how is this tuner in direct sunlight for outdoor gigs

asked on February 20, 2015

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I would give this one a try.
my mandolin and guitars are never in direct sunlight the stage is usually covered or it's evening or indoors .
before the show I tune up I leave this one clipped to my Gibson F5 I love the size it's easy to use and see.
very cheap priced .The first tuners were bulky and expensive. Not so todays tuners are automatic.
I must have 6 different tuners this one is my favorite. good luck with your gigs

· February 20, 2015
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I've been using these for a couple years and I do like them however they're not great in bright light. I can "usually" find a position where I can read it (i.e.: shady spot, cover with my hand, turn away from light) It's still my favorite clip on due to the small size and accuracy.... and the 10 buck price!
Jim C
· February 21, 2015
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