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on March 17, 2018
I am a water drinker since childhood (lived on an island) ...this has taken its place. Zero sugar and calories...a gentle hint of flavor...wonderful. If you are going to try it for the first time, I'd like to recommend the Peach.
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on August 20, 2012
If you are looking for a thirst quenching drink with no artificial sweetners...This is it! Water! Just Water! How they get the very slight taste of fruit in it I will never know. But I even took it to my Dr. and he is now hooked on it! I order cases of this stuff! All I will drink anymore. And it is cheaper here on Amazon than inmy grocery store, of which I can only find one that carries it. A few flavors are not to my taste, but thats why they make so many different ones. However, they all are good. But for me , some are great! This allowed me to go from artificial sweet drinks to natural. LOVE IT!
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on April 28, 2014
i saw this in the Star Magazine in an article. They were saying how all the mom who are stars are drinking this and their kids like. the had one of my favorite stars on their drinking pear. so i have tried pear i tastes wonderful. i also notice the water temp makes the water tastes better like watermelon if its not really cold you can taste it, but pear and the blackberry they are fine if they are a little colder.
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on August 28, 2011
I started drinking Hint Water a few years ago when Smartwater discontinued its similar line of no-calorie, no-artificial-sweetners, lightly flavored waters. I find that I drink a lot more water during the day with these than with filtered water. The taste is absolutely wonderful and refreshing ---- just a tiny hint of flavoring. No syrupy flavor like all the trendy "fitness drinks" out there and no carbonation or harmful artificial sweetners like with diet soda.

I was an absolute Diet Coke junkie for fifteen years until I found this product. No hyperbole ---- it's literally the only thing that I can keep in the fridge that will keep me away from Diet Coke. It might seem a bit pricey, but for my health I think it is worth every penny. I just wish they would stock a larger size so I wouldn't feel so bad about all of the discarded plastic bottles. Also, this may seem a small point but I am a sculptor and thoughtful graphic design is very important to me. I always get compliments when I hand these out to guests ---- both on the flavor and the wonderful packaging.

My favorite flavors are the pear and the watermelon. They are very subtle. My husband's favorite is the honeydew-hibiscus. I like it, too, but it has a tiny sour floral tang to the taste.

Overall, I cannot recommend this product highly enough.
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on June 15, 2013
I don't know whether it's just my batch of 12; but the water has a very strong plastic taste.

When you take a sip, it feels if you're swallowing a mouthful of chemicals.

It's almost if the plastic used to make the bottles had bleached into the water.

I would not recommend people to buy this product and advise they buy a bottle from a local store first as you don't want to flush your money down the toilet.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon May 20, 2010
This is, what, 99.9% water with a drop of fruit extract? The price is overblown. Hence the star off.

However, for those who like something a little extra with their water, this is very nice stuff. The pear flavor seems a bit more than pear--I want to say there's a hint of banana and a hint of honeydew under there, too. It's nice. I like it. Someone described it as adding water to a glass in which you've had juice. Yep, that's it, with a more complex character, perhaps, to the flavor.

Bottled water, flavored or not, is big business and I understand why they'd price it as high as they can get away with it. It's an aptly named, pleasing product, so yeah, four stars.

But I'm thinking of investing in a half-dozen fruit essences/extracts and some TrueLime, TrueOrange, and TrueLemon, and just add it to my chilled filtered water at home. It irks to pay this much for "hinty" water. Plus all these plastic bottles are not helping the planet any, are they? I've got stainless steel and other eco-friendly goods at home, might was well put them to use.
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on October 31, 2015
I purchased this water cause I have Intersistial Cystitisis and was recommended by my doctor. Love it! It has just a little taste of pear, nothing supper strong, nor sweet. I just live this water. If you have IC then you know what I mean by I need flavor , not just plan water.
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on June 26, 2018
There are better flavors out there but when ice cold none of them that I've had are "bad" simply less good than others. This one falls near the bottom of the spectrum ahead of only blood orange and maybe crisp apple, it's a toss up. Every other flavor I've had has been delicious above those 3.
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on May 13, 2018
I love Hint water and the pear is my favorite flavor.
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on September 13, 2013
I L*O*V*E Hint's flavored waters! There's no sweeteners and, for me, that's a huge plus. I like my water unsweetened (same as my tea & coffee) and the fruit essences are light and true to the fruit, flower or vegetable they represent. The pear is best at room temperature or just cool rather than ice cold to get the perfect flavor (but, that's my preferance).
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