on March 25, 2018
I admit it, I'm just a big kid. I love movies like this, and when it comes to the old Disney Magic, you can't do better than "Lady and the Tramp." The animals, the songs, every part of this movie is absolutely enchanting, and guaranteed to make you forget your troubles for a while. My favorite song is "Home Sweet Home," belted out with mournful gusto by some hilariously dramatic pooches in the dog pound. The Humane Society never had better marketing. The only song that isn't up to snuff is "What is a Baby," which falls kind of flat.

The blu-ray transfer is impeccable, with vivid colors and an audio track that is very crisp and clean, considering the movie's age. One thing Disney never cuts corners on is the quality of its film transfers. If you love the old style Disney animation, this is a must-have for your collection.
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on May 30, 2018
I'm not saying it'll work for everyone but it did for me...so far! I too was frustrated with skipping discs (both Bluray and DVD), newer/older movies didn't matter. A remake of Lucy and Desi's Forever Darling clearly said "color" but I was watching in black and white and skipping every 5 seconds. I was playing this new remade DVD in an old DVD player. My husband suggested I try the discs in our newer Bluray players both being purchased in the last 2 years (Samsung). Perfect. No more skipping, Lucy is in color! Before you give up on the discs, check the player. Take your skipping disc to the store to try before you buy (come home and order from Amazon) or ask a friend if they have a newer player you can try the disc out in. Good luck everyone!
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on June 25, 2013
This 1955 movie stands up to the test of time and is a lot of fun to watch. The story of Lady and the Tramp is touching, raucous, exciting and energizing. The characters are enjoyable and well developed, and you find yourself rooting for them as they make their way through the story. It's a Disney flick, and everything turns out all right, but there are enough twists and turns in the plot to keep it exciting, and you can't be sure of the ending until you get there. The evil Siamese cats are a hoot, and Lady's dog friends are loyal and stick with her to the end. This movie depicts a world where motor cars are something new, around the turn of the 20th century, and yet it is as clear and comprehensible as a story set in the present day. I haven't seen Lady and the Tramp 2, but it's on my list, and I'm hoping the Disney crew got it right. The songs in this movie are entertaining and topical, and the sound quality is first rate. The video quality is also very high; I was worried that it would be showing its age, but it doesn't. This movie could have been made last year. I think this flick is a winner for young children and is a good time for adults as well. I bought this movie as a present for my goddaughter and will be giving it to her in a few months as a gift of classical animation to complement all her Studio Ghibli movies. Kudos to Disney for preserving this classic movie!
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on July 11, 2018
I love this movie, I still watch this movie all the time when I was little. Before I got Amazon, I thought I would never see this movie again because they didn’t sell it in stores anymore, and it wasn’t on Netflix nor played on TV. So when I found out tha before I got Amazon, I thought I would never see this movie again because they didn’t sell it in stores anymore, and it wasn’t on Netflix nor played on TV. So when I found out that prime video has Lady and the tramp, I just had to buy it.
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on July 20, 2010
Lady and the Tramp is probably most recognized for the song "Bella Notte" as Lady and the Tramp eat their Italian meal. The funny thing is I always used to hate that scene, but now I realize its significance. Lady and the Tramp as we all know is the story of lady who lives with a refined high class family and the Tramp who is a stray. If you own a dog, I think you would appreciate this movie, I was noticing the Tramp's facial expressions and movements and while yes it's an animated cartoon they were life like. But this movie really is memorable for the great voice talents of Barbara Luddy (voice of lady) and Larry Roberts. (Voice of the Tramp) The score is fantastic, and the song "He's a Tramp" which is sung by Peggy Lee is memorable as well. My favorite scene from Lady and the Tramp is when we first meet the Tramp, as he's waking up by the train tracks and walks around the town. I love this scene because the background paintings are wonderful, and his boastful pride is amusing.

If you own the VHS or the original released DVD, please upgrade. To see Lady and the Tramp in its original format cinemascope is just amazing. You get to see so much more and the detail is wonderful. Also, Lady and the Tramp has been re-mastered, the original images have been cleaned of grain and dirt, and Lady and the Tramp heard on stereo is incredible. This two disc special edition set also includes the full-screen version of the film but I'd recommend watching Lady and the Tramp in its original format, it's a whole new experience. Also, the platinum edition is packed with extras. There is an hour long documentary called "Lady's Pedigree", I learned so much about how Lady and the Tramp was created and you'll just be fascinated. Another great feature is "the Art of the Storyboard", it shows you the storyboarding process. Also included is the Lady and the Tramp original storyboard version of the film. If these features haven't satisfied you there also are two deleted scenes, and let me tell you I'm really glad these two scenes are not in the movie. I was also intrigued to know that there were excerpts from "Disneyland" TV shows, and some old Lady and the Tramp theatrical trailers. Most of the other features are very short, there is a "Bella Notte" music video and a interesting feature about "the Siamese Cat Song", it's about how they found a voice for the Siamese cats. Yes, yes, we get the typical games for the kids and activities which I would skip if you are an older viewer, there really isn't anything interesting here, but the kids might find it enjoyable. Oh, and there is a very nice gallery as well.

