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on June 10, 2015
I have a baby with food allergies and cannot eat wheat, dairy, eggs, or nuts. After a week of this new diet I thought I'd go crazy from missing chocolate and baked goods. Now I am just crazy for these bars. I agree with everyone that the bars are insanely small for the 120 calorie content, but truly, they taste so good I'm willing to overlook that. I'm also willing to overlook the price. After a long day of caring for a newborn and my three other kids and subsisting on chips and salsa, spinach, and meat and potatoes or rice, nothing compares to the bliss I get from enjoying one of these bars. I read another review by a breastfeeder who said once she could eat milk chocolate again she nearly gagged when eating one of these. Maybe that's true, but if you are on a restricted diet, you won't know the difference and these may be the key to your survival.

Also, I tried the crunchy chocolate cookies and did not like them. They were too sweet and gave me an upset stomach.
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on January 22, 2018
**Original review Jan 2018: I think these bars are my favorite food. I’ve eaten one a day ever since I discovered them about four years ago - that’s a whole lot of bars. Now I get them on subscribe & save.

I admit they are expensive for the measly five bars you get per box. They also might be an acquired taste. These are a very dense flourless brownie with mini chocolate chips inside. They aren’t like a crumbly cake bar or a chewy brownie bar.

I find that they satisfy my sweet tooth while still keeping me full like one of those fancy protein bars. Most importantly, unlike most granola bars, these cause me no digestive issues whatsoever.

My kids (ages 7 and 3 years) love these bars, too. It’s nice to feed them a granola bar they love that isn’t full of junk ingredients.

These are very expensive, so I have tried many different kinds of brownie bars. Other brands are no comparison. However, Aldi makes a generic version of the Enjoy Life brand that they call “live G free”. They make a generic Cocoa Loco that is almost exactly the same. So my tip to you is to stop by Aldi if you have one nearby.

**UPDATE May 2018: Enjoy Life has changed these bars as of 2018. The new ones are in the blue boxes as shown in the product photos.

Overall, I have to say that people will probably prefer the new bars. However, they taste noticeably difference from the old bars. It took me a while to get used to the new taste but I think I do like it.

The best change is that they got rid of the oversized box. However, while the new blue box is pretty, it is hard to read the white-on-blue text.

The ingredient list is changed, but not significantly. The nutrition info is basically the same, except they’re no longer adding in extra vitamins and minerals. The main change is that although the bars remain 1.15 oz, they are noticeably bigger. They’re bigger because theyre lighter and fluffier now.
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on May 30, 2017
My wife was tasked with an elimination diet to try and help her minimize mystery pain she was having. Well, the diet eliminated about 90% of what she was allowed to eat, including dairy, soy, gluten, tomatoes, and a list as long as my arm of other foods. I decided to try and help her as best I could and hopped onto good old Amazon to find something that fit. These came up, looked vaguely familiar, and I ordered them.

First of all, I did good. She was delighted! Turns out she'd eaten these when nursing our daughter, who had a bunch of food issues and caused a similar elimination diet. Second, I tasted one and I was also hooked. These things are pretty darned tasty. I try to avoid dairy, but I love chocolate and good chocolate that doesn't involve real cow's milk is hard. I can definitely eat these and be happy.

Last, it turns out the diet did no good. She finally got a diagnosis for the mystery pain that food isn't going to help. I guess the good news is that she can eat what she wants again. And she still wants these!
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on November 19, 2017
These are really tasty treats and they do taste like Carrot Cake. If I have any fault to it they really aren't bars. They are more like two bites. Kind of false advertising in my opinion to call something so small a "bar". They'd serve better to promote it as two small cookies. But the flavor is good. They do have an unusually large amount of ingredients. But the biggest PRO to this particular flavor is there is no xanthan or guar gum in the formula (which is so hard to find these days). Any gums in food can add to GI distress. I find it odd a company so big on being allergen friendly would include these gums in their product line. But alas...this is the only one that doesn't. It is a tad high in calories for literally two bites. So thats a CON.
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on March 7, 2015
I got these when I was on a strict diet. I was nursing my daughter, who was allergic to dairy soy and egg. Most chocolate had soy lecithin so I couldn't eat it. I was able to eat these and I thought they were pretty good. I started eating little bits of soy (including some dark chocolate) and hadn't had these for a few weeks. I took a bite of one and could barely swallow it. It was horrible. The taste was almost antiseptic and the texture was disturbing. It stuck to the roof of my mouth I don't know if if just tasted good because I wasn't eating much else or of it was because it was a new box and something was different/wrong. My three and four year old won't even touch them and they eat anything that even remotely resembles a granola bar. Two stars because at some point, they seemed good.
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on February 13, 2017
I ordered these due to wanting to try a new allergen free option. I'm sorry that so many came in the order, because these are gross! These are small, dense, smooshy bars with a chemical taste that hits while eating it and in the aftertaste. I would be totally okay with the first three of those things, but chemical taste is a no go (even if I'm assuming it's from how the oils are processed, or maybe that mixed with packaging.).
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on August 30, 2017
Purchased these for someone with allergies who used to be able to eat these without issues. He now cannot eat them without a reaction. They may have just started adding quinoa to the recipe, which he cannot eat, or they are cross contaminating with some other product during manufacturing.
In general, I like Enjoy Life products, but for people with allergies, proceed with caution. You might want to buy a single bar before committing to this many.
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on September 18, 2016
So thankful to find this deal. My son has dairy, egg, and nut allergies and these are one of the few snack bars he enjoys. In our local stores a box costs around $5 or more so finding this offer was great. All boxes were fresh with an expiration date out 7 months (which we will have no problem consuming prior to this date.)
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on July 13, 2017
Not chewy at all. It was dry and crumbling and had this strange gritty texture. Similar to sugar that hasn't melted. Also, the chocolate chips were all white. They are like that in the soft cookies too. I'd return them but my husband said he'd eat them lol.
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on February 4, 2018
Candidly, the 1-star reviews seem very unreasonable--almost like people are reviewing a different bar altogether. I see lots of people talking about this being bland, not edible, etc. Not the case. I'm allergic to a number of things and, therefore, relatively picky. This bar is pretty solid flavorwise. The only problem I have with this bar is that it's got too many calories for its size, and it's not a protein bar. Up the protein and lower the calories, and you're golden. The flavor is pretty darn good.
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