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on May 17, 2018
Terrible experience while using this product. I have a 6lbs Siamese. He's also 6 years old. Applied the product following the manufacturer instructions. Within 10 minutes, my little guy was projectile vomiting and became very lethargic. I called the manufactures toll-free number on the package and waited for nearly 20 minutes before speaking with a "technician" (as they called themselves). She was very concerned and took my information. They took a report with detailed information about my experience. I was told to request a refund and discontinue use and to visit my vet if any additional symptoms occur or continue.

I spoke with my vet this morning. He is a family friend and has treated all our family pets for well over a decade. I was told his clinic stopped using Frontline years ago because of situations like the one I experienced and because in his opinion the product was not effective in "our area" of North GA. (again, his professional opinion and that may not be the case in other regions).

I'm certainly not suggesting this product is bad or doesn't work. You may have different results. I can only tell you the reaction by cat to Frontline Plus for Cats was awful and scared me to death.

My vet recommend a product called Revolution and we have an appointment next week for a full check up. He asked that I monitor my cat to make sure his energy returned within 24 hours and to make sure he was eating and drinking. If for some reason he was drinking more than average he wanted to see him before our scheduled time.

I felt it important to post this review. Your experience might be completely different. The lot number on my package was R41205AW
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon September 21, 2017
Unfortunately, 2017 is the first year Frontline and Advantage have not worked on my cats. We live in Southern California. The fleas have become immune over the years. No fault of the product really. It was just bound to happen.

I switched to Cheristan drops for Cats. It is the only drops that work on my cats anymore. My groomer recommended it.

Cheristin for Cats Flea Treatment, 6 count
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on March 18, 2017
We have used Frontline for year. It works on our three cats well, killing fleas and especially ticks. you should read how it is applied so you know how it works. It is a "systemic" medicine, absorbed into the cat's skin. When a tick or flea bits, they get a dose, and die. But they don't die instantly. Checking your cat often for ticks around the eyes is still necessary. Some people have reported that ticks are resistant to Frontline, but that is not our experience. Be careful when ordering other products. Some only work for fleas OR ticks, not both. Frontline works for both.
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on March 22, 2017
I have 3 cats and I treated all 3 with the frontline. It has never failed in the past. Well it failed this time. I treated each cat twice and it just didn't work. I have to buy advantage. The fleas in Florida are the worst I have ever seen this year.
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on April 24, 2017
I used this product for several years and it worked great. But the last few times I used it, it did not resolve the flea problems for my 2 (indoor) cats. I was so frustrated, as the flea problem got worse and worse. I mentioned this to my vet when I was in her office. Both she and her assistant burst out laughing and said that this product has lost its effectiveness. Apparently, the fleas have adapted. She switched me to a prescription flea med which thankfully has resolved the problem. I guess you can't outsmart mother nature for long.
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on May 16, 2015
I have 7 cats and have fostered kittens for years. I end up alternating between Frontline Plus and Advantage for my adult cats. I like Frontline Plus as a tick preventive and I like Advantage better when there is an actual flea infestation which is often what happens with kittens I foster. I have not seen anything kill fleas as thoroughly and quickly as Advantage when there are already fleas on the animal. I'm talking within hours. When I get kittens with fleas, I give them a warm bath with a little soap or shampoo in the water (it keeps the fleas from floating on top of the water where they can still jump off), and flea comb them so that I can get as many fleas off as I can (also have a little bowl of warm water with soap to dip the comb in, and wash the fleas off into that - otherwise, they jump and escape like crazy). Then once they're dry, I put on the Advantage as there are invariably a few fleas left. Usually by the next morning, the fleas are all gone. I haven't seen this immediate flea killing effect with Frontline. The Frontline does seem to work as a preventative though for fleas and ticks as that is what I mostly keep on my adult cats since they go outside and we have ticks here in central VA. The adult cats seem to stay pretty tick and flea free. I don't even worry anymore about the rugs or floors - if i know there are fleas around I will sometimes vacuum and throw out the bag. But between either Frontline or Advantage on all the animals, the fleas end up getting killed. I never liked the idea of the flea bomb - sounds so toxic to me and I haven't found it to be necessary, and I have had lots of experience with fleas and ticks. Frontline and Advantage are the most expensive, but I have heard some bad things about the cheaper brands you can get at the grocery store, etc. I don't always keep a strict 30 day schedule and honestly, I don't put the treatments on in the winter, because I am worried about too much toxicity on my animals. But three or four doses over spring through fall seem to keep everybody in good shape. I also will buy the big dog doses of Advantage II for big dogs - not advantix - and break those up for my cats. There is info. on dosing other places in the reviews and the web.
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on October 6, 2017

I wish I could give 0 stars. I purchased this product as a replacement for advantage because it is supposed to guard against ticks as well as fleas. My cat hasn't had fleas since I first got him as a stray over a year ago. When I first started using this product it seemed fine, although I still found a few ticks on my cat the first two months of use. So I decided to treat him every 3 weeks instead of 4, which I was hesitant to do because of the chemicals but don't want him getting Lyme. Last week after only the 2.5 week mark I was brushing my cat and saw flea dirt! I was hoping maybe it was a fluke like maybe he got too close to a neighborhood stray or something. He was treated again 2 days ago and I found a living flea on him today. I do NOT recommend this product, it hasn't fully protected him from fleas or ticks. I understand not all flea meds are ever 100% guaranteed but I think it's a little ridiculous that it's not working AT ALL. It is a waste of money and I feel like putting these chemicals on my animal has also been very pointless if I still have to deal with ridding him of fleas!
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on August 28, 2017
This product seems to no longer work in my area. I have 4 cats indoors, 2 out. I treat all 6 at the same time and all still have fleas... I am so tired of fleas this year, they seem impossible to control. I am still not sure what the issue is so I will try Advantage next and see if I have better results. This product has worked fine for years.... no longer.. or so it seems. I will write another review after I have tested Advantage . :(
To your questions: I do NOT have carpet, I do NOT have upholstered furniture, I do NOT have curtains. My dog is treated with Sentinel( so she is not a source of future fleas). I have not been bitten. None of my indoor cats go outside and the outside kitties do NOT come inside.
What a terrible year in the Willamette Valley it has been for fleas. Because of the flea issue, I have had to treat all 6 cats with De-Worm medicine as well.. this gets very expensive with 6 cats. :(
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on October 28, 2017
I have used Frontline in the past with no issues. After ordering from this vendor, I had major issues. 2 weeks after applying all 4 of my cats were itching horribly. One cat was taken to the vet at this time and confirmed fleas. I reapplied to all 4 cats after that. One week later I took one kitty into the vet because he was going crazy itching - fleas and flea "dirt". They also gave him a steroid injection. Vet bill $220. The vet mentioned that this product has been around for years and fleas may have an immunity to it. ?? I also took the package into the vet and they were surprised it didn't have an expiration on the box. I'm thinking this may be a knock off product.
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We have 6 cats so one of these packs is just one month's dosing. Hence we look for value for money. This is my first time buying this product on the internet - and I'm not disappointed. Even though our cats are indoors, we try to do they right thing in keeping them healthy....preventing possible fleas (and we worm them). We have used more expensive, prescription flea treatments from the vet, but have found that Frontline Plus works just as well for our furbabies. They are totally flea free. This product is cost effective for us, without compromising performance. I have no problems with the snap-off applicator tip, and it is simple to just part the hair at the back of the neck, expose some skin and drop the liquid onto the skin.....done! For our feline family, I'm impressed with Frontline Plus and will keep using it.
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