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on November 29, 2013
How to start a fire in a wood stove:
1. Scoop a line of ash from the middle of the stove (for air circulation)
2. Add a single nugget and light it
3. Add a log behind the nugget; in front of it and one diagonally across the top (careful not to put out the nugget)
4. Leave the stove door cracked for the first 10-20 minutes

Be warm...
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on February 16, 2010
I have used the brick type fire starters up till now, usually breaking them into thirds. They almost always worked well in my wood stove, lighting 6 inch diameter split logs with no kindling.

These nuggets seemed to be too small and too light to match that performance. But they are at least as good as my previous fire starters, needing no kindling to start fires in my stove. I place two split logs parallel to each other with an inch or two between them where I place one of these fire starters. On top of these I place one or two more split logs at an angle. So far only one fire starter has been all I need to get a good fire going.

*** Update 1/20/2012 *** I've now used these while camping in addition to in my woodstove. And they still consistently start a fire with little or no kindling. They burn long enough to start reasonably dry split logs which are properly stacked. Once in awhile I've needed two but usually one is enough.
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on November 10, 2013
After reading the reviews I thought these would be awesome, especially comparing the price of these with those firestarter bricks. I didn't have much luck with them in my firepit outside, in a fireplace inside, or in a woodstove. They do, however, ignite somewhat easily and burn for a long time. If used with adequate paper and kindling, I suppose they're effective. In their defense, however, I suspect the wood I had delivered is not seasoned (as advertised). I have gone back to the larger firebricks, and they do the job.

I've actually invested in another box of these. I keep them with my firestarter bricks, paper, and kindling. Each of these things serves specific purposes. This little starter nugget doesn't really work well for starting a fire without kindling, BUT if I haven't been paying attention to my fire in the woodstove and the wood actually stops burning, I find tossing one of these back under the smouldering wood and lighting it restarts a withered fire really rapidly.
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on April 7, 2011
These have worked fantastic for me. This past winter I started burning a fire about every week in a firepit. After being frustrated with wood that wasn't totally dry and running through piles of newspaper and cardboard, I broke down and bought a case of these firestarters.

These things are really nice. They take a little while to get lit while holding them, but once lit they don't go out and they burn a really long time (at least 10 minutes, seems like more). They smell just like candles when you light them which is nice (no chemical smell).

The shape is really smart too. The half-sphere allows you to light the "edge", tilt it down a little to make sure it is caught, and then set it round-side-down. You can't smother the flame this way.

Because the wood I'm using isn't totally dry, I usually require one to get the kindling started and then another later to get it roaring. But it sure beats the heck out of running through all that newspaper and cardboard! And with dry wood you would have no problem getting it roaring with just one.

Great product, great price.
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In the cold of night, these firestarters can get your fire going fast, even if the wood is a little damp. One box gets me through a winter of nightly fires. One stick does it. Quick to light, these stick brun a long time, getting those other logs to combust. We paid full price for this item, so this is an honest reveiw.
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on March 14, 2014
These have made my husband a happy man when we need to get our wood stove started. No more adding paper and tiny pieces of wood to get the fire going. He never has to use but one nugget and voila, a beautiful fire is going. This will stay on my list to buy and never run out.

Just reordering this product. My husband is still just as happy about these fire starters as when I first reviewed. So easy to use it making a quick warm-up with our wood stove on these terribly cold mornings. Late December and we are in the single digits at night, with the coldest months yet to come.
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on February 28, 2018
It could just be that I'm cursed, but, these didn't work as well as expected. They are really small and don't burn long. It's not easy to use. Had to use several to get the fire going.
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on January 8, 2014
We have been using these off and on. While the nuggets start up easily, provide ample fire, and last for a little while, we do need a couple to get our wood stove fired up. Especially mid-winter (New England) after the chimney has filled with cold air. As a result, I don't consider the aforementioned as an objection. At the price, (circa $0.34 / nugget (Amazon Prime)) the ‘green’ aspect, and swift (Amazon) home delivery, the nugget fire starters constitute good value.
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on September 13, 2016
These are awesome!! I use them almost every time I have a bon fire. They burn hot enough to make it super easy to start the fire; it smells like a pine wax mixed into sawdust. I was bought these as a gift at first and had to ask where to get them because I love them SO much - l will keep buying these!!
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on April 18, 2018
These little things work. I got about 50 of them but had some left over after the cold winter we had. I'll be getting more in the future.
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