on April 25, 2018
When looking to buy Candyland for my son I was sad to hear that the newer versions of the game have a spinner rather than cards and that the characters have changed and are overly sexualized. I ended up with this versions and am happy with it. It has cards and while some of the characters are different from what I remember, they are not dressed in lingerie with lollipops over their breasts. My 4 year old lives this game and it's a great introduction into board games. Taking turns, matching colors, following rules, and sometimes losing are all great skills he is acquiring by playing this game.
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on January 15, 2018
I remember Milton-Bradley as the original maker of Candy Land, which it eventually sold to Hasbro. Candy Land is a great way to initiate family game night! It’s fun to play this childhood game with my grandson to help reinforce his color knowledge, too.

If you have a high-energy kid, the thin cards will get creased and bent straight away, which is to be expected with any game that uses cards rather than a spinner. No worries. It means your game is getting plenty of use, which is the entire point, right?

If price is more important to you than time, shop around locally. I overpaid on Amazon and found out later I could get this exact version for $7.99 elsewhere.

My other issue is the board design I received which is too busy (see my photo). It makes it difficult for beginners to distinguish the path from the other game board illustrations. If this bothers you, too, try looking for the Retro Series Candy Land edition.

Yes, I’d buy Candy Land again, but I’d do a bit more checking on prices and different editions first.
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on December 28, 2017
So, this was purchased as a gift for my 4 year old for Christmas. She enjoyed playing it and was very happy with the purchase. It came in pristine condition as was to be expected from a “new” purchase. I only took a star off because Hasbro seems to have altered the game board from what it was 20 something years ago when my sisters and I played with it. Same idea, same game play, just lacks nostalgia (which has no impact on the kids, just us parents). Also, I don’t remember having so many double pieces as it has now, so the game goes by pretty fast.
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on November 26, 2017
I ordered this for my 5 year old daughter and we had a blast. I enjoyed the optional game play they offer that each turn you pick 2 cards and choose which one you want to use. It not only helped the game go faster if we were in a bit of a rush, but it helped my daughter with developing logic and strategy skills. We played the regular way as well and it is always exciting when someone gets a character card and gets sent across the map. I highly recommend this game.

The size was perfect and the colors bright and attractive.
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on October 24, 2017
Candy Land is the perfect game for little ones who can't really use logic or strategy yet, but still want to be able to play a board game. They only need to know their colors and they're set to go. My grandchildren love playing Candy Land when they come visit. I just bought one to give as a Christmas gift for two younger grandchildren, so they can play it at home, too. It's definitely a hit in our family.
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on October 4, 2016
Candy Land is the perfect classic game for the whole family. This game is basic enough for small children and as an adult it is still fun and exciting. It has brought back so many fun memories for me. I am so happy that I can share this fun game with my children. No skill is required and because it's all about matching colors it's a very simple game. There is a reason it has been around for so long. Also, the pieces are large enough they aren't a choking hazard. My 5yr old and I played and my 8mnth old just chewed on the pieces we were not using. It was a win win for all 3 of us!
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on July 5, 2012
I wish I could find any of the earlier, less cluttered, better-designed, Candyland boards. In fact, I ordered 2 from Amazon that clearly displayed earlier versions and in both cases the seller sent me the latest one. You can't trust the product picture or seller's description as "collectable" on this site.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon June 1, 2018
This game is so fun, no matter what age you are! This comes with instructions just in case you need to remind yourself of the rules or how to play, but it is very straight forward! I personally like to use one of the tops of the boxes and spread out the cards. Once you pick a card, we put it back in the box. This way, everyone could get the best (or the worst) of the cards and it makes it way more fun than just one person getting the "special" candy/dessert cards. LOVE this game and would highly recommend!
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on September 15, 2015
As far as an easy, no strategy, purely based on luck game goes, this one is alright. Simply said you draw a card and move to that color on the board. First one to reach the end wins and that is it. Great for young kids and fun enough to keep their attention for some time.

My issue with it in they have gotten rid of Lord Liquorice who was a slightly (and i mean slightly) scary character removing the villain of from the game. Although this does not effect the game play at all, I find it ridiculous that the makers did this.
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on December 17, 2017
Little freaked. There is a paper attached to the board game (taped) saying "this is what I look like pick me last? Weird
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