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Xacto X5282 Basic Knife Set
Color: Aluminum|Change
Price:$17.49+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on May 14, 2017
Terrible product from a once great company.

I ordered this set after losing my old Xacto handle. I don't use these tools often but any hobbyist or tinkerer needs a set. This product seemed to get pretty good reviews and I'm familiar with the Xacto brand for decades so went ahead and ordered it.

When the set showed up there was no confusion about it being the genuine article, it was in the same blister pack it would be in if it was hanging at the local office supply store.

As soon as I took it out of the package I started to become disappointed. The tool handles were held in place in the wooden box by a very flimsy plastic clamshell which almost definitely will fall apart if you use the tools regularly. You basically have to dump the whole insert out and then pop out the tool you want. Completely unacceptable, especially considering how cheaply they make this stuff in China. Same story with the knife blades. They are held into a very thin and flimsy black plastic clamshell insert, you have to tip it out of the case and then pop the blade you want out of the back. No chance at all you could cut your fingers while doing this.. no sir!

Final two insults. The wooden box the set arrives with had a latch that didn't even work. It wouldn't snap or lock into place keeping the lid shut. I don't leave my tools out but the lid not closing limits where I can store the box without concern. Then there's the tools themselves. Cheap construction... very slight tarnishing on the very low grade steel used. A real disappointment.

I ended up ordering the Fancii Precision Craft Knife Set 16 Pieces - Professional Razor Sharp Knives for Art, Hobby, Scrapbooking and Sculpture - Includes Stencil, Fine Point, Scoring, Chiseling Bladeswhich includes pretty much identical components. It includes a real case that actually works, and the tools themselves are better quality. Cherry on top is it was $5 cheaper than this piece of junk.
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on April 8, 2017
I recieved a cheap Chinese knockoff in a plastic box on a bubble card. Stay away if you want Xacto knives. Same thing is $6.24 at Walmart.
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on June 27, 2015
Xacto really needs to examine this product and their heads. I have had to tape the plastic insert that holds all the extra blades into the box since at first it simply fell out dropping blades everywhere. Fun, right? When I taped it in I also put a rubber band around it thinking it might help the blades stay in the plastic mold since they do not fit in there snugly however this really doesn't help a whole lot as you can see in the picture they tend to simply fall all over the place. I love the handles and blades but the box is absolute garbage. You might as well put everything that comes in this kit in a plastic bag and shake it around. That is pretty much what you'll find once you unpack this little ditty.

Epic fail on keeping extremely sharp blades from being strewn about very close to your fingers when opening and closing this thing.

The only reason this gets any stars at all is because of the handles and blades alone.

Don't say I didn't warn you!
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on April 10, 2018
1st, they come wrapped inside the box with tight cellophane that is a bit of a task to remove. But that's good as it keeps all the blades and handles in place during shipping.

The background the tools and blades fit into are made of thin, breakable plastic. The tool handles are somewhat difficult to remove from this backing, especially the larger handle. The blade box backing is of the same material. But a long strip of magnetic material is embedded in the top background. The blades are easy to remove from the background and just sit in place. The magnetic material keeps them affixed to the top of the case. Now if you were to drop this case, you would still likely have the blades scattered about inside. But this magnetic material keeps the average bump or thump from dislodging them.

The pressed wood case itself is actually quite nice looking. And amazingly, its got mitered corners. I can't quite tell if they are real miters or just very carefully made to look like they are. But the box is a welcome part of this kit. And if you prefer to have your blades and handles sitting in a pencil cup or something rather than put away in a case, you could always remove the plastic backgrounds and use this little box for other things. This box has a metal clip that holds it closed. That's far better than the plastic ones I've got with other kits that break off after a few openings and closings. It would no doubt shatter or break the wood if dropped hard. But it serves as a nice box for keeping the blades and handles in one place and out of the surrounding air and moisture. Also as you break or dull the blades, you can buy replacements which can take their place in the box just as the originals did. Another thing great about this box is for loaning to other family members or friends. If they lose or don't return part of the kit, the box inserts will show you right away an empty spot where a blade or handle is missing.

