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Muscle Milk Genuine Protein Powder, Vanilla Crème, 32g Protein, 2.47 Pound
Flavor: Vanilla Crème|Size: 2.47 Pound|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
Price:$23.79+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on January 23, 2017
Beware that the new item with the Red Lid being sold on this listing has ingredient changes that as of this review are not shown on the website. The Red Lid muscle milk deletes some of the whey protein isolate that was contained in the Black Lid containers and adds more non-dairy creamer . I know because I just purchased five 4.94 lbs of this and received the Red Top version with the altered ingredients.
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on November 16, 2017
In my latest order of muscle milk I was surprised to find the protein power smelled, tasted, and even mixed poorly. The powder was so disgusting that I thought it a manufacturing/processing error and contacted muscle milk customer service for support. They informed me that the formula has been recently changed.
Indeed, the posting on amazon is currently (11/16/17) showing the OLD (good) formula. I have included a photo for reference of the old formula on the left vs the new on the right.
The new formula is absolutely inedible.
Both my wife and I had upset stomachs after eating a serving.
It tastes awful.
What a shame, Muscle Milk was my favorite protein powder.
review imagereview imagereview image
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on October 10, 2017
I just spoke with a customer support person at CytoSport about my latest purchase of Muscle Milk and they said that Muscle Milk has converted to a new formula. I cannot figure out why Muscle Milk would walk away from what made them great in the first place. Companies like this absolutely blow my mind and this decision was obviously a result of not consulting their actual consumers. I feel certain that no real consumers of Muscle Milk would have ever given the new version a better rating in a taste test, because the new one is awful. Plus, any athlete would know that the higher fat was one of the things that also made Muscle Milk superior to other proteins. The new white "softer-appearance" label should have been clue as to the new direction that Muscle Milk was going --- alienating the people who have been using Muscle Milk for years, through all the "Muscle-Milk-has-heavy-metals -in-it" rumors and trying to capture the soccer-mom consumers.

I'm truly (and literally) disgusted by this change. Why not just create a "Muscle Milk Lite" and market that? Oh wait, they did and it was a flop, too. So disappointed with Muscle Milk. The flavor is horrible, and it should indicate that a new formula is now being used. Do yourself a favor and go ahead and skip this one. If you have grown to love the flavor of chocolate Muscle Milk, you --like me-- will be sorely disappointed when you try the new formula.
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on January 14, 2018
Cytosport decided to change the formula on us without telling us. It WAS the best tasting protein out there. Not anymore. I drank it for the taste. Not for the calories. I called them myself because I was so loyal to them for 8 years and was devastated when my subscription came in from Amazon and it tasted terrible. They said they lowered the sugar and carbs and added some horrible tasting artificial sweetner. Would give it 0 stars if I could. Amazon refunded my money. Not angry with them at all. Cytosport lost me for life after this.
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on December 24, 2017
I've been buying exclusively Muscle Milk whey protein for the last 5 or so years and I'm extremely disappointed in the recent formula change.
I bought this brand exclusively for the taste as I find every other whey protein powder to have a taste between godawful and terrible, but somewhat tolerable. And now they taste like every other brand (being terrible, but somewhat tolerable).
And because of that, there's really absolutely no reason for me to continue buying from them as there are better options in terms of nutrients/supplements etc.. in the powders and the cost.
The way I see it, I'd be fine sacrificing some good general nutrition for a great taste. I don't want to have to prepare myself mentally every time I'm about to guzzle down a protein shake. I'd like to actually look forward to drinking my protein shake. Hell, it even gives me a little bit more motivation to work out. But now it looks like I'll either have to give up on taste and find a new powder with optimal nutrients or stumble on another one that tastes great.

I rarely post reviews because I'm not passionate or loyal to any products I purchase from. But in this case I felt I had to put something out there because changing something that tasted so good to tasting as bad as it is now is too great of an injustice for me to ignore!

Also, worth noting since Amazon can't verify my purchase. I bought it through (and unfortunately five tubs of this 4.94lb powder).
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on February 20, 2017
The product advertised is not what you will receive from from sell sharp prices. Advertised at 32 G per serving, but the one you will receive is 25 G per serving and that's calling for you to use more product to get less protein. There's only 20 servings/container in what was sent and 32 servings in what's advertised.
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on January 4, 2018
I have purchased this item multiple times. It was recently reformulated to remove most of the vitamins, yet the photos still show "20 essential vitamins." Since I use it as a meal replacement/enhancer, this is a big deal for me. Too bad.
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on February 1, 2017
I usually do not give products bad reviews, so I hesitate, but some of you may be like me & love the former formula. I'm pretty sure the product formula was changed. Don't like the taste anymore. Aftertaste is yucky and the chocolate flavor is bland. I used to love this product, but not since the changes.
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on November 2, 2016
my husband and I have been drinking muscle milk for over a year now. Usually we get chocolate. This time ordering we both are getting horrible stomach aches after having our protein. Either they changed the ingredients or we received a bad batch.

Update - throwing up to alleviate the pain. What did they put in this stuff????
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on February 27, 2018
Listen, I’m a long term customer of muscle milk. Yes, the taste/smell is quite foul right now...just like a lot of you are stating. I took it straight to CytoSport and asked to speak with someone in an upper leadership role. Frank, a director, answered my complaint promptly, will reimburse well as ship me new product.(they are coming out with individual packet style servings and you can request to try this...great for travel). Frank also said that there has been a non-health threating issue with the cocoa formula and that is why it stinks and tastes “off”. They are owning up to the mess up, but they NEED to know about these problems so they can fix it for us. I’m glad they are willing to make it right. Please reach out to Frank and make yourself heard:
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