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Old Mother Hubbard Classic Crunchy Natural Dog Treats, Original Assortment Mini Biscuits, 3.8 (3 lb 13oz)-Pound Bag
Flavor Name: Original Assortment|Size: Mini Biscuits, 3.8-Pound Bag|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
Price:$13.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

I was looking for some new treats for my black lab when I ran across these. They have such good reviews that I decided to purchase them. I didn't pay attention to how small they are. At first I was disappointed in myself for not realizing these were small treats, but once I gave a few to my dog I quickly changed my mind. He scarfed them down and went looking for more. They are a big hit with my black lab mix. I just wish they were a little larger. I ordered these in the P-Nuttier flavor and highly recommend this flavor to other pet parents.

[...] and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them below and I will answer them as quickly as possible. Thank you for checking out my review. :)
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on January 15, 2018
We have bought these treats several times the past few years and never had a problem. However, the last box we bought was not ok. We usually put the treats into gallon size bags when we receive them seeing how the treats are not in a resealable package. This time when we started transferring the treats we noticed small black flecks in the bags. At first we just thought it was from a burnt treat caused during the baking process, but once we got to the bottom of the box we came to realize that the black flecks were actually from tiny bugs, because we found whole bugs at the bottom of the bag. There were several inside the plastic bag containing the treats and even more in the bottom of the box. None of the bugs were alive, but we still couldn’t bring ourselves to give this batch of treats to our dogs. Our dogs normally love these treats, but after this we won’t be buying them anymore. We have put in for a refund from amazon.
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on June 1, 2017
I have been feeding these to my 4 dogs for a few yrs without a single issue EVER!! I have 2 dogs that have severe food allergies and 1 has chronic pancreatitis. I have to be super careful with what goes in his mouth. Even tried perscription dog food (very very expensive) designed for chronic pancreatitis. He puked every day on that stuff. I'm back to sticking with his old faithful food (4Health grain free whitefish and potato) and these treats. He does very well with them. I always break mine in half because of 4 dogs, I'd be treat poor. Have NEVER seen any bugs in treats or in the bags as a previous review stated. I'm sure they got a fluke issue and am sorry for that, but in 4 or so yrs, I've never seen a single bug. Also, in 4 yrs I have never had a single flea on any of my dog's. Used to have to flea treatment a couple times a yr (and worm) but thankfully haven't had to do either in 4 yrs. I can only assume it has something to do with what I feed. They strictly eat the 4health dog food, these treats and a tbsp of organic cold pressed coconut oil every day. I have neighbors all around me with dogs and flees, yet we don't get them here!! Perhaps it's the small amount of garlic in these treats!!
I say, buy with confidence!! Even my vet feeds her dog these.
My dog's also say buy with confidence!! Believe me, my 2 suffer terribly with most all other foods and treats, but they enjoy these without consequences!!!!
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on November 30, 2016
If I could rank this product lower stars, I would.

We had been purchasing Old Mother Hubbard a few times now for our dog, and haven't have any issues until we got onto our 2nd or 3rd bag.
I noticed a small bug crawling in my dogs treat container a week ago and didn't think much of it... Living in Central LA, they are pretty much unavoidable. However this morning, I accidentally stepped on a treat, crushing it on my floor and noticed HUNDREDS of tiny BUGS living inside the treat! I thought that this could be a fluke so I smashed another cookie..... same thing: BUGS. No wonder why my dog wouldn't eat this bag if treats. Clearly, this company does not run any quality checks on their product before selling them to the consumer. I immediately threw the whole bag away.

BUYER BEWARE. Don't feed your dog these treats unless you want to be poisoning your dog. How awful. Never again will I buy this brand.
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on December 8, 2014
This treat is great for older dogs who have trouble chewing hard bones and cookies. I have a 13 year old Golden Retriever named Maggie and she loves these treats. She has to have two cookies every night before going to bed. My only problem is she loves them so much that she keeps trying to move our bedtime up earlier and earlier.
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on September 6, 2017
I cannot say enough GREAT things about these doggie cookies. First, the ingredients are real food, so I know I am feeding my doggie good stuff. This is really the most important factor for me--I want to know that what I am giving her to eat is healthy for her and not "junk food." Second, my dog LOVES these cookies. She goes nuts when we even say the word "cookie." We have tried lots of flavors, and she loves all of them. Third, our dog has a very sensitive stomach, and she has never, ever gotten sick after eating these treats. This is HUGE. We have to be so careful that she doesn't eat anything other than dog food. Most other treats will make her sick after she eats them. BUT these don't. And fourth, they are so affordable. We buy our dog a large bag (3.8 lb) size of the mini biscuits, and we give her around 6-8 a day, and they last FOREVER for a very low price. I would highly recommend these to any dog owner.
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on August 16, 2016
My dog loves these cookies, and I've been using these (split in half) for training, and since I would go through two of the 5oz bags of these in a week, I thought I'd save some money and get the big box of these. While my dog doesn't notice a quality difference, I definitely did. ingredients are the same, but the look and feel of the cookies are definitely inferior to the smaller more expensive (per cookie) bags. I've included a photo comparing the cookies, the one on the left is from the smaller bags, the one on the right is from the larger box I bought.
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Top Contributor: Petson December 28, 2017
My 13 year old Foxhound mix has always eaten a homemade diet, so I am super picky about store bought treats. Old Mother Hubbard is one of very few brands that I will buy because of the quality and source of ingredients. My dog loves this flavor combination, and my only complaint is that they don’t seem to make the Extra Tasty mix in the 3lb bag.
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on January 11, 2018
My dog loves these treats and we are on auto ship; however the last bags (2) we received were stale. That is unusual for the quality of this product so we needed to buy another product from a local pet store.
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on March 22, 2018
My dog eats pretty much anything and he actually hesitates to take this treat and then leaves it on the ground. I can't understand why. He has had numerous other treats and wolfs them down as quick as I can give them to him.
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