The blades are of moderate quality and thickness. I have bought some cheap exacto kits here on Amazon that were useless due to the thinness of the blades. These will do fine when used with the 3D plastics I intend them for. They are primarily to be used as part clean up knives to make my 3D prints look better. They should not be used to cut thick material, or to whittle or chop thick hard wood or metal. They should be used for fine detailing of soft and semi-hard parts or objects, not heavy duty cutting. You get one blade in each of the 3 handles as well as 10 in the top holder. They are all different sizes and shapes to fit different uses. Some of the blades are made to fit into the two larger diameter handles and some into the smaller diameter handle. They are not interchangeable between the different handle sizes.

The 3/4" diameter handle has a hard maroon plastic grip for more heavy duty kind of work. But with only 3.5" long grip surface, it's also the shortest of the handles. It's a little difficult to get a good grip on it. It is the only handle of the three with any grip surface on the handle itself. The 2-part barrel and sleeve are metal. But the screw threads and slot on this handle leave a bit to be desired and could wear out or damage easily. If either part is damaged, you would have to throw the entire handle away and buy another. But it's still a cut above some other brands I've got that actually used plastic parts here. This one is an all metal blade slot collar and tightening collar. This collar mechanism is a little different than the other two handles in that it just screws the split collar against the blade until tight. The blades are a bit more difficult to insert into this mechanism as it is isn't beveled.

Both the middle and smaller diameter handles have a 3 piece design. The handles of both are smooth metal so you won't be able to get much grip on them. Unless they get wet with oil or grease, for fine detailed work they should be fine. The blade tightening in the smaller two handles are all metal round collars that are beveled for easy blade insertion and removal. The outer screw on collar actually presses on the beveled blade collar to achieve the squeeze on the blade. If you either break the blade or the collar or the screw on collar or the handle, they could be replaced with the small parts without having to throw the whole handle away. This is a better way of doing the collars and means you can just go online or to your local hardware store and buy a few extra parts. Be carful with using either of these handles though. Both the smaller handles have just under 4" of handle holding area. There is only a small less than 1" area with texture between the blade itself and the handle. If you are applying force, your hand could slip on the smooth metal and slide up to the blade, cutting yourself.

These blades are quite sharp and will cut you quite easily and deeply. Don't have them out where a kid or pet could find them. These are initially sharp enough to remove flesh and skin. Some people buy these and put them in medical kits. They would be great for opening snake bites or cleaning up small wounds by slicing away dead skin. Just use the utmost caution as these are actually sharp little knife blades although they are not quite scalpel sharp. These are not tools you would want your kid or an irresponsible teen to have access to. You should put them away in their box when done or (as I do) put them blade down in a heavy pencil cup on a work bench.

I removed one star from the 5 in this review because these aren't great quality like a precision knife set or scalpel. The metal used isn't really the best. But I think for the average hobbiest, they will do fine. I use them mostly with hard plastic 3D printed parts and figurines to clean up nubs and extrusions that weren't intended or will be difficult to sand down. They should also work for cleanup of soft woods as well. I found this kit well worth the cost and would buy it again. I recommend this for anyone who needs to clean up plastic or soft wood parts or art work.
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on July 18, 2017
I owned a set of these as a kid model builder in the mid-1970s. They were useful tools then but I'd lost most of them over the years. After taking up a craft project at home I decided to buy the same set again. The knives are all good quality and seem the same as my originals except for the larger handle has a plastic grip. I have no complaints about any of those.

What I dislike is that the new kit has rigid plastic retainers for the knife-handles and blades. The ones that are for handles will only hold a knife if it has either no blade or a specific blade. So if you have a "go handle and blade set up you prefer, you may need to disassemble it before putting it back in the case and closing the lid. My original kit had wood retaining brackets that would cradle each handle and you could leave any blade installed - similar to a way a gun-rack on your wall would hold a rifle at two points.