I guess I've said as much as I need to say, so I'll wrap this up with one last thought. You're probably looking at this platinum edition because you're considering buying it, and just let me say you won't be disappointed. Don't hesitate, if you can find this DVD go out and purchase it before it's sold for outlandish prices, you won't regret it.
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on May 22, 2012
Lady and the Tramp is not full of magic, fairies, princesses or other elements that are usual in
Disney films. It's a simple love story and one of Disney's most down-to-earth films. The story is
not complex but it has a lot going for it: Two sympathetic leads, a wonderful interaction between
them, beautiful scenes (bella notte sequence, anyone?) and great supporting characters. Who
would have thought that a love story between two dogs could've been so appealling, romantic and
fun? Walt Disney did a pretty good job with this one and had stood the test of time very nicely.

Lady and the Tramp has always been well regarded by the Disney Company and earlier this year, it
became the fifth title to be given the lavish "Diamond Treatment" and the results are spectacular.

Video & Audio
Disney has a high reputation when releasing its classic films on BD and Lady is not exception. The
lavish restoration that Disney has given to this film is simply breathtaking. Colors are rich and pop
out of the screen. Detail is perfect and contrast is strong. Also there is not any anomaly like
artifacts, banding or others. Is a completely perfect transfer through and through.

In the audio department things are pretty good too. You have two options: a newly produced 7.1
DTS-HD MA and a newly restored version of the original mono audio presented in 3.0 DTS-HD MA.
Both tracks are outstanding and everyone should be happy with the results. No hiss, no
background noise, everything is crystal clear and has good directionality. A superb audio

Bonus Material
Lady and the Tramp comes with a nice assortment of bonus features both new and old.
Unfortunately is not as comprehensive as previous Diamond titles such as Beauty and the Beast or
Snow White but everything here is nice and informative.

-Disc introduction by Diane Disney Miller is exactly that as Walt eldest daughter talks about the
movie, her father and their connection.
-Audio commentary: Inside Walt's story meetings is the best new feature of this set. Similar to
Bambi's story meetings, here you can listen a group of actors reenact all the meetings that Walt
and his team had for the creation of this film. You can't miss this one.
-Disney Second Screen is a way to enhance the viewing of Walt's story meetings with additional
storyboards, artwork and more.
-Diane Disney Miller: Remembering Dad is a touching tribute from Walt's daughter where she talks
about the time where Lady was been created alongside Disneyland. Another must see feature.
-Three new deleted scenes.
-A newly found unused song
-Classic DVD bonus features carries over most of the material from the Platinum DVD.

A DVD copy of the film is also included.

Closing Thoughts
Lady and the Tramp is one of Disney's most enduring classics. With great characters, a wonderful
romantic story and beautiful animation, this film has stood the test of time and has become one of
the most celebrated animated films of all time. This new Diamond Edition presents the film in a
spectacular way with fantastic picture and audio and a nice assortment of bonus material. This set
comes highly recommended!!
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on June 17, 2018
Disc would get stuck at menu and not play the movie. Packaging and printing looks fake. I thought it was a crime to steal movies and advertise them as Disney products? What is going on here? I know the price should have been an indication to me, but I expect Amazon to uphold the good standards they advertise. Lately, I've just had to return fake/faulty products. Getting annoyed.
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on September 21, 2017
It skips so much we can't watch it. Not worth it. I have two heartbroken kids.
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on October 27, 2012
This is the best movie about dogs I could ever ask for. The music if good, the fact that it's a simple film about dogs, and the events of the film. I've watched the 1998 Masterpiece tape a lot when I was a kid, and now I find myself watching this DVD a lot, too. Just like "The Lion King" Diamond Edition DVD, there's a a few minimal bonus features that match my expectations. Tramp is an enjoyable dog character, carefree, but fun and heroic. My 3 favorite parts in this movie are when Tramp fights the alley dogs that chase Lady when muzzled, when Tramp attacks the rat, and when Jock and Trusty (though mostly Trusty) saves Tramp from the Dogcatcher's wagon. Though I really wish people would stop acting like Trusty could have died from the crash; after all, the wheel only crashed on Trusty's leg, not his whole body! Oh well, it's a minor thought. Overall, if you love dogs, a simpler romance, then I recommend this movie to anyone.
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on March 2, 2017
This classic is one of those animated films that holds its audience captive no matter what their ages. I loved this film as a child, as a young mother enjoying it with my children, and now, as a grandmother, it still makes me smile. One of Disney's finest.
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