't removed based on internet "telephone game" disinformation.)

Either way, if you're after L-Lysine supplements, you're best off looking for this in-store in the old packaging or finding something new, like we have.
Original Stars: 5+++++++++
Current Stars: --- Infinity. Why buy "health" food if it isn't healthy?
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on February 9, 2015
This cat food is the best I have used to date, and I have tried many. I have 2 cats of very different age groups. The first is a rescue we adopted from our vet and at age 10 he was very lanky and didn't have much energy. He had tons of hair loss and was throwing up food almost every other day. The vet was pushing us to keep him on science diet, and we did for a while. There where never anyimprovements while he was on Science diet. He just felt old and looked terrible.
Our second is a 1 year old we rescued at 4 weeks, that was raised on science diet. He is a typical young cat but would eat almost constantly and was getting chubby. It occurred to me that I really needed to try something different with my pets, so I tried wellness indoor for the cats first. (we have 2 small dogs as well) I wanted to see if there where any differences. What happened was astounding!
The very first thing I noticed was that my younger cat wasn't gorging himself on food any longer. He is still a bit chubby, but slimming down a little at a time. The next thing I noticed where the changes in my old cat. He wasn't throwing up at all! No hairballs or vomit at all!
He had coat growing in places where he hadn't had any for 2 years, and his skin felt full and soft like a young cat not saggy and thin. He was also playing a lot. I was so sold on these result that I bought wellness for my small dogs too. They've been eating it as long so I haven't reviewed it yet.
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on February 25, 2016
This cat food has made my cat very sick. She keeps vomiting. I am not sure what is wrong with the food.Update: Last week my precious cat died. I took her to the vet and the vet said her stomach looked like she ate rat poison, her intestines were twisted. She is an indoor cat, and she never went outside because she had no claws (Her previous owner declawed her- I got her from the SPCA). Anyhow, I went on vacation, and my pet sitter fed my dog this cat food that neglectfully forgot to throw away. My dog started having the same symptoms: vomiting, lethargic, and unable to walk. My dog has made a recovery after two days. With $700 in vet bills for both pets........and the only common denominator is this food..they both had the same symptoms.
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on September 21, 2017
I have been using this for over a year, and I would have given it a 5 star in the past. My cats loved it in the past. Two bags ago, something changed and I have one cat that pushes it around, eats a piece or two then turns the dish over and walks away. The other cat just stands there meowing loud as she can in protest and refuses to eat it. I had to switch to a new brand, even when they got very hungry they refused to eat it, and were breaking open things in the kitchen to taste... Simply put, this food now sucks. They do however absolutely love the new Rachel Ray food, and devour it.
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on September 22, 2017
Wellness does not want my business anymore. I've been a loyal Wellness customer for probably 10 years but recently they have saw fit to change their dry food formula that my cat was accustomed to eating which was the salmon and whitefish meal recipe. I bought a bag of their new salmon dry food and my cat would rather starve than eat it. I mean pfft, it's not like cats are known for being finicky eaters or anything so by all means change your formula and good luck with your new customers. Don't worry about me and my cat because I have found another brand of high quality that he likes. Adios.
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on November 6, 2017
My cat is very particular about what he eats. After a ton of research a couple of years ago, I went with Wellness brand. It took me over two weeks to get him to finally eat his food. Now, Wellness has changed their formula, the pieces are smaller and it smells different. My cat won't eat it. Quality pet food isn't cheap, I'm very frustrated that I spent over $30 for food that my cat will no longer touch. I might try to switch his brand of food again because Wellness is no longer a brand that I trust. Regardless, my cat is hungry and I can't get the old formula. Extremely disappointing.
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on August 9, 2017
If I could give this negative stars, I would. Absolute garbage. I bought this for my cat after receiving some samples from the pet store. Kitty loved the samples so much. Even more than his treats. And since treats aren't that good for him, I thought I would buy a bag of this overly priced fancy food he loved so much. He hated it. I even had some samples left and mixed the two together. He picked out the pieces from the sample bags and ate those. And left the rest. You could tell cuz the sample ones were a bit smaller than the others. I feel like this company is baiting and switching. Sampling out something the cats will love, then robbing you for a large bag of crap they won't eat. I gave the bag to a friend who has strays. Guess what, even they won't eat it. She left the bowl out overnight to see if the raccoons would eat it....nope. She tried to feed some to her small dog; puppy spit them out. This food is trash. Worries me what they put in it that even strays and raccoons won't touch it. Don't waste your money.
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Top Contributor: Makeupon February 25, 2017
My cats hate this food! I was trying to find a healthier option for them and I'm sure that they are used to more of a 'junk food' type dry food and that's why they were apprehensive at first, however, I did mix it with their old food and taper it off and they still are not interested, and my cats always want food and will basically eat anything. They only finally ate this because they were starving after their hunger strike! Unfortunately, I can't return the bag and it was expensive, but maybe my dog will eat it.
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on March 25, 2017
Cat would rather starve than eat this food.
He is not a picky eater but when we got to our second bag he decided to go on a hunger strike. We switched to Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach and he aggressively consumes it. We mixed it with the Wellness and he will try to pick out the Blue Buffalo and spit out the Wellness bits.
Lots of barfing on this food too. Cats are ~13 years old and in good health and good weight (although too low after barfing and leaving food in the dish).
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on September 7, 2017
I used to get the previous formulation of this for my overweight cat. My other six cats get Friskies canned food. The new formulation is adequate, but ther are some differences:
The new formula has harder pieces that are smaller. My miniature female tabby used to beg for these as a treat; but now she won't touch it, literally times up her nose. The other cats don't notice any difference.
. The nutritional information is different. The new product has "boned" chicken as the main ingredient The old product I recall had ocean white fish and didn't say anything about chicken and turkey meal. What's that? The bones put back in? There is rice and barley listed as the next ingredients. Cats are a special kind of carnivore that almost exclusively eat meat. But they also like to eat house plants and throw up, so maybe the rice and barley make sense.
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