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Wellness Natural Grain Free Wet Canned Cat Food, Turkey & Salmon Pate, 12.5-Ounce Can (Pack of 12)
Flavor Name: Turkey & Salmon Pate|Size: 12.5-Ounce Can (Pack of 12)|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
Price:$33.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on January 22, 2017
My brats aka cats, absolutely LOVE Wellness canned food. I've tried a few different flavors, and so far, this one is a hit! And the can being so large, it lasts at least a full week, which saves a lot of money, especially when you have chow hounds like I have! ;) Last week, we had stomach issues with one of the cats. We looked up online and got this Vitapet Probiotic Powder Blend For Dogs and Cats with 5 Billion CFU Per Serving that was recommended by online vets. THey also said it is good for all of the cats. It has worked well for my kitty. I use it about once a week. Thanks Vitapet!
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on June 29, 2017
Despite claiming "New look, same great taste", the formula for Wellness has changed, with the amount of phosphorus found in this food almost doubling, from 216 mg/100kcal to 382 mg/100kcal for the turkey pate. The increased phosphorous means that we can't use this food anymore; it's not safe for our elderly cat or our cat with kidney issues.
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on August 5, 2017
***Update*** (8.20.2017)
Amazon was wonderful in dealing with this issue when I contacted customer service about this. Wellness was not. The representive I spoke with did not seem concerned and I have yet to hear back about the investigation.

I filed a report with the FDA after contacting Wellness (Wellpet) because I felt this is something other consumers should be aware of. After this I was informed that Wellness just had a recall in Feb 2017 where METAL SHAVINGS were found in canned food from the manufacturing plant they use.

I also learned that the formula has changed recently (I did not know because they indicate on the labels that it is the same: "new look same great taste") and there are many reports from pet owners online with bad reactions.

Sharing this all in hopes that other pet owners can be made aware.

The formula change is one issue but the foreign material is dangerous and could cause serious or fatal damage to a cat's intestinal tract.


I just found a blue sharp piece of plastic in this. Please see photos. Very upsetting. I found a couple other smaller pieces later as well. I will be contacting the company. My cat has eaten this brand for a couple years now but this is alarming because it is not soft plastic, it is quite sharp on the edges.
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on July 2, 2017
How could you Wellness? I've been feeding my cats this food for years and they've always loved it. I received my most recent cans from Amazon with the 'packaging update' and it's VERY clear you did more than just update the exterior. The food itself has a yellow oil in it that it never did before and the odor is different as well. I always add extra water to the food for my cats and you can see the yellow oil floating to the top where before there was none. My one kitty has been so sick all weekend since I started the new food and I woke up to vomit all over my house because of it. Now I have to find a new food for them... Why would you change something that had been working?! Stupid.
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on October 15, 2017
I started feeding my cats Wellness canned food back when it was made differently, meaning better. I made the mistake of not keeping up with changes in manufacture and it made one of my cats very sick.
One of my cats started losing weight a few months ago, and I took him to the vet, and she couldn't find anything wrong with him. He didn't have energy, and he kept losing weight, and eventually he quit eating his food. I didn't know what to do so I switched to a different brand of canned cat food and he started eating again. He started putting on weight and of course I ended up discussing this with my veterinarian. She said that I was not the only client who reported problems with Wellness food. Other people reported that it made their cats sick, throw up or lose weight.
That's my experience, in brief. You're welcome to do your own online research. Basically, this food was making one of my cats sick and I had to quit feeding it to him. this used to be really good food but somewhere along the way it changed. Do your own research, that's my advice.
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on September 2, 2017
This company doesn't even deserve one star...they have just changed their labels; and naturally, when that happens, they change the food formulations--not for the better! No more "Natural Chicken Flavor", no more "Sweet Potatoes, Squash, Zucchini", no more "Blueberries". No more Chelated minerals. Now "Guar Gum" is the 7th ingredient instead of the 12th.
I can just add this to yet another pet food company cheapening a product that the public had come to trust. Now I need to waste some more time searching once again for a safe wet food for my pets, because this was not necessary. I just hope people start paying attention to what goes into their pets' food as well as their own, and don't patronize a company that doesn't care about them or their pets' health.
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on July 19, 2017
Much like the other recent reviewers, we noticed that with the label change the formula also changed, without any notice. This is clearly not the same product as before and our cats will not eat it, preferring the previous formula. I didn't think a few ingredient changes would go noticed but the tribe has certainly spoken! Going to have to find another alternative for them now which stinks since they've enjoyed Wellness wet food for many years.
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on July 30, 2017
Be aware this new formula is NOT at all the same.
We have tried the new version two different times and both times my cat got very ill (bad diarrhea and then quit eating for nearly a full week and very lethargic each time, which resolved right away when putting him back on the previous version, also the only food he wants which is apparently no longer available.
We used to adore this catfood for 7+ years until this latest switch. We would love to request the old version as per the listing here, but we're told it is impossible for any contact to be made from Amazon's support team to the Amazon warehouse.
After writing to Wellness and the changes stated to us by their customer service rep Barbara as follows:

