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on August 2, 2017
This is the first time I've used this brand of litter liners and they're great. I have a very large, high back litter box and these fit great. They are also very thick, so no worries about them tearing while changing. I did a good amount of research before buying this brand and I noticed that many people had complaints about the type made by this company that come in the blue box. They said they weren't thick enough. They may have thought the blue box and purple box were the same bags, but they are not. This type are the "super thick" bags, but not the ones that come in the blue box. So, make sure you pay attention when buying. Other than that, these bags are great!!!! I definitely recommend. (Also, my cat has claws, but does not scratch and dig when in the box, so I have no issues with tears made by claws so I don't know how the bags hold up to claw tears.)
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on September 12, 2011
These bags have SAVED me!!! I love them, adore them, whatever they are simply the BEST!!

My cat loves nothing more than having the satisfaction of tearing into bags. She can literally sit in her litter box just shredding the bag down i kid you not!!! It drove me crazy! I put one of the Sta-Put Elastic Cat Pan Liners (which i also order from Amazon the link is: [...]W i bought a few boxes so as to save on postage since its not free shipping) and then this one right on top and she still hasn't gotten to the other bag.

I am certain it drove her crazy in the beginning because she kept going at the bag and jumping in out of her litter box like it was going to change miraculously and now it feels as though she has stopped her "bad" habit.

So now from cleaning out the litter box being a massive headache and a nasty chore i don't mind it one bit! I have saved so much on litter, soap and time!! Excellent!!

I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND these bags and I WILL DEFINITELY be buying much more!! I wish there were a million stars for this product because i definitely would have given them without blinking!
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on December 4, 2017
I had my fingers crossed when I bought this that it would fit and be really thick. I was thrilled that both were true. This product is perfect. It’s jumbo and my litter box is a large but I like that because I can wrap the extra length under the litter box allowing for a snug fit and there’s no loose plastic in the box that the cats can snag their nails on. And the plastic is extremely thick.
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on February 8, 2018
Super thick? I can't imagine how thin the regular ones are. I put about 20 lbs of litter in a week for reference.

The first week I went to pull the bag up so I could use the drawstring and ended up pulling about 8 inches of the drawstring loop away from the bag. Also, our cat poked a bunch of holes in the bag in a weeks time.

This week I was careful to not duplicate last weeks fiasco. I got the bag pulled up and started to pull on the drawstring. It easily doubled in length and I was afraid it was going break. I knotted it and picked the bag up by grabbing onto the bag as well as the drawstring.

I will not be keeping these in my Prime subscription.
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Top Contributor: Petson December 22, 2014
Yay! It works for my litterbox. I have the Catit Jumbo Litterbox and I really want an easier way to replace the litter and this is perfect! It also prevents the litter from staining or damaging the bottom of the litter box. The drawstrings are an awesome bonus, not only is life easier by being able to lift a bag to discard the litter but I can also pull 2 strings to close the bad and use the handles to carry it! Though taking out the litter is my boyfriend's job, he appreciates I made his task much more hassle-free. It's also thick so I'm not worried about it ripping. My cat does not scratch intensely so no worries there either.

The 2 benefits I get from this product in summary: Easier to discard and replace litter; Prevents damage/staining/corrosion to litter box
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on July 2, 2015
I purchased these liners as an alternative to the Glad brand liners I have been using from a local big box retailer. They recently stopped carrying them, and are are much more expensive to obtain online. So, I decided to give these a try. They are thicker than the Glad liners, although they are also an inch narrower. I have a rather oddly shaped litter box, and no liner I've tried seems to be an exact fit. Having said that, I have to say I am not a huge fan of this product. While the plastic does seem thicker, it lacks the elasticity of the Glad material. Consequently, I find myself dealing with many more small holes and tears from scooping, along with a few fairly large tears from the same. I have also ripped the liner down the side attempting to stretch it around the lip of the pan. While I occasionally had holes with the Glad liners, they were never this numerous. The slightly smaller size may be a contributing factor, however I plan on using these up and switching to a larger size available from another local store chain. I should also mention, that the product did not dispense easily from the packaging. I ended up with the entire roll ripping out of the box, and unraveling as it fell to the floor. It now resembles a wad of hand rolled trash bags, and is about as easy to deal with.
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on September 22, 2013
I bought these because of the recommendations. My cat has a jumbo cat liter box and I need bags that are sturdy. These bags are really great and they fit a large cat liter box with even extra room for a larger liter box. My cat does not ripe the through the plastic with his claws.
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on April 19, 2013
I tried the Super Saver pack version of this brand and it was very disappointing, because while it had 30 pieces I had to use 2 sheets at a time, as one sheet would just end up getting shredded very easily and I end up cleaning half the litter seeping underneath (TL;DR just read my review on it).

This was at least twice as thick as the Super Saver liners -- it felt pretty strong. We do a complete change of the kitty litter once every two weeks, so a lot of scooping and scratching is done in between. Our cat has trimmed claws, but she can tear through thin plastic if she feels extra hyper in cleaning up her kitty business.

So far, I'm into the second litter replacement, and overall it held up pretty well. It held up with kitty claws. It also held up with litter scoops. To explain the litter scoop situation -- sometimes kitty ends up peeing at the very edge of the litter material, and this makes the litter clump stick flat at the bottom of the litter box liner. So it takes a little care with trying to "peel" the clump off with the scoop, otherwise I end up with pee "crumbs" that's even harder to strain with the scoop. The edges of the scoop are somewhat wedge-shaped, so the corners do catch on the litter liner every so often.

At this point I've only ended up with a couple very tiny holes (either made by kitty or me), but not shredded holes, with minimal amount of fine litter sand seeping through. So litter replacements are now much less of a pain! Lesson learned - sometimes you DO get what you pay for, and this was very much worth it than the "Super Saver"!
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on December 29, 2015
I got a new litter box and wanted to use liners to keep it clean and make it easier to clean out. This was my first time using litter liners. I am thoroughly disappointed! They do not fit, even though I checked measurements and the bags are supposedly bigger than the litter box. The way the seams are, the liner does not sit down in the corners and makes it so my cat has half the space in the litter box. They also rip if I try to tug the liner into a better position. Not sure if all litter box liners are like this but I can definitely say I hate this brand of liners and it was a huge waste of money!!
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on May 14, 2014
This was a pretty disappointing purchase. I originally intended to use these with my Catit Jumbo cat box ( which I love), but the bags are not created to be placed in a square or rectangular bottomed pan of any kind. It took a bit if an effort to align it and "fold" the extra material in the corners so that when I pour the litter, it would not "poke through" when my cat walked on it or scraped the litter from one end to the other. Well, the bag lasted one day. It kept shifting due to the loose bottom, and not only was it ripped through, but my cat would sit outside his litter box and meow at me, because he kept sliding with the bag under him.
I really hoped that this would save me some time with cleaning the Big Monster, however it was not meant to be.
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