on July 29, 2017
It was rather tough convincing myself to spend the money for this shaving cream, let's be realistic, in a world full of $1.99 shaving creams, a majority will come across this item and agree it is over priced! Only it isn't, especially if you use a brush. I've been wet shaving for awhile now and the problem I always seemed to run into with other shaving creams is it failure to really lather, so the first thing I noticed with this was how well it lathers. The second thing I noticed was the scent, the sandalwood smell is very pleasent and the scent lingers, though not too strong, just enough to where you'll get whiffs of it here and there through out the day even while using after shave balm.
(Whether anyone has paid attention to the videos Art of shaving has put out in advertisement of the cream, it shows someone grabbing a big glob of cream and dragging it across the brush, you seriously need HALF of that amount, maybe even less if you use a bowl, it'll lather well and thick with a small amount lasting a long time) highly recommend this.
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on November 2, 2014
Since I've tried both this product and Taylor of Old Bond Street's - the two big names (evidently) in shaving creams - I figured it's about time I write a review.

The bottom line is that both products are very good, and if you're trying to decide between one or the other, you'll probably be happy with either. However, ultimately I prefer the Taylor of Old Bond Street's product a tad bit more. The first one I tried was the Art of Shaving's Sandalwood. When that ran out, I tried Taylor of Old Bond Street's Sandalwood. When it ran out? I ordered more Taylor of Old Bond Street.

Scent-wise, I actually prefer Art of Shaving's sandalwood over Taylor's. Art of Shaving's has a more classic "old barber shop" (or "old man"...) sandalwood scent, while Taylor's is a little lighter and more...citrusy or floral. Art of Shaving's scent seems to last a bit longer on your face, too, which I liked.

Both products lathered up well, even with my very iron-rich well water (which, for reference, does go through a water softener). I have taken both products with me on travel and they seem to do well across the spectrum of water qualities. Despite Art of Shaving's claim that this can be used "brushless", you'll want to use a shaving brush with these products, not just your hands. A little bit goes a long way with the brush.

The one thing I did notice is that the Taylor of Old Bond Street product seemed to fully dissolve and lather a little bit more completely that Art of Shaving's. What I mean is that at the end of the shave, when rinsing out my shaving mug, there was always a little glob of unlathered product; Taylor's always fully dissolved and did not leave any residue.

I shave about every other day - my facial hair isn't too thick or fast-growing I guess - and the 5 oz size lasted me around 8 months.

The comments above are really the only notable differences / comparisons I could find between the two products. Again, they are both very good and you'll probably be happy with either, but for me the Taylor of Old Bond Street came out ahead.
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on January 17, 2017
Have used the product for years and have been disappointed in my last several jars....no longer has the thickness or scent it used to have. As other reviewers have indicated, the cream was MUCH thicker previously and now it is similar to whipped cream. The scent also has diminished considerably over the years. You can still get a good shave if you use almost double the amount of cream (otherwise I would given one star). I recently used an old travel tube and the difference was striking and confirmed all of my suspicions. Sadly, this will be my last jar and I will start looking for something else.
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on June 29, 2016
EDIT: Below is my review before I tried Proraso Sandalwood Shaving cream in the tube, which nudged out this product to become my new favorite. I still think the AoS product is wonderful shaving cream, but the Proraso lathers a bit better, smells better, is easier to control the amount that goes on the brush, and is less expensive to boot.
I have not tried hundreds of shaving creams, but I've tried more than a few, and I haven't found anything as good as this stuff. Overall, I find AoS products ridiculously overpriced and of limited usefulness (been shaving for decades without 'pre-shave oil', wonder how I survived???) but I have to give credit where due, and their shaving cream is the real deal. It has great, thick consistency, applies very evenly, and isn't gummy when you shave. It provides just the right lift and lubrication, and the scent is just perfect. Straight up sandalwood, not too strong, not too faint. Yeah, it's expensive, but this jar is going to last a long, long while. AoS nailed it with this formula.
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on April 13, 2017
People must just love to complain. The negative reviews for this product are either from people that are never satisfied or from people wanting to harm this particular brand.

Smells amazing.

Lathers like a dream.

Uses small amount per shave.

No irritation.

Smooth as silk shave.

Shave daily? It will last a long time if you understand you don't need more than a quarter in diameter and thickness per shave - and that is actually more than I use. I use half that much. Also, don't use lots of water while lathering. Use very little water. Gradually add water if necessary. Use a brush and a shaving/lathering bowl.

Happy Shaving!
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on August 3, 2014
This shaving cream was not the same texture and consistency as the one I bought previously. Maybe it was a dud but I did notice it had a 1 year older manufacturer date then the same shaving cream that I bought today at their retail store. This one was not usable! I will never buy this shaving cream on Amazon again.
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on November 11, 2016
Best shaving cream ever!
Silky smooth, great lather, such a small amount goes along way! Once you use this you will never want to use another shave cream. While I was waiting for my re order of this product to arrive I used edge which I used to think of as good, now I realize it is horrible compared to this product
My fiancée bought this for me for Christmas 2015 I shave my face and head everyday and just ran out in September. So if your thinking the 25 bucks is steep do the math!!
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on March 7, 2018
The reason I love this soap is because you literally don't have to shower first to get your whiskers and skin soft enough to avoid irritation. I use a safety razor and my hairs grow thick like barb wire. Originally I was using Parasso basic shaving soap, but I noticed my blade would pull hairs constantly unless I reeeallly warm up my face and soften my facial hair with a hot shower first.

With this cream, none of that is necessary, it is awesome and I will only be using this cream from now on. 0 irritation regardless of how thick my hair is, stubble or not. Also no need to spend a ton of time warming up my face and softening my facial hair.
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on July 11, 2014
I've had limited experience with shaving creams such as this one, so keep that in mind. My only other experience has been with the Edwin Jagger sandalwood shaving cream, which was excellent.

First - this is a good value at 5 oz. for roughly $22-25 dollars. Most of the other shaving creams on amazon are in the 2.5 oz - 3 oz range so that's why this price may appear to be a little higher than say a Taylor of Old Bond Street.

The scent is notably lighter than other sandalwood shaving preparations. In fact, the first scent that I smell is just a light, soap smell. Like an unscented hand soap kind of smell. The sandalwood note is very light and lingers more after the shave. It's pleasant, but perhaps not as strong/musky as I like. I'm not saying I like a heavy musk smell either...it's just that this one is REALLY light. For what it's worth, my wife loves the scent of this one, and the lavender art of shaving cream as well.

It easily whipped up with a badger brush and a little water, and it didn't take much product to get good coverage. The shave was smooth - no complaints there. I can't say my face felt as moisturized or hydrated after the shave as with the Edwin Jagger cream. I was also a little disappointed to see that the ingredients list included propylene glycol, but then again, this was never advertised as being all natural.

The Edwin Jagger shave cream in Sandalwood is still a few notches above this one in my mind, but it is also roughly the same price but about half of the size.
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on September 21, 2012
I have been buying this product for a few years and have loved it. Unfortunately, I have found that the product has been continually watered down. What use to last three or four months, now only lasts a month. It use to be a very thick shaving cream, almost a paste consistency and you would not need very much at all, now it has the consistency of whipped cream. Clever in terms of boosting sales as customers will go through it a lot faster and reduces the manufacturing cost.

I'm going to have to find an alternative as I can no longer afford to pay $25 a month just for shaving cream. My advice to The Art of Shaving Company is "Stop being so damn greedy and give consumers what they are paying for".

The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream - Sandalwood 150g /5.3 Oz
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