"The Cassia Gum and Xanthan Gum was added to replace the Carrageenan. We decided to remove the fruits and vegetables to make the products even tastier, more attractive for cats, since cats crave meat. We left the high quality protein, the cranberries (since we believe in supporting urinary tract health in cats) and also the carrots, since they were a visual and textural chunk in the pate, and we did not want to alter the mouth feel of the product, since cats are very texture driven. We have also made some nutritional updates to these recipes for they were about 10 years old."

If someone responsible for this listing could PLEASE respond and let me know how on God's green earth to request an available case of the old version this cat parent would be endlessly grateful, omg. (edit: I know the old kind is no longer being manufactured but the listing at the time of this post says they still have both kinds at the warehouse)
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on March 11, 2017
I've been feeding my kittens this food since july '16, they love it and are healthy with shiny coats. I give the food a 5 rating but the 2 stars are due to a bad batch I received. I started buying it from amazon about 4 months ago. I order 6 of the 24-packs each month. With this last order- At first I was using a knife to get the food out and never looked at the underside.. a couple of days in I flipped the can over to get the food out, and noticed there was white stuff on the bottom as well as a semi hardened crust that had formed on the bottom (except on the center area). I opened 2 more cans and saw the sane thing and didnt think it was serious so I fed it to my kittens for about a week. One of my cats then developed a hot spot and it could've been a reaction to this bad batch because as soon as I had him on the same food from another pet store the spot started to heal and it was gone in 4 days. So basically after the hotspot developed I openedd can after can to see this white stuff- about 20 cans later I found them all having this white stuff on the bottom. I sent pics to Wellness and the rep advised me to throw out the food but didn't have an explanation for what the white stuff was. When I bought cans from my local pet store the food looked more pink and had no white stuff whatsoever. The amazon cans were nowhere near expired, but now I don't trust their their handling/storage of pet food anymore.
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on April 4, 2017
I am writing a reluctant review because I have ordered my Wellness Complete Health Natural Canned Grain-Free Wet Pate 3 oz. pack of 24 in several flavors for a number of years. Sometimes I order through Amazon, sometimes I purchase it from my local pet store. I was moved to write my story now because I was considering placing a new order despite what I had experienced. After reading other stories about recent bad lots I feel I should have taken the time and spoken up. So, now I am reconsidering my next purchase until I contact the company. Back in February I placed my usual order. I ordered a case of both Beef and Chicken and Beef and Salmon flavors in 3 oz. cans. I still had some of the same brand and flavors left over from a previous pet store purchase, but I didn’t want to run out. I’m sorry I didn’t post this earlier since I just read a recent post in which a cat actually ate their food and became ill. In my case, I opened the can’s and put them out for my two cats who are used to both these flavors and every time I presented a can from this Amazon purchase in either flavor they looked at the food, smelled it and refused to eat it. I decided to see if they had just gone off these flavors, so since I still had both flavors available from my pet store purchase I gave them some of that food, same flavors but purchased differently; so they were from a completely different lot. My cats ate the pet store purchased Wellness food right away, without hesitating. So, I opened more cans of food from my Amazon purchase and studied them more closely. Every can in two different flavors from the same delivery smelled completely off. I was lucky to have the same brand and flavors from the pet store to compare right away. The results when I compared the food in the 3 oz. cans from Amazon with the same food from my pet store is that in both cases (flavors) the food both looked off (grey instead of pink) and the smell…well the bad batches almost had a rancid ammonia-type odor. I continued to check more cans and they were all off. I am upset at myself for not posting this earlier.I was busy at the time and I just threw it all away and went over to my pet store to buy Wellness from them. Now I will contact the company because I want know if they discovered something about the cases that went out about that time. I have never before had a problem with ordering my cat’s food from Amazon, and believe me, it’s an inconvenience to drive to the town from where I purchase the other Wellness food from. They clearly have (had) a quality control issue. My cans were far from out of date and again, I had never had this problem before with many previous orders.
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