The pastic retainer for the blades has a glued in magnetic strip, but I've never gotten it to stay put. I've reglued it twice. And having it fall out with all the blades attached seems more of a safety hazard than a benefit.
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on November 1, 2016
not real sturdy but good for the price......needed to glue plastic frame inserts and magnets because they fell out easily....good for the price, get what you pay for

edit: not liking this product, the blades break horribly easy, and handles won't hold them half the time....lowering my rating on product and would recommend spending better money for a better buy.....stay away unless you are working hobby boxes where the wood is soft enough and even then i wouldn't trust the durability of the blades, give it 2 stars because the blades were at least sharp
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on June 12, 2018
Absolute garbage. Waste of money. Cant even tighten the fake handles tight enough with channel locks. One thing I guarantee is this Is NOT made in the us. And it IS A RIPOFF AND KNOCKOFF. Do yourselves a favor and go to home depot and buy a Milwaukee utility knife. And have it for life. AMD guess what? It WILL cut through painters tape. Throw this crappy joke in the garbage. Unacceptable performance and unjustifiable 18$ should be taken off of amazon
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on May 13, 2015
The reviews are a bit inflated IMO. The set is ok in general, but I saw the same blades and set for $8 after I bought it at a box store. So I guess we pay another 8 for the crappy wood box (it really is crappy tbh).

The machining of the blades themselves is bad and you can see jags and edges on the non-blade side. The blade sides are great within themselves, but the tip of on my blades already broke. Still functional, but a lot more fragile than I expected.

The magnet for the multiple blades is not glued properly to the black plastic containers. You need to do it yourself.

Also the two black piece holders that hold the blades and handles come out too. Super glue them. I recommend Gorilla glue since it expands. Don't do it in the corners, just the bottom and it should hold in place.

Besides that, it'll get the job done. But crappy gluing along with a crappy box and fragile metal sucks.
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on December 19, 2014
This is a fantastic little set for the price!

The two metal tools are well-made and have a good weight in the hand. X-ACTO is practically a household name, and they make quality blades and tools.

However, the large "C" handle has a very cheap feeling red plastic handle. I was a little disappointed when I picked it up. However, it's not like this is a hammer that will be put to a lot of physical abuse. Even though it feels a bit shoddy, it seems to put together well. It should hold up, and the lightness can of course be a benefit.

The wide variety of blades are great. I didn't realize it before ordering, but rather than being held into the plastic molded part of the case by friction they're held by a magnetic strip! This is a good thing, because the plastic into which they're set is pretty flimsy. It's a step above what you'd get in a tray of cookies, but it's by no means robust.

In fact, as I'm writing this review I opened the box to give it another look. The magnetic strip had fallen out of the plastic carrier (bringing the blades with it). It'll take a couple of dabs of glue to set it back in there. So no big deal, but it's just an unfortunate bit of shoddiness. I gladly would have spent a couple of bucks more for better plastic inserts.

The case itself is marvelous on an item at this price point. It's very lightweight, but sturdy. The metal latch has a satisfying closing action, and it's perfectly set where it will open and close effortlessly, but there's no play at all in the lid when it's secured.

I saw another review that stated their box was MDF with a vaneer. Mine is plywood and has finger jointed corners on both the base and lid. While the pictures on here show the box to be a caramel (?) color with perhaps a finish on it, my box is a very light birch and is unfinished. The pictures also show a brass-colored latchset, whereas mine looks like nickel.

I don't mind the discrepancies because I prefer the appearance of the one I received. But your mileage may vary of course.

Overall this is a 5-star item. It's a great value, despite my gripe with the cheap plastics. I've seen X-ACTO "A" handle knives sans extra blades being sold in stores for a third the cost of this kit. You can't beat 3 handles, 13 blades, and a sweet box for just over sixteen bucks (at this time).
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on March 28, 2018
I used to use Xacto products in school, and I was reminded of their quality and usefulness when I used a friend's Xacto set that he's had for almost 30 years, so I decided to buy my own.

Unfortunately, Xacto has gone cheap. These are nowhere near the quality of my friend's set. They are much more lightweight and clearly poorly made. They work, and I don't want to be hassled with returning them, but I won't buy Xacto in the future.
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